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Avatar f tn This is going on the 2nd full day of no Chantix but I am still feeling depressed. I want to know how long does it stay in your system for. I woke up today and felt close to normal and then it came back again. I had depression 16 years ago, which started off with post pardom depression that lead into severe depression which this is feeling way too familiar to that and I do NOT want to go through that again.
Avatar f tn This is going on the 2nd full day of no Chantix but I am still feeling depressed. I want to know how long does it stay in your system for. I woke up today and felt close to normal and then it came back again. I had depression 16 years ago, which started off with post pardom depression that lead into severe depression which this is feeling way too familiar to that and I do NOT want to go through that again.
984138 tn?1359816673 The psychologist said that he has had other cases of young people with severe side effects on chantix and tells us it will be a long road but hopeful to recover. I will be thinking of you.
444932 tn?1273984397 Why I feel the need to do everything at once, I don't know, but I guess when the time is right, it's right. For those of you who have had success with Chantix, how long did it take before smoking started to be less appealing physically and psychologically - I have heard that happens during the first week while you are still smoking. I have a pretty bad headache today - is that a side effect? Any other words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar f tn how long are you going to take it for? does it make you feel any different? well i am with shelby on sub..I can't do this, i can't function.
Avatar f tn I only smoke about a half a pack a day, but can't seem to break the habit on my own and have heard good things about chantix. I am concerned about how long I need to take the med since I am a light smoker, any chantix users or doctors comments?
1937645 tn?1324239661 I recently quit with the help of Chantix, It's been 43 days and still going strong. This is the first time in 25 years that I've been smoke free. Although the medicine is expensive, I spend no more on it than I did on the cigarettes. The only side effects for me are the crazy and vivid dreams, which really don't bother me. If I take the medicine on an empty stomach it really disturbs my belly and I get wicked gas. Sorry I had to bring up the flatulence. Has anyone else quit this way?
Avatar f tn I've also been smoke free for a few months and taking chantix. I still take one pill a day. I have a long family history of tabacco addiction so to be on the safe side, my doc suggests I take it for a longer time.
Avatar n tn Iv not heard of that either, but how long has the pain been going on? Breast pain can be caused by alot of things including hormone imabalances which some medications can cause. I wouldnt think chantix could cause that reaction,, but every persons body is different and even the makers may not be sure, although they may say no because its not been reported in to many folks yet.
444932 tn?1273984397 I am on day #5 on Chantix. For the past two days, I have gotten headaches within an hour of taking it in the a.m. Has anyone else experienced this? Does this side effect eventually go away?
Avatar n tn have wanted to for a long time. Does Chantix work, how well, how long did ya smoke, how many packs. How long does it take to work. I could use and would really appreciate any info on the matter. I've gone cold turkey befor but this 49 year old Bird aint as tough as she used to be. I did defer the Subloxone for hydro w/d tho after research. Any success stories would be most graciusly received.
295219 tn?1196896287 we'll see. How are you doin? How long have you been on the chantix? Hope ya have a great weekend.
380558 tn?1309045987 OH! I almost forgot to ask, ALSO- how long does it take for Chantix to get into your system and start rejecting the nicotine?? I swear, it's only been two days, and it's already working! but, I could be wrong.. When do the withdrawal symptoms from the nicotine actually go away?
Avatar f tn I just saw this post and wanted to tell you that my parents (my mom has been longer that my dad) are both on Chantix. I don't know how long you have been on it but she says it's a absolute miracle drug to help with the cravings. She has quit cold turkey before and said this is just NOTHING compared to that. It has helped both of them tremendously. I just wanted to offer that I could call and ask her if she has any suggestions for you to make it a little easier.
Avatar m tn Could the Chantix be helping me with the Norco addiction? Folks, I can't explain how normal I feel!!! It shocked the heck out of me, to the point that I said out loud...what's the catch?? I'm not worried about my next dose...couldn't care less about it....even went as far as to call my doctor and left a message saying I'm done taking the Norco....
