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Avatar n tn This goes for treating depression, OCD. and anxiety. While various studies can suggest the odds of a specific response, the only way you know is to try and see what happens. That is why you need to be in close contact with your prescriber. Also as Jaquta rightly emphasizes, for all these conditions therapy is essential for best results.
Avatar n tn I have been taking celexa for 2 months for depression,ocd, and anxiety.I felt the effects of the medication from the first dose(20 mg),my doctor said to cut the next dose to 10 mg and i have been fine ever since.Celexa took care of the depression,ocd,and anxiety.I have never felt so good in my whole life, and thank God that I got help.I went from wanting to kill myself, to loving my life again in a matter of days.I do not have any side effects(sexual) anymore.I feel very fortunate to be alive.
Avatar n tn Celexa is an SSRI and as such has the same risk of damaging your nervous system etc as any other SSRI. Please read the information dotted around (under peagee). These chemicals are hit and miss brain-altering drugs. NOT as they'd make you believe, designed accurately to improve levels of seretonin - they have no idea what effect it will have on any given person. Would you take LSD every day? No? Well thats more or less what SSRIs are giving you.
Avatar n tn it is quite nerve wracking, but i've been on the celexa for almost 3 wks and hate to give up already. i've been asked by my doctor for many yrs to give this a try, but out of fear of addiction, i've avoided it very much. but do see now that my anxiety/depression is getting out of hand . could the doctor out there, or any others, please advise me of any one's experiences? thanx so much. also, the dose is low, started at 5mgs. went up to 10.
672514 tn?1265658741 I was REALLY against it, but I found that it has helped me tremendously along with counseling. In my experience with anxiety, it can definitely come and go. I have literally gone over a year without it creeping back into my life, but the one good thing is I now have the knowledge to deal with it and confront it even though it can be extremely frustrating. Furthermore, anxiety can manifest itself inv different ways as well. Just keep on working through this and keep us posted!
Avatar n tn Good morning Doctor, I will try to keep this short and sweet, I have just finished taking a course of Prednisone for my hand Ezecma (On my fingers). I took it fr 12 days, 40 mg. for 6 days and 20 mg. for 6 days. My Ezecma is completely cleared up. I take currently 15 mg. of Buspar twice a day and 50 mg. of Zoloft once a day for my OCD & Anxiety. My ocd is skin picking on my fingers as you can see my problem.
Avatar n tn I have a 13 yo son diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, depression, and OCD. He was put on prozac 1 1/2 years ago, starting at 10 mg. It helped a little, so eventually it was increased to 20 mg. In January, it was increased to 30 mg, but it seemed like the anxiety fears were more on the upswing, and the OCD wasn't as much under control. He also had a lot of health issues going on that same year, and we believe the prozac was tangled up and at least increasing his stomach pain.
Avatar n tn What medications other than Luvox or Celexa could I use for anxiety and ocd? I feel Luvox aint working neither was Celexa. My problem is I cant relax and Im always worrying. I have no compulsions except going on the internet and looking for answers and finding distressing news that I think apply to me. Im tired of this. I deserve to enjoy my life! I dont want to worry about getting it up or my sexual performance. Help!
Avatar n tn What medications other than Luvox or Celexa could I use for anxiety and ocd? I feel Luvox aint working neither was Celexa. My problem is I cant relax and Im always worrying. I have no compulsions except going on the internet and looking for answers and finding distressing news that I think apply to me. Im tired of this. I deserve to enjoy my life! I dont want to worry about getting it up or my sexual performance. Help!
Avatar m tn I just got put on prozac 20mg and I have been on buspar 15mg for a month and a half, I had taken celexa 20mg, before this and got really sad and sucidal, it wasz awful, and honestly I never want to experience that again, so I am really nervous about starting the prozac,and praying it can control my obsessive thoughts, does anyone else take this, and did it help, and does medicine take away the thoughts completely, I am so scared of dying all the time, Im afraid my heart will just stop, I just re
Avatar f tn Since that day I haven't seen a doctor since or had any major meltdowns due to anxiety or my ocd and depression. Now at 23 I'm looking to soon have children and quit using marijuana but when I do cut back I notice my old depression coming back and a lot worse. My anger is uncontrollable and I end up embarrassing myself looking like a nutcase. Would it be beneficial to go back on medication? I'm against prescription medication for many reasons. Is weed harmful to pregnancies if it's medicinal?
Avatar f tn im joanna 28 and have had depression,ocd,anxiety,from my teens,i so understand u,im on prozac i have to take 3 tablets once aday,my ocd has got worse and changes now my 3 children r picking up on this to,i feel so dam guilty,my ocd is hand washing,checking things over and over cleaning and not going outside and when i eat i get anxiety i feellike im going to choke,when it all gets on top off me i just go to bed,then when i waken i feel just as bad going round checking everythings in order drives
Avatar n tn 2 mg of ativan 3 times a day for anxiety 1 mg respiridone at bedtime for sleep and anxiety, and I read somewhere that it has some ocd effect 250 mg anafranil at bedtime for OCD. and I have therapy once a week, only went once so far. in your opinion, if these meds dont pan out...where might be the next step? Ive been on anafranil for 5 years, and I was on tofranil before that for 14.
