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Avatar m tn This could be a secondary infection and not a Cellulitis. Cellulitis is usually very defined. Once you see it - it becomes obvious. The skin become red, inflamed, hot to touch, painful and is normally edematous, usually pitting edema. However as the condition advances the skin may feel firm to touch and look like an orange peel. Cellulitis normally begins at or near the point of the affected area, (meaning your toe or feet). The inflammation then extends into the surrounding tissue.
Avatar n tn Do you have access to a large university with a veterinary program? Aside from the possibility of losing a toe or even a foot, this infection is very dangerous if it crosses into her blood, which is entirely possible. What part of the country do you live in? Maybe another member can recommend a different practice for you. If you do nothing else, at least have another vet examine her for a second opinion.
Avatar f tn so they left it as gout and sent me on the way with an even sorer toe and a set of crutches. My toe is very tender to the touch, slightly warmer than the other one and hasn't shown any signs of getting better. I cannot really move my toe much (down a little and up barely a couple millimeters). They gave me some indomethicin or something like that (a NSAID) and told me to take that. I am worried about the underlying cause of whatever this is and looking for some ideas!
Avatar f tn It could be a bacterial skin infection like Cellulitis and the split on the toe is a likely entry point of the bacteria. The red line makes me suspect a spreading infection (away from the toe and toward the heart - not the other way around). You should have this checked asap in order to avoid any potential complications. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I would certainly watch it. My son started like that on his toe & also didn't have a bite that we could see. The docs said it was cellulitis (skin infection). He was put on antibiotics & long story short he ended up in the hospital because of it for a week! Come to find out a year later after lots of tests & taking him out of mother's day out that he was horribly allergic to ant bites. We didn't even know he had been biten by an ant when all of this happened.
Avatar f tn I had it a couple of weeks ago and went to the doctor. He said it was cellulitis and gave me itramuscular antibiotic plus two other antibiotics to take for 10 days. It seemed to get better and now is back!!! I am not sure why it is back. I do not have any cuts on my feet. I am an athlete and train regularly. It is not athlete's foot and when I had my blood sugar tested it was with in normal range. Could you help me figure out what this is? thank you.
Avatar n tn If it is reddened, swollen or warm it could be gout or an insect bite or a cellulitis which is a diffused infection. If the toe appears normal there are also many things that could be causing your symptoms. It could be a sprain or strain even though you may not remember the injury. It could be a bit of dehydration or a vitamin deficiency. I could be referred pain. It's so difficult to give you better answers and I apologize that I cannot be more specific.
Avatar n tn I have one on each of the first 3 toes starting with my big toe. They are mostly on top of my toe between the last knuckle and my toenail, but one is on the side/tip of one toe. They are not true blisters in that there is no fluid sack. It is simply a very swollen and red hive. It seems like really firm and inflamed tissue. There's no scaling or flaking skin, in fact, it's shiny and taught from the inflammation.
Avatar n tn I've got a really swollen toe and I haven't stubbed it or kicked anything. Only noticed it in last few days is really puffy and has a black spot on it? Don't want to go doctors and waste his/her time if its probably nothing.
Avatar n tn It is not as bad as before when I could barely stand, but it is still there, and the fact that the pain is still there means I still have a fungal infection. Recently, my doctor said I have a candida infection, and gave me Diflucan (flucanozole) to take for 10 days. I just finished it and there was no apparent effect. Now, I'm not so sure it is a fungal infection. Urine and blood analyses done back in August showed no bacteria in the blood or urine. Could it still be a bacterial infection?
Avatar f tn Hello, Cellulitis is an acute infection of skin and soft tissues characterized by localized pain, swelling, tenderness, erythema, and warmth. As the cellulitis has progressed to ulceration,so I would suggest you to consult a dermatologist/physician as soon as possible.Pus culture may be required along with debridement of the ulcer followed by antibiotics dressings and oral antibiotics.
Avatar n tn Hello, First of all any trauma or infection of the toe caused by cellulitis should be ruled out. I suggest you to get it evaluated from your physician and get cellulitis ruled out. Other than that a hematoma can form spontaneously only if the blood clotting profile is deranged. You need to get your clotting and bleeding profile and your liver function tests done to check the status of liver if infection and cellulitis is ruled out. I hope it helps.
Avatar f tn You should really speak with him/her and ask for a better explanation. Cellulitis is a skin infection and is treated with an antibiotic. Left untreated, cellulitis can lead to sepsis (infection in your blood) and can make you very sick. So be sure to take your antibiotic as prescribed and to complete the full course. Your blood pressure in the ER was very high and should be checked again by your doctor. I hope this info helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I cant sleep for trying not to touch anything on the leg and the pain often goes to the toe areas. I am diabetic and I have also just started to take statins and vitamin k.