Avatar f tn Hi Deenie, You didn't say how long you have been taking the Chantix? I used it for a 1 1/2 months without any symptoms that I was aware of. How much are you smoking and are you getting ready to set a date on your quit? My quit was gradual, cutting back a few smokes every day until I was down to about 4. The day I quit was when I realized I had consistantly held out for the "first smoke" until early afternoon. That's when I knew I was ready.
444932 tn?1273984397 my nose was itchy for weeks but I hung in got through it and the yukky stomach I also had from time to time. Other than that, I was amazed at how quickly Chantix made me crave less and less. For me, it was that "miracle" drug but there are many who would dispute that. All I know is that it worked for me and I am very grateful! I smoked for nearly 40 years and I thought I would die smoking.
385161 tn?1270084818 Is it true you have strange dreams while on chantix? Can you take chantix while pregnant, planning to become pregnant, taking clomid? Anyone know?
Avatar f tn Last night I looked up Chantix side effects on the web and found HUNDREDS of people with problems like mine that persist long after they stopped taking the pill. Many people in their thirties that just had a heart attack one day out of the blue (this is what I am most afraid of happening to me) Does anyone know how to undo the damage that chantix is causing?
Avatar n tn It could be the Chantix or if you are female it could be menopause : ) Seriously though, I think that this may have been a side effect listed. Are you having nigthmares along with the night sweats? Here is a number that you can call: Call 1-866-706-2400. Ask the person on the other end if it is normal. My experience with Chantix was pretty good but I stopped taking Chantix after my third quit day. All total, a month and a half, and I didn't look back.
195469 tn?1388326488 How long have you been taking Chantix and have you totally quit yet? I am still striving to put that LAST cigarette out, not only for my overall health, but so I can visit that plastic surgeon to get the "excess part" of me, thrown in a trash can somewhere. So much hanging skin. The side affect of a large weight loss. The only down side, as a matter of fact. My age doesn't help with good skin elasticity either. I'm getting so old....
Avatar f tn for some people chantix makes the addiction less than what it is without makes it easier to quit. the problem is that it doesn't deal with all aspects of addiction, including addictive personalities and the behavioral habbits of smoking. anyway, i am not entirely sure what to suggest...but i'm glad you shared this. people should be aware of the risks and give it their very best try at quitting before resorting to it. see...
Avatar f tn I also tried the chantix, I was so surprised how i didn't want to smoke at all..but them in a couple days i got so nauseated, i was sick to my stocach..Long story short, my doctor said i was probably in the 2% that got sick on it...I sure wish i would not have been so sick , Because i agree, It works..Sounds like your tapering is going well...I also get migranes and take imitrex, but my doctor explain to me about rebound heaches, caused by overuse of meds...
Avatar n tn they all ended up doing exactly the same thing....smoking AND taking chantix and saying how much they don't like smoking while on chantix......but they never actually quit! so, that on top of the horrible things it has done to SOME people, i think every effort should be exercised to avoid using it and it should be last resort. just my opinion, though. some people obviously have used it to great everyone's path is different. a smoke-free world is a very nice one, though!
Avatar n tn What you have to do is weigh the positives against the negatives and remember that you smoked for years and it became habit so now you have to expect that it's going to take a while to undo all those years. I highly recommend that you read the articles at Here is one that keeps me from smoking and it may be a help to you: The Smoker’s Vow With this puff I enslave myself to a lifetime of addiction.
Avatar f tn Not a good plan for this particular morning, seeing how it is my first day not smoking. My husband and I had a disagreement before getting out of bed, that turned into a 20 minute long ordeal. It is my belief that my husband was attempting a sabotage of my quitting efforts, because he is a long time smoker with no desire to quit. He is terrified that if I quit, I will bug him to death about him quitting too. He told me as much a few days ago. I was angry, but he didn't sabotage me!