Avatar n tn Zoloft came next, and got approval for depression as well, but was also always used for anxiety. Paxil came next, and got approved for both depression and panic disorder, but has always been used for all types of anxiety. Then Luvox, which chose OCD as its "special" benefit. And so on. So while Celexa wasn't approved specifically for anxiety conditions, Lexapro, the newest model of Celexa, was.
Avatar n tn Im on celexa for depression and anxiety and OCD. its helping my depression and anxiety, but not really touching my OCD like my doctor had hoped. He upped my dose last week and Im going to give it a few weeks to see, but if it doesnt seem to be working, Im going to ask him about luvox.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been taking Celexa for about two years at 80mg. It was great for my panic and ocd, as well as my anxiety. I have been really depressed for a couple of months, and my phsychiatrist is switching me to Zoloft. I am now down to 2o mg on a 20mg per day reduction taper. I have been having vivid dreams, headaches,I can barely get out of bed, and I am very irritable in my dealings with others. These symptoms were explained to me by my psychiatrist as part of withdrawal.
Avatar m tn They work for both OCD and anxiety as well. As I said, I take Wellbutrin and it has worked well for me. I also have klonopin to take as needed but I only need it at night to sleep. You did not mention your son taking a benzodiazepine. In the past I have taken Prozac which also worked well for me. I cannot say which one was better other than the Wellbutrin has less side effects in the long run. However, all of these medications usually increase anxiety when you first start taking them.
Avatar n tn Try to see an Electrophysiologist-EP (heart rhythm specialist) who won't dismiss your symptoms. My daughter was on Celexa for OCD and it made her low blood pressure worse. Our family has a heart rhythm disorder called Long QT Syndrome and the first thing our EP did was recommend that she stop taking the Celexa.
Avatar n tn My 9 yr. old (soon to be 10) son is on Celexa for OCD and anxiety, and is doing very well. A friend of mine who's son is also on Celexa noted that her sons penis seemed to have shrunk while on this medication. I thought she was being ridiculous, and ignorant!! ( this was last year) Then my little guy went on meds. It might sound crazy but recently my son was doing a quick change of clothes in his room.
Avatar f tn I doubt if anyone will know the answer to your question as the answer will vary from person to person. You might wish to post on the doctor/expert forum. I belong to a support group for teachers and parents of children suffering from anxiety (OCD is one of the anxiety disorders). In our group some of the children stopped taking their meds as they approached their teen years (most started taking meds from 5-7 years of age).
Avatar f tn CBT works extremely well for OCD and anxiety issues. With medication therapy SHOULD be prescriped.
Avatar f tn I had no health problems before I allowed myself to be sucked into this constant state of fear. Is it common for someone with OCD to feel this way and doubt the medical profession as much as I do? Please if anyone can help I would appreciate. I don't want to test again as it will only serve as a quick 'fix' until the doubt returns.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the feedback! I stopped taking the Buspar 7 weeks ago and have been doing better. I still don't really feel "normal", and I will easily slip back into depression and anxiety if I feel ill for a few days ("feeling ill" for me usually means achy and tired, which happens frequently). I'm also Hypothyroid and I think I accidentally took a double dose of synthroid two days ago and have been more anxious since.
Avatar m tn I still struggle with my anxiety and OCD but it comes and it goes. I too seem to do good for only 3 weeks and then it poops out. I am rather frustrated myself, but I still hope to find a medication that will last longer than a few weeks. I am thinking of asking for Luvox, which is known to help OCD. My thoughts are with you and your family, please continuing to support her and tell her that it does get better.
1306047 tn?1333247191 Howdy, I've had pretty severe General Anxiety for ten years now and also a form of OCD for about six years. I've never been medicated and have tried everything to beat it on my own, all to no avail. I finally got the balls to try an SSRI. I was given Celexa at 20mg. I have to say that it has worked wonders.
Avatar n tn ) He was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5 and was recently diagnosed with OCD/Anxiety disorder. His Dr. has prescribed him Celexa for the OCD/Anxiety disorder. I have read that this medication is not recommended in children. Is it safe for him to take this medication? Or is there anywhere I can look for information on the use of this medication in children?
Avatar n tn But, then again, maybe he is figidity because of his OCD and anxiety associated with it. I'm always looking for alternatives to medication and am trying to have him work with a counselor for CBT but don't believe he has true CBT training. I'm also not sure that my son is ready for the CBT commitment at this age. I worry that I made a mistake of taking him off of Celexa and putting him on Lexapro.
Avatar n tn Celexa is an anti-depressant and helps with anxiety and OCD. It can cause nervousness in some people. I have felt some nervousness and tightness in my throat but those symptoms may go away after a couple of weeks on it I was told by my psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn so I think that explains the Celexa, and your reasons for avoiding ssri's. You might ask your doctors for a short, simple trial of klonopin, which is an anti-anxiety drug, and could help you with some of the anxiety about your condition, and quiet things down for a while, and let your stomach heal.
Avatar f tn It sounds like your anxiety may be getting worse and is presenting that thru obsessive compulsive behaior. Anxiety and depression can lead to OCD and then they both feed on themselves. When is the last time you spoke with your doctor? Have you had any counseling? It may be that your medication is no longer working or that you need CBT to learn how to overcome the behaviour making your situation worse. Call your doctor or psychiatrist and discuss your symptoms with him/her.