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Avatar m tn Cellulitis is not contagious. A boil is not cellulitis. Cellulitis in an infection of the deeper lays of the dermis by the staph bacteria, and it can also happen from infection from the Group A Streptococcus. The same bacteria can cause an infection on the top layer of skin called impetigo and this is very contagious. Cellulitis is usually got from a bacteria entering a puncture to the skin. This can be from surgical cuts, from being bitten by cats or dogs, being stung and from open eczema.
Avatar n tn I am writing on behalf of my mother who is currently in the hospital for the 6th time with cellulitis in her arm after a lumpectomy and lymphedema. Her doctors cannot seem to come up with the reasons the infection returns so often...6th hospital visit since last October. Most of her veins have collapsed from the Pic line being inserted so many times. They treat her for 10 days with antibiotics and then it is fine for awhile and then backa gain in no time.
Avatar n tn He ordered all types of blood tests, I have very small veins so they had to stick my hands not once, not twice, but three times because the phlebotomist said they needed to check the levels of infection on both sides of my body, then not even 5 minutes later the nurse came in and said they were hooking me up to an IV and running 2 high power antibiotics in me, I know 1 was vancomycin, have no idea what the other was.
Avatar f tn I noticed too, that my dogs both seem obssessed with sniffing up and down my right arm and keep trying to shove their noses in my armpit. A couple of days ago, I smelt a horrible waft of body odour, a bit like a man's type of BO, and then discovered it is coming from my right armpit and despite washing, drying, and showering over and over daily and using a male anit-perspirant I cannot get rid of it. Despite sweating all over, and in my left armpit as well, there is no BO elsewhere...
Avatar n tn Last year I had a severe kidney infection over 2months and they found casts, afterwards I developed cellulitis in my hands eventually ending with open sores on the joints of all my fingers. This year I have been battling strep since October(I lost my state insurance last March when I had ovarian cancer symptoms) After useless amoxicillin then a Z-pack my hands are still swollen and the sores are back..... I am worried I'll lose my fingers. Does anyone know how to fight and prevent this?
Avatar f tn It was slightly red but seemed to heal well. Three days ago she started not to feel well.She is running a fever and had alot of pain under her arm and mastectomy scar.No swelling.She woke up this morning and the area around her scar was pink and alittle tender. The doctors don't know what it is.. Her blood work is normal,but she is running a fever. They gave her antibiotics and she must return tomorrow.Here is my question.
Avatar f tn Cause treatment and concerns from arm swelling and infection 5 years following a double mastectomy
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 42. 2 weeks ago I had a sudden inflamation and pain on my elbow, which was also red and warmth. My dermatology determined it was infectious cellulitis because i had a recent bruise there, and put me on oral antibiotics (cefadroxil), immediately the lesion seemed to reduce and the redness and warm and pain around the elbow was way much better.
636190 tn?1222791368 What is cellulitis? Cellulitis is a skin infection caused by bacteria. Normally, your skin helps protect you from infection. But if you have a cut, sore, or insect bite, bacteria can get into the skin and spread to deeper tissues. If it is not treated with antibiotics, the infection can spread to the blood or lymph nodes. This can be deadly. Some people can get cellulitis without having a break in the skin. These include older adults and people who have diabetes or a weak immune system.
Avatar f tn Hello, For such symptoms an abscess or cellulitis should be ruled out. Cellulitis is an acute infection of skin and soft tissues characterized by localized pain, swelling, tenderness, erythema, and warmth.It usually follows a break in the skin, such as a fissure, cut, laceration, insect bite, or puncture wound. You need injectible and oral antibiotics for which I suggest you to consult a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn Hello, There are a number of conditions which can cause lump on arms. Any trauma, infection, inflammation or tumors can cause lumps on arms. Papilloma virus infections, abscesses or cellulitis, osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatic fever or rheumatoid arthritis, benign or malignant tumors including nevi, melanoma, fibroma, lymphoma, lipoma or nonmelanoma skin cancers can cause a lump to appear on your arm. I will suggest you to see a doctor and get examined.
Avatar n tn We do not know the strain of the infection but a culture was taken and we are waiting for the results. The previous infections are unknown. However we think that this infection was due to a bug bite on his arm? Or In the last month he has decided to shave his head on a weekly basis due to the amount of hair loss. A nick maybe a cause of the current staph infection? He is currently on thyroid medication (lex thyroxine) and it is under control.
Avatar f tn I was treated from Cellulitis 20 days ago. My arm swelled up and got very red. They put me on bactrim and now the redness and swelling are gone but I am left with a red dime sized lump right below my elbow. will they go away for need to be lanced?
Avatar n tn Cellulitis is a term used to describe an infection of the skin. Cellulitis may be present in the skin on any part of the body. Certain conditions/situations predispose one to developing cellulitis. These include diabetes, eczema, burns, swelling of the extremities (edema or lymphedema), poor circulation, burns, surgery, IV drug use or occupational exposure to skin irritants. With cellulitis, there is bacteria present which is causing the underlying symptoms.