Avatar f tn The doctor diagnosed it as fungal with secondary infection (cellulitis). She is on cephlex and a prescription of anti-fungal ointment. Nothing about her symptoms seem like "athlete's foot" to me. I am especially worried about the "cellulitis" diagnosis. Assuming this diagnosis is accurate, would the prescribed meds be appropriate in your professional opinion? Any advice would be most appreciated.
Avatar f tn My baby toe has a blister under the bottom but my whole foot is red and swollen and it is very painful for me to walk on. What is this?
Avatar n tn Hello, These symptoms can be due to blood blister, Gram negative toe web infection, Cellulitis or Gout. Gout causes swelling and pain in the feet along with red, swollen big toe that hurts when anything touches it. You need to get it examined from a doctor to confirm the diagnosis. The fluid from the blisters may be sent for microscopic examination.
Avatar n tn Hi, the warm spots are usually seen in infection like Cellulitis but seems to be unlikely in your case. As in this condition there is marked sore swelling and skin is warm to touch. The other possibilities are deep vein thrombosis (DVT), superficial thrombophlebitis, venous valvular insufficiency and Lymphedema. Even there can be possibility of cholinergic urticaria. To rule out DVT contrast venography, compression ultrasonography or D-dimer testing can be used.
Avatar n tn Hello, yes it is possible it could be a bite. It could also be GOUT which generally starts in the big toe, or cellulitis which is inflammation of the cells in a particular area. You probably need to get it checked because treatment is available to help decrease the swelling and pain, and all the conditions can be very painful. Prolonged swelling in an area can also cause decreased circulation making additional problems for you to have to deal with. I Hope This Helps!
Avatar f tn the problem is that i lost strenght in my lefe leg, my foot is swolen and numbned i can not walk normal, i limp, and also the toe on my hand is tinglyng. does anybody have had the same thing and how they took care of it. it is bothersome.
Avatar n tn Deep vein thrombosis, inflammation of veins, skin infection or cellulitis, peripheral neuropathy of diabetes and inflammation of muscle tendons could be the cause. The best thing would be to consult a general practitioner or PCP and try and assess what is the cause of your problem. Then proper referral for concerned specialist can take things further and get you proper treatment. Take care!
Avatar n tn When blood does not reach properly from the leg veins to the heart, it results in the accumulation of blood in the defective veins. Other than that, infection, cellulitis and allergic reaction should also be thought of. You should get it evaluated from a physician. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar m tn The swelling got very bad one night and turned hot and pink, and since I have had experience like this before with my parents, and she is a nurse, we noticed the cellulitis right away and went to an ER. the took x-rays of her foot and diagnosed an avulsion fracture and cellulitis and put her on Cefalex and rest for one week.
Avatar n tn I underwent cheilectomy of the right great toe for hallux rigidus (osteoarthritis of the big toe). Things were improving quickly until day 7 when I developed cellulitis (skin infection) at and around the suture site on dorsum (top) of foot. Was treated with IV Ancef and Cipro, with good response. I was sent home after one day (on oral antibiotics) with no weight bearing.
Avatar m tn Hopefully in about 48 hours I will know more, but he said to try and not use Hydrocortizone because it can keep my body from fighting the infection itself. Does this resemble Pseudomonas Cellulitis and would it have progressed more than this in 4.5 months? Please give me some information or advice if you have any.
Avatar f tn I have already had a test a couple of months ago for DVT, neg. Last week I hurt my big toe, went to PCP he started I had an infection in my big toe; same foot as fusion. Show I be concerned with the blue color?
Avatar f tn I was on Bacterium and Keflex too recently (luckily I wasn't allergic to them) and am still on an antifungal for my toe. It is like a cellulitis but it is due to a toe nail fungus which broke the skin because it was irregular and I bumped it. I still have a swolen toe but the pain is gone. It took the full two weeks of both drugs to get out of pain. It isn't as deep an injury as cellulitis though.
Avatar f tn 3hrs later,it started to burn and swell.within 6hrs,the pain,swelling,itching,and burning traveled up my foot to my big toe, then on to my other toes.thinking it was athlete's foot,i bought some tinactin(which did not help at all),and read online that soaking in warm water with vinegar @ 30min intervals may help(did not help).i started spraying the tinactin even more,desperate for relief,with no relief whatsoever.
Avatar m tn A week and a half ago I had an insect bite on my right big toe and a few days later was stung by a jellyfish on the back of my left knee. The insect bite caused blisters around the site of the bite which eventually burst and appear to be healing. The jellyfish sting was painful and itchy,then oozed a lot, and is now drying out and fading. The question I have is what are some possible reasons I could be having additional rash continuing to spread on both legs?