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Avatar m tn Namaste, Celexa is an antidepressant in a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). It works by restoring the balance of serotonin, a natural occuring substance found in the brain, which helps to improve certain mood problems. Celexa is used to treat depression. As with most SSRI's it may take 6-8 weeks before the full benefits of the medication are seen. As for side effects, most dissipate after using the medication for a couple of weeks.
Avatar f tn My constipation is chronic and I have had it since age 13 when I became hypothyroid.  I have always had sluggish bowels and tried surfac and medimucil for a long time.  My concern now is that I have become to dependant of this form of unhealth colon.  I also have been treated for anxiety and depression with celexa and ativan for a year.  I have not had alot of exercise over the last year either.  I have been mostly on a weight watchers type diet and have the same thing every day.
Avatar n tn I was put on celexa for anxiety and found that it was making me feel quite numb and emotionless. I have just started to taper off and it is very encouraging to hear that others have had similar experiences with this drug. So far the tapering has made me feel a little anxious and detatched, but I am holding out.
484508 tn?1290014144 The good news is that I believe the Celexa is helping the anxiety and depression. Been on it about 2 and a half weeks. Started at 5 mg, and worked up to 20 mg about 4 days ago. I notice that i am dizzy and lightheaded most of the day. I get some relief when i inline skate. Is the dizziness a symptom that will go away...also some insomnia. I don't want to stop taking this because I feel ok about the drug and the relief of depression and anxiety.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed 20 mg of Celexa for anxiety. I took it for 10 days, and experienced dizziness and increased anxiety attacks. My doctor told me to stop taking it and prescribed me 10mg Buspirone tablets to take 3 times per day. I haven't started taking it yet, because I'm afraid of the side effects that may come with it. Will this medication give me the same side effects as the Celexa did?
497348 tn?1283439666 I am just started on weaning from tramadol. I am prescribed. Xanax and Celexa. I never started the celexa because the scare of SSRI syndrome. To much seretonin release. do you like Celexa had helped you.
Avatar f tn After all cardiac tests came back normal, she mentioned that it may be stress related. I'm now being prescribed 20 mg Celexa for aniexty. I only take 6.25 mg of Metoprolol, cutting it into quarters, but are scared to take the two in combination. There are so many warnings about not mixing them. My heart rate has slowed down with the Celexa, but I still get the pounding sensation. Does anyone have any experience with this?
Avatar n tn Hi have been taking celexa scnece my brother passed on three yrs ago and had a baby A couple weeks before he died.. I have had alot of forgetful ness in the last 6 mo?
Avatar m tn I've recently had trouble sleeping due to anxiety and my doctor prescribed me Ativan, and my psychiatrist re-prescribed me Celexa (I was on Celexa a couple months prior but stopped taking it with my psychiatrist's permission) I'm currently taking 1mg of Ativan every night to help me fall and stay asleep. How high are the dependency risks involved with taking Ativan, and how long will Celexa take to start kicking in again? These nights of insomnia are just making me more anxious.
Avatar f tn hi guys, i think one of my meds (celexa) is causing me to be...well, constipated. I can go for the most part, but it's very difficult. i'm in the process of weaning off the celexa for other reasons, but i don't like this feeling. i'm running to the store in a little bit (after NA-yippee!) and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on stuff that works well for this type of problem. i'm going to read the labels and stuff but a recommendation always helps. THANK YOU!!!!
Avatar n tn (though I had no anxiety, I believe he thought the hot flashes were anxiety). Anyway, he put me on Celexa and the nightmare began. For two days I had amplified hot flashes, nausea, vomitting. I took LSD in college so I believe the drug kicked in severe hallucinigenic effects. The experience was much like food poisoning if you've had that.... After I stopped taking the Celexa I was completely screwed up. My stomach now had a severe burning sensation.
Avatar n tn I slowly, ever so slowly weaned myself off of Welbutrin and Celexa. I had a very tedious and horrible experience going off of Effexor a few years ago, so I kind of knew what I was in for. I had to stop taking Effexor because it caused severe constipation that could not be remedied. It's a long story this time, but one of the horrible side effects recently was teeth grinding to the point that I required several crowns and one extraction.
1330182 tn?1279819500 Before starting Celexa 3 weeks ago, I was suffering from extreme anxiety,weight loss and loose bowels. I went on 2.5mg Celexa and the whole time I was on it, I had abdominal cramping and loss of appetite.It did minimize my panic but the side effects on my gut were killing me. I finally had enough and stopped taking it 2 nights ago.. Yesterday I felt great! No cramping, ate some food and life was good, I woke up this morning to loose stools again, severe morning anxiety and unable to eat.
Avatar f tn So about three years ago I was going through really rough times and had been dealing with post traumatic stress and depression. In August of 2007 I started taking 10 mg of Celexa. I don't really remember having any bad side effects except some constipation and hyperactivity, but nothing I couldn't deal with. I didn't know if it was helping or not (i was still pretty sad). Then I started taking 20mg.
Avatar f tn Will only say I eat a lot of raw veggies, take a Stress B, and get a lot of exercise, but I gained a ton of weight on Paxil, and am now gaining on Celexa. Wish I had a solution for you. As for constipation, had that on tricyclics, but on Paxil and Lexapro usually had the opposite problem, and on Celexa it's in between and I take magnesium. So there you go. These meds are just weird, they get weirder the older you get, and they affect everyone differently.