Avatar n tn I asked the specialist what about the possibility of a parasitic infection. She dismissed it completely. The anal itching, the redness on my arm, and the rash on my left ankle - were all the places I had exposed to tea tree oil and other creams, lotions, etc. The dermatologist prescribed some steroid topical to apply on the skin, and she said the redness and rash should clear up in about two weeks, and that I would get better very soon.
Avatar m tn Persistent lesions may lead to scarring and the formation of sinus tracts, or tunnels connecting the abscesses under the skin. Occurrences of bacterial infections and cellulitis may also occur at these sites. Treatments may vary depending upon presentation and severity of the disease. Have this evaluated further for proper management. Direct clinical examination is important for proper diagnosis. Take care and keep us posted.
411103 tn?1202346644 Hi, One thing to consider here is an infection. A small cut in the arm pit that may have been infected,a fungal infection, a cellulitis , an allergic reaction or an annular erythema. It is best to have this assessed by your physician since oral medications may be indicated. Do avoid applying anything over the area as this may aggravate the condition and add to the injury of surrounding skin. Keep us posted for anything.
Avatar n tn Your doctor should be able to get a culture of it now if you want to be sure of whether or not it is a staph infection. You don't need stitches----if it is staph, that hole needs to be able to drain and heal from the inside out. If it doesn't get better, getting a culture will tell you whether or not it is regular staph or if it is MRSA. MRSA reaquires different antibiotics. Keep it covered so you don't spread the infection.
Avatar m tn A skin swab analysed by the laboratory would show whether it was a fungus and what type of fungus it was. Any type of fungal infection can be difficult to treat and in some cases requires long term management by good hygiene, healthy diet, appropriate creams, and or antifungal medications by mouth.
Avatar n tn However, since it is the filtration and drainage system for the affected arm, care must be taken to avoid injury or trauma to that arm so that the risk of infection (cellulitis) or swelling (lymphedema) can be minimized. Most major medical centers have been doing modified radical mastectomies rather than radical mastectomy for 15+ years.
Avatar n tn I just got out of the hospital for the same thing... Mine was a serious staph infection in my nose.... This is nothing to play with it is serious you need to go see your doctor right away...
Avatar n tn These are the symptoms I started experiencing a couple of nights ago..left arm sort of numb, chest pain in left part of chest, sometimes felt in my back. Earlier I noticed other things wrong with only the left side of me. Ear ache and headache in my left side, also a little numbness in left leg. I would think it was lower back problems (pinched nerve) except for the pain in my chest, and my blood pressure has been high. I was thinking it was my heart.
Avatar n tn 20 years I once had a break-out of blisters on that same arm, and was treated with antibiotics for the red streak, but this is different since the cord is very painful and when I lift my arm it makes my skin pucker. Anyone out there got any suggestions because both my GP, the vein specialist, the MRI people and the man who injected radioactive isotopes for the lymph scan all say they are mystified.
Avatar n tn I went to a walk in medical clinic the next day and had this spot along with my nearly cleared up fungal infection checked out again. This doctor (to the tune of $150) also told me that nothing he saw looked like Herpes but that it also didn't really look like fungus. His diagnosis was generalized irritation. He said he was 99.9% sure I didn't have Herpes. He also said that he's seen a lot of herpes outbreaks.
Avatar f tn But I wouldn't worry about lymphoma, especially as the nodes subside on their own. Cancer doesn't do that. Rather think of infection. If not infection then some rarer immune response, like autoimmunity or a mysterious autoinflammatory condition. The way that the nodes take turns swelling is unusual. Maybe you have had a very reactive immune system for a long time (allergies), which is something to always keep in mind whenever a person has unusual immune reactions.
Avatar f tn Hello, You need to get it evaluated from a dermatologist and get insect bite and cellulitis ruled out. Cellulitis is the inflammation of the dermis and hypodermis, which are the layers of the skin. This happens when there is a break/cut/fissure of the skin surface, there by paving the way for infection and the commonest organism causing this is streptococcus. So, the itchy rash causes a breach of the surface of the skin, paving the way for infection and there by the cellulitis.
Avatar m tn If they said report is normal then the other possibility is Cellulitis. In case of suspected allergy, Low potency topical glucocorticoids and oral anti histaminic against prescription can be helpful. Cellulitis or infective arthritis can be managed by antibiotics (effective against streptococcal infection). Take and regards.
Avatar f tn Hello, One possibility which needs to be ruled out for such a rash is of cellulitis. Cellulitis is an acute infection of skin and soft tissues characterized by localized pain, swelling, tenderness, erythema, and warmth.It usually follows a break in the skin, such as a fissure, cut, laceration, insect bite, or puncture wound. You should get it evaluated from a doctor to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar m tn 3 days after i finished my last dose of anti-biotics i got a pretty bad cellulitis infection on my right arm that was treated with anti-biotics. Now, 5 days after i finish my anti-biotics for the cellulitis, i am now sick again, with what i know is strep (again.) Does anyone have any advice? Or heard of a similar case? I know cellulitis is tied to a strep infection, however, my concern is getting sick as soon as my doses of antibiotics are done with.