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984138 tn?1359816673 Many others have their own opinions on chantix but the success rate is fairly good for those who stuck with it. Side effects for me were vivid dreams and slight stomach upset. Do your homework Erin and whatever method you use, you will be better prepared. Good luck and we are here for you.
Avatar f tn I did it for a month and a half and I had a real tough time. I stopped because I had developed an upset stomach for about a week although I had no symptoms before this. Also, it wasn't covered by my health insurance so I hated going for that 3rd month, boy was I foolish. Good luck CS! You can do it : ) p.s. I smoked a pack a day --- 1m 1w 4d 8:44 smoke-free, 926 cigs not smoked, $222.
444932 tn?1273984397 I just started taking Chantix yesterday. I have heard lots of great things about this medication and how much it helps, but I've also heard lots of scary things - bad dreams, depression, suicidal/homicidal thoughts, hallucinations. Obviously, I chose to ignore all those things and take it anyway b/c I know me and I know that I need something pretty powerful to help me quit. I also quit taking pain pills four days ago.
794091 tn?1264989939 I also took it for 6 weeks with little more then an occasional upset stomach. I guess it works differently on us all. I think the important thing for me was that I quit. Quitting in itself was he!! and for that reason alone I will never, ever, ever smoke again : ) Good luck and hope you feel better soon. There is also a great website for support: It supports a cold turkey quit, but you can still read all the great articles.
Avatar n tn I had no symptoms other then an occasional upset stomach, so I guess I was one of the lucky ones. Good luck to you and I hope you find an answer quickly. If you can, will you post it here so others can learn the answer.
444932 tn?1273984397 I blamed everything on the withdrawals and not the pill so maybe I had more side effects other then the upset stomach? I'm just glad that I have finished and am 1 day away from 6 months. I hope it works for you too, good luck.
Avatar n tn So many people have identified side effects and seem to know when anything is amiss with their bodies, and I barely noticed anything...a little upset stomach and maybe a bad dream or two. Many have had various problems but I'm not sure if I have heard of your complaint before. Have you read up on their website? Try a google search of "Chantix and swollen breasts" and see what comes up. You really should let your doctor know anything out of the ordinary.
385161 tn?1270084818 The reason for the weight gain is that cigarettes speed up your metabolism. After you quit, the metabolism is sluggish. It takes a few months but you will level out so don't give up. I personally put on 20 lbs. and it was depressing to say the least but now I add aerobics to my exercise and try to eat healthier and I seem to be losing the excess : ) I want you to read some of the articles on whyquit.
Avatar n tn I took Chantix last year, late August until early October, six weeks of it, and had no symptoms other then a little stomach upset. For me, it was that miracle drug and on the 8th of October I will celebrate my 1 year anniversary. I had smoked for 38 years and when I heard about Chantix I asked my doctor. I was mentally preparing, spending some time reading the articles at, so between the two, I successfully quit.
195469 tn?1388326488 The morning nausea is caused from not putting food in my stomach. The gas from the Chantix is rough, on me AND my honey..... Bad news...I am back up to almost one pack a day, but will not stop TRYING to quit. Remember, this is not only for my health, but to finally have plastic surgery to remove almost 12 pounds of excess skin, left over from over a HUNDRED POUNDS of weight loss. So, I DO have an incentive to quit. My plastic surgeon will not touch me, until I am a NON-SMOKER.
Avatar f tn for some people chantix makes the addiction less than what it is without makes it easier to quit. the problem is that it doesn't deal with all aspects of addiction, including addictive personalities and the behavioral habbits of smoking. anyway, i am not entirely sure what to suggest...but i'm glad you shared this. people should be aware of the risks and give it their very best try at quitting before resorting to it. see...
198419 tn?1360245956 Still trying, I had to put the Chantix down for a bit cause I was having such a hard time with pain and other symtoms. I just couldn't handle the extreme upset stomach on top of everything else. You always have to eat before you take it and I did this, but it didn't keep me from that awful feeling of being sick to my stomach. You should give the Chantix a try, it has shown great success in many of us smokers. I am trying to get up the nerve to try again here in a week or so.
Avatar f tn I used Chantix and had absolutely no extreme effects. A bit of upset stomach was the worst of it. I took it for a month and a half and have been quit for 1 year and 1 month! There are times when I still feel and urge, especially when stressed, but it goes away in mere seconds and it doesn't happen often : ) I hope you feel better with each day and thanks for offering your help.
Avatar m tn I didn't have any side effects from Chantix and I took it for a month and a half. Oh, yes, after the 1st month I did have a bit of an upset stomach but truly nothing serious. So sorry to hear of your miscarriage : ( Maybe you should send an e-mail to the makers of chantix and see if they can give you an estimate of how long your symptons should last.
Avatar m tn Nonserious Side Effects Side effects sometimes reported by people using Chantix include vomiting, gas, increased appetite, constipation, nausea, stomach upset, changes to how foods taste, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and strange, vivid or unusual dreams. None of these is cause for concern.