Avatar m tn I have social anxiety and depression. I use to be on celexa 10 mg but was very tired all the time, also my eyes felt very heavy and I felt my body tempature was really high. My doctor switced me to zoloft but I still have these symptoms. Its been about 1 week and a half on the zoloft 25mg. I also have been on many medications before this. My depression is doing good, but still have some anxiety. I also have constipation, nausea, soft stools.
Avatar n tn SSRIs or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors are medications such as Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa, Prozac and Luvox. Most of these medications are equally effective for depression, but there side effect profile differ. Ironically the same medication may cause different side effects in different patients. For example, Paxil is sedating in over twenty percent of patients, yet may cause insomnia in ten percent of patients. Prozac may cause constipation in some and diarrhea in others.
581954 tn?1223395096 I was on Celexa, in the past, then switched back to Zoloft, which completely failed after a year. I am now back on Celexa, for about 3 weeks now. I am definately seeing a difference. I go back to my psychiatrist next week. It is important to keep the communication open, like the above posted said. I have even called mine on the phone. I rarely do so, so when I do, he knows it's important.
553096 tn?1267352527 I was on celexa then Lexapro and went back to celexa. I heard that Lexapro was a combo of celexa and prozac hence the name Lexapro. This is not to be interpreted as medical advice:) just my little input. How many weeks left?
Avatar m tn Feel so bloated after eating only a small amt of food. Tired, weak. I take celexa for depression, norvasc for high BP, and simvastatin for cholesterol. I have no health insurance and this is why I am turning to this forum. Some stools are water, watery w/ some solid,. or bubbly? NO PAIN ever. Do have some heartburn occasionally. I can tell that what I ate last comes out almost immediately. salads, tomatoes, etc.
Avatar n tn Dear Tina Paxil (paroxetine) can cause drowsiness, nausea,vomiting, constipation etc in the first few days of taking the medication. But these side effects are usually transient and they get relieved after taking the medication for about 1-2 weeks. Sometimes these symptoms can be bothersome to an extent that the medication had to be discontinued. Taking the medication at bedtime would be helpful. I would recommend that you talk to your psychiatrist for appropriate recommendation.
Avatar n tn I have had a Metallic taste, nausea, night sweats, headaches, confusion, balance problems for 3 years now. I was put on Celexa but it gave me bad panic attacks so I have been off it for 3 months now. I still don't have any answers after every medical test in the book (all results Normal) Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn The total amount of time I was on Zoloft was 5 yrs before I was switched over to Celexa. Anyhow, I had NO ringing in the ears from Zoloft. None. About the main side-effect I had on Zoloft was fatique, lack of libido, constipation, lethargy, more fatique...you get the picture. Zoloft helped me with my panic attacks ,which many yrs ago I did suffer. Zoloft also helped me with my clinical depressions. That's why my Doc prescribed "Z" for me.
1166402 tn?1303850656 My side-effects from Remeron is sore mouth when I wake up, lethargy, hypersomnia and severe constipation. On Cymbalta I had no side-effect. Switching back to Cymbalta ASAP.
Avatar f tn I also take Lisinopril/HCTZ, 20 mg of Celexa, 1 Lodrane, and two otc Dramamine (that if for the nausea). I stopped taking Ibuprofen over three weeks ago. I thought things were better, but I have thrown up twice in the last week. It seems that I get nauseous after most meals. Most of the time it does not lead to vomiting. Many times I will wake up at 4 or so in the morning to vomit. The doctors seems to be at a loss as to what is causing the problems. Does anyone have any ideas?
1425157 tn?1311655279 hi-- will try to get exact values-- was just told lowest end of the normal scale-- i have excessive body hair,overweight,tired all the time,get cold easy,anxiety,ectopic heart beats,,constipation,and lots of other just weird vague symptoms
Avatar f tn Had a Head CT, Head and Neck CTA, CBC, EKG all were normal. Is it related to migraine? ER doctor said it is anxiety. Oh I stopped celexa five months ago because I was extremely fatigued.
Avatar n tn From 2002 to 2007 I had been treated for depression. I was on celexa without side effects and mostly liked how it worked but then in 2005, I felt maybe I needed a change. Doctors put me on Effexor XR 150 mg. This was a nightmare for me. It put me into a 1 1/2 year manic episode and I started an affair, abused drugs and then the affair ended and I ended up with a restraining order on me and then arrested (really long story) - After the affair ended, I put myself in a psych ward on a 5150.
Avatar f tn Diagnosed with generalized anxiety and given Celexa. In retrospect, I guess celexa may have mellowed me out somewhat..I still had heart fear but generally stayed out of "the danger zone" Trouble is, I convinced myself that maybe the Celexa was not doing anything either way and discontinued it roughly 5-6 months ago. Unfortunately, my health/anxiety woes appear to have not significantly inspired me to get healthy.
Avatar n tn I am a 49 yr old male. I have taught for 20 yrs. & lately have found the job unbearable. I was first prescribed Prozac 5 yrs ago which was ineffective and then Celexa 40mgs & thought it saved my life. But this yr it stopped working. My dr. switched to Lexapro which I tried for 2 weeks & no improvement. Nothing helped w/mood & especially SLEEP. I originally tried Lorenzempam to sleep then switched to Clonezpam .5mg & eventually needed neither (while on Celexa).