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Avatar f tn Rash; I'll show you rash! Just joking. I'm 7 months in and now it's doing the arms and legs chicken pox thing you're describing. It's usually caused by the riba; it's most famous side effect after lowering hgb. In the dry winter months, I found running a humidifier very helpful. It and lotions are less effective now that humidity is going up outside. I did recently start with 1% hydrocortisone gel and it has been terrifically effective.
849674 tn?1238819191 The next day I decided to start doing oatmeal baths and even used a little of my step daughters ecema cream to see if that would assist with my issue and still no difference. I have not taken any Chantix in four days now and my condition seems to be getting worse. The itching is still just as bad but now if i itch my skin raises up where i have done so and even in some areas creates what looks to be hives where I itch.
Avatar f tn Tea Tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. I had a rash on my neck once and after applying the Tea Tree oil at night, I noticed the swelling went down the next morning. I then applied it every morning and night. It eventually went away and stopped itching. Might be worth a try. Hope this works for you!
Avatar n tn The penis was very itchy and the skin feels very dry. The raw parts were red and like open cuts but never scabbed- dry skin was hanging off all over the place. Some clear liquid came out of cuts, I think. Whole area just looked like a mass of dried up rugburned skin. Cut areas were almost like a ring around penis. Since then things haven't been the same. Very itchy and at times penis swells almost to a comical level. Penis skin in general just feels different.
Avatar m tn I guess I need feedback... Also. my partner and I started chantix, and shes also taking amoxicillin for tonsillitis. And shes thinking she has a yeast infection due to vaginal discharge...
Avatar n tn While infrequent, hives (urticaria) has been reported as an adverse side effect of Chantix, and that is a likely cause. Allergic skin rashes other than hives have also been reported with Chantix. Pityriasis can be dreadful. Glad to hear it is resolving. I suspect the new lesion is unrelated to the Pityriasis. Good luck with your attempt to stop smoking. As the American Lung Association likes to say: " It is a death-defying act.
444932 tn?1273984397 or cortisone creams.......Please call your doctor. Nauty.......... I dont' and never took chantix.......
264121 tn?1313033056 But I have used Aveeno Bath and olive oil for the dry skin and rashes. Had to go to the dermatologist for one rash bout and put on Prednisone and a topical steroid for two weeks (plus Atarax for was bad.) It eventually cleared up. Don;t have a real bad rashes now. I use Nizoral for scalp treatment. I had the flakes real bad, but it has cleared up. Also soaked my head with Keri oil (hard to find, though). I also have Mycelex for mouth sores, which come and go.
Avatar n tn 5 years) and tapered-off the use of the gum (for one month) until I stopped entirely three days ago. I was getting a skin rash and experiencing shortness of breath recently which I attributed to the gum. The shortness of breath was really troubling. My doctor gave me lots-O-tests and couldn't find a medical reason. Since stopping, those symptoms seem to have disappeared. Time will tell if the skin rash and shortness of breath are gone for good. I don't think I could have quit without the gum.
167 tn?1374177417 The sunrise, the birds chirping, the green grass and the blue sky. The list goes on and on... What is it that sets a person off to a point that they can't see these beautiful things in life? What is it that makes them care only about their pain and about nothing and nobody else? I just don't understand it!!! All I see is selfishness...
1326755 tn?1274915042 something is deff wrong with me My skin itches no rash I have never had the flu well maybe when i was a kid i dont know I do smoke. if a doc is reading this could u tell me if I was ur patient and for years I am not responding to steroids and antibiotics the nodules growing and stuff wouldnt u do a biopsy? what could it hurt? How do i go abt getting a second opinion or shall I say a third opinion any number I can call?
Avatar f tn dental enamel defects osteopenia, osteoporosis bone or joint pain fatigue, weakness and lack of energy infertility - male/female depression Aphthous ulcers Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH) is skin manifestation of celiac disease characterized by blistering, intensely itchy skin. The rash has a symmetrical distribution and is most frequently found on the face, elbows, knees and buttocks.
192055 tn?1263559137 My Husband is 54 and in January he stopped smoking with the help of chantix..........then he developed diabetes......he believes as some of the reports are saying that the chantix may have caused it......well recently after a great deal of stress (money-health) his penis has retracted (just like others describe- like a turtle)and he says even when urinates it is "in" .
407149 tn?1211736107 It happens, oh, let's say, every couple of months, and the smell comes and goes, but now it's constant, every time I breathe in AND out. It's sickening! Any help?
Avatar n tn and that rebellious side sneaks in and I rip open a fresh piece and chomp a bite of it, feeling very satisfied and naughty....and then before I know it I'm back up to my reg. habit and crawling out of my skin again. over and over and over for..16 years now... so on hour 48. does anyone get that funny, metal taste in your mouth if you've gone without a piece, the "time for a piece of gum" taste? I decided to "detox" while on vacation...
Avatar n tn I used Chantix to help with this process and completed the full 12 week cycle of Chantix before stopping it as prescribed about 5 weeks ago. I am happy to report I am still smoke free! However, I had gained approx. 4-5 pounds over the 3 months of Chantix/quitting.
Avatar n tn I've noticed that i have an orange tongue too, i first noticed it over a month ago now, im an 18 year old male and have just found out i have gilbert syndrome, this is a lack of an enzyme in my liver that doesnt get rid of bilirubin which is then spread into the blood stream, the symptoms are yellowing to the eyes and can get to the skin.
940391 tn?1255758976 However I still have to continue with checks for all. Just had another skin biopsy three weeks ago and came back pre-cancerous (lentiginous junctional nevi with architechural disorder, moderate cytologic atypia (dysplastic nevus) according to shave biopsy. I hope that our Doctors are correct and these are nothing but I know how it feels to have to worry about it too. Good luck to both who post on here and God Bless!!!