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444932 tn?1273984397 I have tried the patch and had really bad nightmares along with the patch irritated my skin. Good luck to all.
Avatar f tn I took the Chantix for a month and a half and had no leg cramps or nausea, but the last week I felt bloated and had some gas. It was my choice to stop the Chantix and hindsight I should probably have continued for the recommended 3 months. It wasn't covered at all by my insurance so paying $112. (X3) for something that had no guarantees, seemed a little costly.
Avatar n tn but I read the post on Chantix and seizures....I've recently been diagnosed with a seizure disorder and's basically been from a head trauma from about 8 years ago...but the seizures remarkably started around the same time a began taking the drug Chantix to help me stop smoking. At first my primary doc told me to stop taking the drug...I did and within 5 days I was in the ER have Complex Partial Seizures one right on top of the other accompanied by Tonic Clonic seizures...
385161 tn?1270084818 Today I have decided to step down to the next patch the lower and last one. I've only been on the middle one (step 2) for 4 weeks but I think i am ready to move on. If it doesn't work out I will go back to the step I am on now. I thought I would be brave and give it a shot. I am not too worried, but will need support. I will be reaching out to family, friends and this site for assurance. Thanks so much for listening. This has been quite a journey and I know its only the beginning.
Avatar f tn He is the one that has to want to and he is the one that needs to investigate the patch.
Avatar n tn I have taken both bupriopion and chantix at seperate times, and together. The bupriopion works, but chantix is considerably stronger. They work in different ways, so now I am taking them both. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND TAKING BOTH CHANTIX AND BUPRIOPION AT ONCE. The combination is very effective. I have occasional mild cravings after three weeks of not smoking, but it is very manegable. I experience crazy dreams and sleeplessness, neither bother me though.
173930 tn?1196341998 I've had many friends who quit successfully with the patches. I tried the patch one time and it made me sick feeling and I took it off, but - I may have been imagining the nausea and dizziness with the patch, but - it kind of scared me away from the patch. They do work for many people. You can buy them OTC now. But ask your doc before you go slapping on a patch or chewing on the gum.
Avatar f tn If you read through some of the posts you will see that some quit cold turkey and some used the patch and a few used nicorette gum. You have come this far so you must want to quit and that is the first step. Anyone that has quit cold turkey will tell you that it's probably the hardest way of doing it, but in the end, the best way. No matter which one you decide to use, you will have 3 days of nicotine withdrawal and then the mental/emotional part : ) My favorite article on the whyquit.
595141 tn?1239975414 com my doctor gave me a script for it. My daughter is usuing the patch and not having as good of luck as i had. My doctor was trying to give me scripts for antidepressants to quit drinking lol, no way would that have helped i had to do that one on my own. Good luck, try chantix IT REALLY WORKS. I smoked for 40 years and quit in less than 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn I'm not quite sure what your friend and her husband used, but if it was chantix/champix, then the success rate is 44%. I used Chantix to quit and it really worked great. Saying that, there are so many people who have experienced side effects, some severe, so make sure you do your homework on it. Most people that you tell truly want to see you succeed. The one who told you would not be able to succeed is probably bringing her own experience into your conversation.
248382 tn?1274942234 Right now I feel I need the aid because I play so many mind games still and want to finish the patch steps and be done with it. I am going to make Irish soda bread today and hopefully get out of the house. I don't feel safe walking in this area, day or nite, so I will drive to an area where I do feel safe. I also am doing breathing exercises. If I pass someone who is smoking I hold my breath so I don't smell it. My sense of smell is back big time. Hope all is well with both of you.
Avatar f tn I havent smoked in 6 weeks and 2 days and I'm doing a suboxone taper at the same time. I used the patch (2 not 1) and I sucked on the lozenges. When I got the urge I just said I know it will go with momentarily and it did. I started smoking at 13, quit for 7 years from 40 to 47, smoked til now (60 years old). Every cold was turning into bronchitis or pneumonia. I just had it. Now if I cdan only be so lucky with the opiate LOL.
Avatar f tn Ask your doctor to take the time and explain the difference and the side effects of both meds. Also, Chantix costs roughly $120. and is not covered by most insurances. Better still, do the research beforehand so you know what to ask your doctor. To often they want to rush you out of their office with being thorough. Also, following Teko's journal is an excellent idea. She has been active on this board for a long while and was very instrumental in my quit.
393685 tn?1425816122 using CHANTIX right when they found the goiter (stupid thyroid) and so I started taking Chantix and Levothyroxine at the same (an hour apart) and then came the numbness and tingles in my chin. I stopped both and the numbness and tingles stopped. Now I am smoking and taking the Levo and no tingles (guess Chantix is not good for thyroid huh - they should say that on the box!!!) Smoking for about way too long, I think like 12 years. Lots of Diet Dr. Pepper too. working on those.......
