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1995432 tn?1327134146 Im hoping this is true cuz I want a boy but im sure its not 100%. im 13weeks today and i've thrown up twice since i've been pregnant. What are your experiences and differences being pregnant with boys and girls?
1536954 tn?1292600713 http://www.babyzone.
Avatar n tn I would love to hear my baby heart beat everyday. Im so in love w/ my baby and she/he not even here. Lol.
628735 tn?1273879377 I have to have another U/S today to see if there is anything wrong down there still. Im still having pain in my lower abdomen. not bad like before i finally got AF but its there and it shouldn't be. its not just one side or the other but all the way across, sometimes left sometimes right and sometimes in the middle. I dont think is still the cyst that burst because that was just on the right side and happened over a month ago now.
Avatar f tn So that wise tale is not true. has a quiz that ask you about all the old wise tales. It said I was having a girl.
Avatar n tn i had lost my baby at 8 and a half weeks,i feel totally lost and that my body is useless,im 33 and have been trying for a baby for 4 yrs we were just about to start ivf after having 5 rounds of iui treatment,but i was caught naturally,which i know is a good thing but just feel so sad and lonely,all my friends are pregnant which is really hard for me,so im finding some comfort that im not alone.
Avatar n tn telling her I was having period cramps for like a week or week and a half, but no period, she laughed and said I was pregnant, sent me to get a blood test, and I was pregnant, its your uterus growing...very common...but im not saying your pregnant, could be something else...but sounds like you could be.
Avatar f tn If I ever win the lottery I am paying to get us all the best doctors so we can all get pregnant at the same time and meet up and talk about how great being pregnant is lol
162948 tn?1205256292 yea i dont know either, i mean i am not really trying to get pregnant at the moment , i am just not protecting myself from getting pregnant..
Avatar n tn When I'm actually secure in who I am, I'm worried that I'll contract (or have contracted) an STD, or that I may find out later on in life that I'm sterile, when I'm not worried about sterility I'm afraid I'll become pregnant if I come in contact with ANY of my boyfriend's ejaculate--even though we don't have vaginal or anal intercourse.
1255151 tn?1413895426 Was this a natural cycle or medicated?? Im super excited because last year when I got pregnant it was the EXACT same day I ovulated this time, MY BIRTHDAY! So hopefully that is a good sign. SSBD to all!
965737 tn?1250298055 I owe it to my child to at least try to get to 12 weeks to see if it is working right?? Im 30 years old and got infected about 5 yeas ago MAX, how can this be happening so fast? My viral load was 55 until I got pregnant and then while I was prego it shot up to 230 and after a c-section and breast feeding for 5 months my viral load is 997,000 DRASTIC jump in a year!
Avatar f tn pooket Im doing great :0) Thanx Lisa Im doing great lil bean is doing good so far :0) i cant wait to get my other u/s the ob said not til 19weeks but im going to get one sooner like 10-12 it only make sence to check the baby right? how is ur lil bean n ur self doing?
Avatar m tn I really annoys me sometimes and when I try to explain it to people, they think im nuts! i'd really like to know what is causing this or moreover, what its called??? does anybody know??
Avatar f tn sakers sry your having a hard time with AF that witch I am also having a hard time I am CD35 and this has never happened to me thsi long im normaly CD30 and this is my first AF since my m/c in nov.08 so im not to sure what to expect...i have my fingers for you that its a BFP and thats the reason why the witch didnt show yet..
Avatar n tn It might help not to take them all at once ... just a thought.
Avatar n tn I was given anesthesia, as well as antibiotics....Im not sure if taht has anything to do with it...but the starnge color seems to have appeared the day after my operation.....
Avatar n tn I have the same problem i can jack off up to 4 times a day.