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195469 tn?1388326488 Really when you consider the cost of buying cartons of cigs and the cost of the prescription....the Chantix is cheaper!!! I know smoking does not help anyone, or any diagnosis we could possibly have. Its been proven in so many ways that smoking is bad for us in every way possible. For me being asmatic as well, this is doubly true for me. Stopping is my only choice!!!
Avatar m tn cannot afford adequate health care, 19 million of those 40 million did not get needed prescribed medicine do to cost. Currently more than 80 pharmaceutical manufactures provide to the uninsured and under insured more than 1,500 brand name prescription medications at no cost. Each pharmaceutical company establishes its own rules and guidelines with qualifications based on annual income and several other factors.
Avatar m tn cannot afford adequate health care, 19 million of those 40 million did not get needed prescribed medicine do to cost. Currently more than 80 pharmaceutical manufactures provide to the uninsured and under insured more than 1,500 brand name prescription medications at no cost. Each pharmaceutical company establishes its own rules and guidelines with qualifications based on annual income and several other factors.
Avatar f tn i have tried EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING to quit smoking... how did other people do it?
1096641 tn?1271710825 nor do I want to. well, that's a lie...I will admit I still have cravings. I have not been taking my chantix either though...and I'm almost out, not sure if I can swing the cost of another rx...I may need to count on my Higher Power, you, and my faithful Double Bubble chewing gum! why is it, the longer I'm away from the cigarettes, the more I want one? well, just for the rest of tonight, I'm not going to smoke.
Avatar m tn If you aren't opposed to trying it,give it a shot.My insurance covered it.It's worth the cost my friend.Trust me.
540521 tn?1221703306 Chantix must be prescribed by your physician but you shouldn't have a hard time. The cost is steep......about $120. in NYC but depending on your medical coverage, you may get it for less. Chantix has had some side effects but according to their website, they are manageable. There are also some who associate their leg cramps, headaches and other problems with Chantix, but according to, none of those things are mentioned.
Avatar f tn ) I used Chantix and have had great results. My quit date is 10/8/07 and I stopped taking Chantix on 10/10. It does have numerous side effects so you might want to read up on it before you decide. For me, it was a Godsend : ) Good luck with your quit and keep us posted on your progress. You can do it. Kathy Jo --- 2m 3w 5d 2:48 smoke-free, 1,917 cigs not smoked, $460.
Avatar f tn I was hooked and no one could reason with me and I didn't want to quit, or so I thought. I was absolutely to weak to do it and then I heard about Chantix. (read my post titled "everyone") My quit happened because I doubted that there was anything on the market that could help me and here was something that said they were 44% successful. I thought for sure that I was in that 56% that couldn't and so I took them. The first month I smoked when I wanted to.
Avatar f tn I tried patches, herbals and cold turkey.... The best thing I tried was's a prescription that you get from your doctor....It works by blocking nicotine from the nicotine receptors in the continue to smoke the first week while taking the medicine....after a week, you will notice the cravings have stopped quite a bit and you stop smoking, but continue to take the medicine....
Avatar m tn I have never had a med make me as sick as the Chantix did. Three days after I started taking Chantix I got sick for the first time, just an upset stomach that wore off after a couple of hours, which I had been told was possible. Nothing more seemed to happen till day seven, when I felt like I was taking taking the flu. I never associated it with the Chantix, till about day 14 when I started reading on it, and realized that it could be the Chantix causing the sickness.
Avatar f tn Don't even get me started. I went on Chantix about a month and a half ago. I got so deathly sick to my was horrible. So I got some liquid nausea medicine from the drugstore. I found myself getting up in the morning, drinking the medicine so I could take a pill so I could quit smoking! It was such old behavior and it scared the bejesus out of me, so I stopped. Now I am back to square one and smoking more than ever. I wish I had an answer for you--I wish I had an answer for ME!!!
390388 tn?1279639813 getting desperate though and I'm trying to get the will power, or strengh or something somehow. I thought about chantix; (sp) but, was leary of side effects with anger issues.
380558 tn?1309045987 (can't remember how many cigarettes I had yesterday- maybe like 7 or 8) But dang good from having a whole PACK! lol I go to my doc on Monday, hopefully my insurance will cover the Chantix. I've been hearing some really good things about it.. I spoke with a lady/RN from The American Lung Association and she explained to me that NUMEROUS quit from taking Chantix.. It'll work for me, or I'll just take something else.. LOL I'm determined to do this, and it'll just be a matter of time.. that's all..
