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1690188 tn?1305865363 //www.medhelp.org/forums/Celiac-Sprue-Disease/show/226) Take care and do keep us posted.
209591 tn?1267414714 Celiac is NOT an allergy to gluten and wheat. It is an autoimmune disease. Google "celiac" and "celiac fibromyalgia" and see what pops up. It's your body, please educate yourself. My experience from making the rounds from doctor to doctor for 11 YEARS is that they don't know much about Celiac, and it's my responsibility to take care of me, physically as well as educationally.
Avatar f tn One possibility is that you have Celiac disease causing all those autoimmune problems, and that this latest one is erythema nodosum. I have that one. It goes away when I don't eat gluten since Celiac disease is what I have.
Avatar f tn Do some reading on the subject of celiac and dermatitis herpetiformis. It is an autoimmune condition that, like celiac disease, is a response to gluten. People develop painful blisters, itching, and burning on primarily the elbows, knees, and buttocks. In some it can be managed with diet, but can also be treated with the use of sulfones. Talk to your doctor.
Avatar f tn have any of your doctors addressed the possibility of celiac disease/gluten sensitivity? my neuro-ophthalmologist suggested i be tested for celiac disease when i saw him yesterday, and after doing a little more research on my own, it seems like a reasonable possibility. just wonderin'.
709686 tn?1277432159 My problems did not go away. Then I thought I had Celiac disease so i eliminated all wheat and gluten. Problems did not go away. I was frustrated to say the least. It did not matter what I ate I always felt bad. April 2...I spent 6 days in the hospital and I noticed the day after I got home I felt pretty good. During that time I never ate sugar or gluten...I FELT GREAT!
Avatar m tn is a blood test the best way to detect celiac sprue disease? does glutamine supplements help repair the gut or stomach?
1285270 tn?1271682845 I've been hospitalized 3 times in the last 4 years with an intestinal obstruction. I've had CT scans, x -rays and blood tests but they couldn't pinpoint the affliction or give it a name. My primary care doctor suggested that I go on a gluten free diet which has helped with my constipation problem. But no doctor told me I have celiac disease. I also cannot gain weight.
Avatar f tn Even though I do test for celiac the best person to consult with is a gastroenterologist and or an immunologist, yes, you can have some sensitivity but to have celiac disease the confirmatory test is a biopsy as well as labs positive.
Avatar f tn A lot of skin problems are caused by Celiac disease. My sister didn't believe me that she needed to be tested for Celiac disease, but yep, she has it and going gluten free cleared up the skin problems she'd had since she was about 11. I had all sorts of skin problems too that improved immensely. I do like tea tree oil for healing skin breakouts.
Avatar n tn Have you had any changes in bowel habits, or other symptoms? If you're worried that you may have celiac disease have your doc run some tests, but don't limit it to the routinely used (at least now) tTG test. Use a multiple serology panel which can increase the diagnostic yield. It should probably consist of the following serologic tests: 1. Anti-gliadin antibodies (AGA) both IgA and IgG 2. Anti-endomysial antibodies (EMA) - IgA 3. Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTG) - IgA 4.
Avatar n tn If you have gluten intolerance, then you probably have celiac disease or Non Celiac gluten sensitivity. There are blood tests called celiac test to detect gluten intolerance. Crohn’s disease is a difficult entity to diagnose. Along with gut symptoms skin disorders and arthritis too are commonly seen with Crohn’s. An upper GI series using barium dye is done to see the condition of small intestines. The degree of involvement of the large and small intestine may vary from person to person.
Avatar f tn One cause is dermatitis herpetiformis, which is caused by Celiac disease. You could get tested for Celiac disease by having a biopsy near the rash.
Avatar n tn Could be vitiligo. Since this is an autoimmune disease, get tested for Celiac disease. If you test positive, not eating any gluten could stop other autoimmune diseases from popping up or even turn them around. I have had a turn around of an autoimmune disease (erythema nodosum) since stopping gluten. I have Celiac.
Avatar f tn s no connection I know of between the two. Have you been checked for celiac? Many think celiac disease automatically means loss of weight, but that's not entirely true. Many with celiac disease have trouble with their weight and complaining about constantly feeling 'large' and do have increased weight problems.
209591 tn?1267414714 However 3 of them are very insistent that I have the above mentioned health problems, but I also have an Autoimmune Disease. Thanks to a website called Medhelp, I was messaged from several people that were originally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and later with Celiac Disease. After researching the symptoms and my current laboratory testing, I am starting to wonder if it could be Celiac Disease.
Avatar m tn I also think the combination of all these symptons may mean something. I am tested once for thyroid problems, and once for Lyme disease because I had a big/dangerous tick-bite rash (tested straight after bite). These are symptons I have: - I am 19 years old now and acording to my “growthcurve” (heigth of father and mother) My heigth should be 1.80 metres. I started puberty way later than everyone else and I have always been too short, I am 1.
Avatar m tn I had sinus allergies , brain fog, inability to gain weight and just general fatigue when i was diagnosed with celiac disease an year back through biopsy and blood tests. I have been gluten free since then. I weigh around 130 lbs. at 183 m. My other test results are: 1.Severely deficient in vitamin D at 5.4 levels, for which i am taking supplements. 2. Normal T3 and T4 but T3 in the in the lower range at 112 (80-200 is normal). 3. High Anti peroxidase antibodies at 104 4. High TSH at 7.
Avatar n tn Hi. I have both celiac disease and juvenile diabetes. Celiac disease is when your body is intolerant to gluten(wheat, barley, rye oats). It is a very serious disease. If not treated, it could cause a lot of problems in the future. The only treatment is to be on a strict gluten-free diet. Its hard at first, but after a while it becomes natural. *If you would like any more advice I'd be more than happy to help!
Avatar f tn Celiac disease leads to permanet damage to the intestinal track. Gluten sensitivity causes lots of symptoms, but not damage.If the antibodies came back negative, you most likely do not have celiac disease. I hope it will positively affect my heart getting off gluten. Thank youi for your response.
Avatar m tn I have Celiac disease, and it can cause all kinds of problems like you describe with autoimmune problems. Get all 3 blood tests for Celiac disease if you haven't. Good luck.
Avatar n tn In fact, some doctors think that ALL diabetics should be tested for Celiac, just to be sure. Check out this website for information about Celiac Disease: www.celiac.
Avatar f tn Natti, forget about pleasant or not pleasant, if you think you might be celiac go to your doc and get tested. Celiac is a genetic disorder that can make a person miserable. Following a gluten-free diet isn't that bad and it can change a person's life for the better.
Avatar m tn t improve with those measures, get checked for Celiac disease and other bowel diseases.
Avatar f tn One cause of multiple different autoimmune disease is undiagnosed Celiac disease. Have tests to rule that out. If you have Celiac, then getting on a strict gluten-free diet will help control the cascade of autoimmune problems you are having.