Avatar m tn Waaayyy back when I was 20 I still loved to smoke and the last thing I thought about was quitting. If you've tried the patch, lozenge or gum without results, maybe you might benefit from a hospital in-treatment program. When I was a teenager, a neighbor of mine did it that way, but I don't know if that sort of program is still offered today. Oh, and there's Chantix too. Several people on here have used it with success. Have you tried every aid out there? You're not alone my friend.
221016 tn?1196977061 Well I like the chantix. Its day 5 and the ciggs are far and few between. They just don't taste all that good. But on narcotics, omg that will have you chain smoking.
318890 tn?1297968920 I smoked for nearly 40 years and I was hardcore but when I saw that I was able to reduce my cigs by using Chantix/Champix, It gave me the confidence and the strength to stop all together. I can't help you with the pot smoking, but I'm sure it's all about your "want & will." Nothing is ever going to be easy and you are going to have to work for it, but it's so darned satisfying when you do it ; ) Try reading some of the articles at
Avatar f tn Doctor of course oh yes this will work,they're all in this together the doctors,pharamacies and the government. It's a conspiracy i say. Oh **** i need a smoke i'm gettin all worked up.
Avatar n tn It is really no different than using nicotine gums and meds like Chantix. And I did google it and read, but was wondering if anyone had tried it successfully or knew any information re: health. Thanks for the support.
Avatar n tn I can't understand why all of a sudden I may be becoming dehydrated so that doesn't seem logical... The aches come and go without warning and sometimes it's much worse than other times. There have also been times when I may not experience any aching for several days. My doctor, general practitioner, has no explanation. I am thinking that I need to see someone else... any ideas? Endocrinologist? Any ideas would be great.
394931 tn?1208119195 I take deep breaths and picture my lungs getting cleaner each day. Angel....Good luck with the Chantix and you said today (the 8th) is your quit day. You can do it Angel, we are all here for you!!! And last, but most certainly not least: kathyjo.....Congratulations of 4 months!! Your AMAZING and I'm so glad to hear you are as committed to your quit as you were the first day. Your doing such a great job!!!! And for you new gals, I quit last July, but have had two small relapses.
180395 tn?1287497597 The second part of the quitting process for me was the ending of smoking. I had to link the two events together. The smoking of the previous cigarette and the feelings I got when I wanted another. (the reaction described above) I always thought that to quit smoking I had to want to not smoke more that I wanted to smoke. Which is true but if you force this issue to much you will struggle.
544292 tn?1268886268 I sure hope you are all having a nice Holiday. Welcome to the room those who are new. Thank you so much for finding us. I know you can do this!
230262 tn?1316649534 Anyway, my point is that when they started rolling their own, they really cut down and quit with-in a few weeks because the rolled tobacco was not the same as the regular brand and they did not really like it, and also, they got tired of taking the time to roll the smokes, so it really helped them see that they hated things about smoking and it helped them a lot. I don't know if that makes sense or is an option for you. Maybe. I just thought I would offer you that info.
Avatar n tn There is something about slot machines and smoking that go together..On the second day there I did the gum thing and that was about a 3 weeks ago and now I haven't been able to quit..Does anyone know if it really makes emphysema worse. I think after reading all of your messages I will try harder to quit.I have smoked for about 50 years..
3079363 tn?1363277315 I really feel it took the physical craving away AND I was not hungry although I had really bizarre dreams! Thanks for bringing up the Chantix-maybe with the pill to block the nicotine receptors and the e-cig to have something to do with my hands and mouth it might work this time for me! Lilminnie, thanks for sharing your friends experience, that's inspiring!I think I can do this!
Avatar m tn No pain, and of course the unbelievable euphoria. Move forward 3 years and now up to methodone then morphine and finally the fent patch. Got off patch and have been on Oxy's 40mg time released 3x day. I started abusing them crushing 2 at time in the morning and then crushing my last one in the evening before bed. I have sustained this for 3 years. 1 year ago, had to start going to new pain clinic due to insurance.
209987 tn?1451939065 My ex step-mom was one of those. My ex husband and I had tried to quit together at one time...he used the patch and I used herbal smokes (which you can't get anymore) and it worked...we were smoke free for about 2 weeks...and then someone came over with real smokes and we started again...stupid I know... I think maybe I like to smoke but just terrified of the consequences...but I've been told by specialists that No one likes to smoke...
Avatar n tn I have tried every patch, gum, Wellbutin (awful), and hope to try a new drug called Chantix soon. I've known many smokers who are totally energetic. I just don't understand. I guess I just put all the pieces together for you now. Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn I just got off the phone with one of the forum members and told me about this Chantix so I am definitely going to tell him. If it doesn't work this time, I give up. If he wants to be that foolish and continue smoking, there is nothing I can do. Thanks to all.