1000946 tn?1253811447 Don't want to even guess how many cigarettes I smoke a day. I tried Chantix twice. Personally, I would not give that stuff to a dog. Side effects were not good at all. Known of several other people who have tried the Chantix. They had bad side effects as well. Have tried the patches. I will do good for a day. But, the next day becomes unbearable. Can't handle the nicotine gum. I might add that I am also bipolar. So, I have to be very careful of what I take. Adverse reactions.
768479 tn?1234910906 My doctor and I had discussion after discussion and eventually he gave me a prescription for Chantix. He said this is the only thing that will work. This is a two part RX. The first segment, one takes a pill for 30 days, then you go to the second segment. About half way through the second segment, I no longer want a cigarette. That has been 9 months and I haven't smoked since.
228936 tn?1249097848 I relaized I had 1 chantix left and took it. I only have been taking a few a week as directed by my doc and it's been working well. I'm glad I took the pill and I don't want to start again but this close call scared me. I need to spring for another refill and need to have these on hand as they work.
1182186 tn?1264685480 Okay, Chantix....comsidering your age, why not try cold turkey first. Chantix and youth do not mix.... I used it to quit and it worked for me. I had very few side effects, but according to many, I am one of the lucky ones.
Avatar f tn This third method is usually done for staging purposes - to look for any lymph node spread which was missed out by the CT. As for the cost, it depends on the country and institution that's doing the procedure.
498385 tn?1362453004 I also had a half carton sitting around for a few months but I gave them to someone who smoked the same brand. With the cost of smokes in NYC, I didn't have the heart to throw them out. I think I knew how commited I was then, always carrying them with me, near me, calling me ; ) and having the strength from family and friends, from the friends I made on this board and my 2 kids cheering me on : ) I don't recommend this to anyone....I'm a bit of a masochist.
Avatar f tn I think now you are old enough to understand and take seriously that cigarette smoke can cost you your life in the course of time. 'am sure you must be aware of all the ill-effects of smoking? Smoking, which starts as a teenage fad, for impressing others. ..blah...blah. ..etc..often becomes a dirty and dangerous life-time habit! Suggest that you got thru' some articles and information on the dangers of smoking and all the scary ill-effects it causes, think about it yourself...
Avatar m tn I know a few people and there are threads on this forum about the gum. You should read's not good news as people are just replacing one addiction for another. I used Chantix which has some controversy attached to it too. For me, it worked like a miracle. After smoking for 38+ years, I took the medication for a month and a half (3 months is suggested) and was successful. Most people say that cold turkey is the way to go.
Avatar n tn It is really no different than using nicotine gums and meds like Chantix. And I did google it and read, but was wondering if anyone had tried it successfully or knew any information re: health. Thanks for the support.
1533352 tn?1307058256 I liked pipes too, had a small collection, and even a few cigars These were the days a pack of cigs cost about 35 cents (suppose I was making about $45,000 so the cost was not a factor, it would be now). I too tried many times to quit, then my wife quit and it started to NOT BE COOL to smoke in when I was sick on a weekend at age 45 I said to myself when I ran out (like to buy a pack a time, it seems) and decided I felt so bad I'd not go to the store and see how my condition went.
Avatar f tn I called my doctors office today I have to see him on Thursday, to get medication Chantix most likley. Im so nervous to go down to the 14mg, Im just not that strong. Im afraid if I get a really bad urge I'll go back to smoking.
Avatar f tn to quit about half way through treatment. I took Chantix, was smoke free with ease after 3 weeks and was off Chantix in less than 3 months. I was a 20+ year pack a day smoker when I quit. I've now been smoke free for 2 years, 3 months and 6 days. Having since done a second round of treatment, I can honestly say that my breathing issues were not as severe and I did not get the Riba cough this time. I honestly think it had something to do with being a non smoker.
675923 tn?1296241611 I quit for 3 years before resuming again (I know, kick me where it hurts but I'm almost at the point where I'll attempt again) What helped me before was hypnosis (1 session 3 hrs) cost then about $150, nicorette gum, brushing my teeth lots, orange juice to flush the system, deep breaths, knowing that it was my "choice" whether I lit up, changing my routine (no more coffee & cig after a meal instead a walk), showers when I really had an urge, substituting sex for cigs (don't laugh,
Avatar f tn stress is starting to let them get the best of me......ugrrrr quitting once and for all. good luck and try the has a 44 % of working. That's pretty good. just monitor yourself. You'll be fine....worth a try. good luck! nauty.......
Avatar m tn Congrats on your decision to quit and you have come to the right place. Please post as often as you like, for whatever can even yell and scream here : ) Most of us are/were long time smokers and we can all sympathize with what you are dealing with. I quit with chantix and have never looked back. That was over a year ago. I will post my meter at the end of this and tell you where to get it so you can download one yourself. I find that it hlps reinforce all the reasons I quit.