Avatar f tn side effect, but you don't want to chance it. So many different opinions on Chantix and it's a shame that it doesn't work for everyone the way it worked for me. I had no problems other then an occasional upset stomach. For me, it was a miracle drug, though so many have complained of many things. Please write again and let us all know how things are going, good luck!
Avatar m tn I too quit with Chantix and my side effects were minimal......bad dreams and a little stomach upset, but it was a small price to pay for getting back my life, which, after smoking for 40 years I never thought would or could happen : ) In addition to Chantix, I also found, which supports a "cold turkey" quit....everyone has access to the articles regardless of the method you choose to aid in your quit.
Avatar f tn There are side effects with Chantix, thankfully all I experienced was a little upset stomach from time to time. Others have talked about the "bad dreams." I really think that your husband should go to the doctor and have the doctor prescribe a mild anti-anxiety, i.e. Wellbutrin. It is short term but will work well with the Chantix. I am assuming that your husband hasn't smoked while on the Chantix? Not that I recommend this, but it's how I did it.....
444932 tn?1273984397 Constipation; gas; headache; increased appetite; nausea; stomach upset; strange dreams; taste changes; trouble sleeping; vomiting.
Avatar m tn Three days after I started taking Chantix I got sick for the first time, just an upset stomach that wore off after a couple of hours, which I had been told was possible. Nothing more seemed to happen till day seven, when I felt like I was taking taking the flu. I never associated it with the Chantix, till about day 14 when I started reading on it, and realized that it could be the Chantix causing the sickness. That was when I realizes that there was a problem with this med.
Avatar f tn Hi, I used commit lozenges for about a week and when I went for a dental appoinment and the dentist told me that the roof of my mouth was red raw with blisters, he advised me to stop immediately. I also had a sore throat but thankfully, after stopping the lozenges, it went away. In the end, I quit with Chantix. I had no side effects though there are some that complain of joint pain, cramping, gas, bad dreams & stomach upset. Have you smoked while using the lozenges?
Avatar n tn so you think I wouldn't have gained weight. The chantix itself didn't put on the weight, it was a multistep process I think.Take chantix, stomach gets upset, lay down til it subsides, or eat a dairy fat food to coat stomach. By the time it sunk in to call Dr and report the stomach aches, it was too late.
Avatar n tn thank you all.. im trying to get an appt. with my doctor for another check up... wish me luck!
Avatar n tn Anyways I am proud to say I slept well, woke up more energized than I ever did on pills, I think yall know that feeling of waking up and needing a pill before you could do anything. My stomach is a little upset still but besides that I truly think I am getting past this. Some hot flashes still which is strange considering I have quit pills several times in 4 years and never had them. I am thankful that my dosage was never more than 5mg at a time and no more than 40mg a day.
Avatar m tn you'd think that sour stomach wouldn't be an issue...but everyday my stomach is burning. i don't think its from the chantix....maybe i'm eating more often and that's the culprit...but i would think less caffiene and no nicotine would cause less acid in my stomach...not more. anybody else have this problem? Oh...i'm gonna make day 2....but i am looking forward to falling asleep and putting this one behind me.--jp thanks for your support...this sounds weird...
165308 tn?1323190145 Im doing good......The CHANTIX Im on its making me feel sick to my stomach I have to get off of it. I been on it for 9 days. I had to come home from work cause I was so nausea.Im getting off of it and Im not buying no more cigarettes.....I promise my boyz Im quiting so Im going to.....Kenny seemed ok when he came home from school...
487969 tn?1249316891 Guess whatever is wrong with me will either do me in eventually or go away on its own because I must be perfectly healthy AND have a goiter, thyroid symptoms, muscle weakness - ache - bone pain - carpel tunnel pain, extreme fatigue, brain fog, stomach upset (I think the stomach upset is because it sickens me to not have a medical declaration of why I feel bad). Going to feed the kids and take my 8th ibuprofen of the day with a glass of wine.
Avatar m tn We were laying in her bed and she accidentally knee'd me right in the groin, it wasn't hard hard, but it was hard enough to give me an upset stomach, about 4 hours later a big red bump showed up(with no head or visible opening) and it seemed to be very hard to the touch and not sensitive, being a male that shaves my pubic region I assumed it was an ingrown hair, or something of the sort. So I tried to pop it, and nothing.
656111 tn?1273824339 ) Nonetheless, 5 years later I no longer have the Siatica (sp?) nerve damage or the pain. Seek things other than pain medications and surgery. It can be done and I am living proof.
Avatar f tn But he and I spent Memorial Day looking at major appliances that we will need to purchase in the near future and saw what we wanted. We had breakfast, which made me feel ill because I have stomach issues also, and then as we were out shopping, I became sweaty and very fatigued and felt like passing out. I assume that this was because I have been experiencing unexplained anemia. We got home around 5:00pm, and I took another Seroquel and laid down. I slept until 7:30pm.