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Avatar m tn Afternoon. I have had cellulitis in my nose for over a month.... took Bactrim, Clindamycin, and another 5 days of Bactrim.. which didn't help in the first place... but... i have this swollen membrane (i guess) from the tip of my nose about 1/2 inch back... it always feels like it is going to swell up again.... with no insurance another 125.00 is not what I want to pay since it seems like none of that helped anyway... anybody have any thoughts on this one???
Avatar n tn If your face has swollen up, you should set an appt. with your doctor right away. Are you in pain, running a fever? Cellulitis comes to mind. This is a serious infection. Either way, I'd go to the doctor as soon as possible to determine why your face is swollen.
Avatar f tn I think you should try seeing an ENT. What you have described does sound like it could be an infection (a cellulitis?) that keeps flaring up and calming down. The only other possibility that I could think of was something like shingles, which can be very painful and travels along nerves.
Avatar f tn Today I decided to get a second opinion and went to Doctors Care and they took one look in my nose and without hesitation diagnosed me with cellulitis (staph infection). I was prescribed Doxycycline Hyclate 100MG tablets and also they administered a shot of antibiotics and gave me a prescription for Bactroban nasal ointment. Seems this is a really serious infection that can spread to your brain if not treated and thanks to my own gut feeling I got a second opinion.
Avatar m tn Then after that the boils kept returned and I did some research on the internet and was pretty with it was a staph infection, then I got tested by the doctors and while they were kinda vague, was apparently a staph infection in my nose. That was almost a year ago, though I've had several minor boils since then. Now my left nostril is swelling up and has become very painful, red & sore.
Avatar n tn History, on April 18 I rapidly developed Cellulitis on my right eyebrow. In the am I went to First Care, he gave me Minocycline. Two days later I was worse, right eye was swollen completely shut and left eye was starting to close. Went back to doc he gave me a shot and oral Amoxic/Clav for 10 days. Still had red patch and swollen, on May 5 doc gave me another 5 days Amoxic/Clav. Finished last night.
Avatar f tn ) Watch it for cellulitis, which is a serious infection. If the area around it is red, and the redness spreads, is warm to the touch, you get a fever or nausea, go to the emergency room. Draw a circle around it, maybe an inch or two outside the boil, and if it spreads past that, go to the emergency room. That's REALLY important. If cellulitis goes untreated, it can cause a blood infection called sepsis, which can be fatal.
Avatar f tn I have an eye infection so severe that my eye is swollen shut. It started 4 days ago. I had a pain behind my eye. It felt like something was growing next to the bone of my eye socket along the inner left eye. The next day, there was no swelling, no redness, but it hurt to move my eye. The day after that, the eye lid and inner eye started swelling and there was a discharge from the corner of the eye next to the nose.
82861 tn?1333453911 Ten days ago I could feel a zit coming up between my eyes, right on the bridge of my nose. I'm old enough to know that leaving these things alone usually results in a few days of pain and ugliness, followed by a retreat. Not this time. Last week I woke up with my right eye nearly swollen shut because of this horrible thing. During the day, it went down considerably so I figured I was on the way to recovery. Wrong again. I literally cannot open my right eye this morning.
Avatar m tn I have had reoccurring infections of various kinds over the past several years including styes, cysts in my upper thigh regions, nose, and now a golfball sized abcess on my back. I've been prescribed apo cephalex 4x daily @ 500 mg, and have been taking echinecea and doing hot compresses several times a day. Nothing seems to be helping so far, and when I went in to the clinic doctor, she said it was too hard to lance (on the 20th, it's now 11 pm of the 23rd)....
Avatar f tn My nose was red and had these two little lines on each side near the tip that looked like cuts. If I touched inside my nose, it was crusty and would have blood if I picked anything. Anyway.... I have a weakened immune system due to a medicine I am on for colitis. I get staph infections, cellulitis, and have even had MRSA before. I didn't swab anything, but after an examination, my doctor treated me with an antibiotic, assuming it was a bit of an infection up there.
Avatar f tn The other day my doctor was trying to ease my mind and told me he would swab my nose to see if my infection on my nose was MRSA, but also see if I was a carrier of MRSA. He told me some people are carriers and have it always and can just spread it. :/ My test results came back negative for staph and negative for MRSA. But, does that still mean I could be a carrier?
Avatar n tn The enthuses is the site at which the tendon or ligament attaches to the bone),cellulitis(Inflammation of skin or subcutaneous tissues),lympadenitis(Lymphadenitis is swelling of lymph nodes due to inflammation) ,chilblains and trench feet(in extreme temperatures),lupus and systemic diseases like kidney and heart failure. Exact diagnosis can only be made only after clinical examination.Although it appears like cellulitis or boil,but other conditions also cannot be ignored.
Avatar n tn Hello, What you seem to be having seems like cellulitis. Cellulitis is an infection of the deep subcutaneous tissue of the skin.Insect bite is a common cause of cellulitis. Skin on the face or lower legs is most commonly affected by this infection. Cellulitis is characterized by redness, swelling, warmth, and pain or tenderness.Diagnosis is by clinical examination and blood cultures.
Avatar m tn Usually, the lymph nodes go down after about 6 weeks but for an infection such as Epstein Barr it can take up to 2 months. Are your lymph nodes soft and tender or hard? How large are they?
Avatar m tn Hello~I would definitely ask your GP, since Cellulitis is a bacterial infection, which means, it in itself is an infection, so, having the current infection checked would be a wise avenue to follow. I do know that with antibiotics, the Cellulitis should clear up within 7 to 10 days, but again, this is something your GP will be able to discuss with your.
Avatar m tn Skin complications of Steven Johnsons Syndrome usually include sepsis and secondary bacterial infection such as cellulitis. The yeast infection may be from the antibiotic medications prescribed or underdosage or resistance was present . While yeast infection may be managed with prescription medications also, recurrence is possible. However, with your medical history, further evaluation is important. It is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper management.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor in November and he said it was cellulitis-folliculitis infection via staph. I was put on antibiotics and had antibiotic cream. They didn't go away so i went back at the beginning of February, and they put me on bactrim and the same cream. They are still not gone and i am concerned because my girlfriend has gotten a UTI ("a bad one" - Doctor") and her doctors says its because i have staph.
Avatar f tn When infection goes deeper it is called cellulitis. You may need antibiotic therapy, especially if is around the nose or lip.Do consult your doc.
Avatar f tn Not a Doc of course, but From what I know, cellulitis is an objective symptom of inflammation caused from some type of infection. Depends on whether the strain of Bacteria causing the infection is contagious. Normally treated with course of antibiotics, but certain bacteria initially resistant to treatment may require alternative or extended treatment. A culture, swab test by a dermatologist or family Doc can determine what type of bacteria is present and best treatment methods.
Avatar f tn Breast cellulitis is a skin infection and would have no real connection to breast cancer. You may be thinking of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Breast cellulitis is most often treated with a course of antibiotics. Regards ....