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Avatar f tn I spoke to my dr. and she slowly switched me over to Zoloft. She also put me on strattera starting me at 25mg for a week and going up from there for my ADD. I know that I need to go to the dr. and I plan on making an appointment tomorrow. Just wanted to see what ya'll had to say first.
Avatar f tn I hope someone answers you but when they do remember that each case is different and only you and your doctor can sort out what is best for you.
Avatar m tn Then, about 2 ½ years ago I had a near-psychotic meltdown, mostly about the devil and evil spirits, and was diagnosed with OCD and prescribed Anafranil and Zyprexa, which helped with the irrational thinking and obsessive thoughts a little. Between now and then, I have been diagnosed with OCD, Social anxiety disorder, GAD, major depressive disorder, ADHD, and most recently, aspergers/high functioning autism.
Avatar m tn Then, about 2 ½ years ago I had a near-psychotic meltdown, mostly about the devil and evil spirits, and was diagnosed with OCD and prescribed Anafranil and Zyprexa, which helped with the irrational thinking and obsessive thoughts a little. Between now and then, I have been diagnosed with OCD, Social anxiety disorder, GAD, major depressive disorder, ADHD, and most recently, aspergers/high functioning autism.
Avatar n tn It is not clear precisley what goals would be targeted with medication and I would not give him Celexa without a thorough evaluation.
Avatar n tn Telephone numbers, tag numbers, sayings, all sorts of thing would go over and over in my head. I am now taking Strattera, and it is working. Strattera is prescribed for ADHD (non-stimulant)and is a form of antidepressant. Strattera or another antidepressant might help. Recurring thoughts might seem like nothing to someone who has never had them, but they are maddening.
Avatar n tn I need to know how concerned I should be about him having elevated prolactin levels. My son is 7 years old and has autistic disorder. He is in the 2nd grade. He is very verbal and has never had a verbal delay as a baby. His main issues now with that is social language. He functions academically a year behind his peers due to a major crisis in Dec.2002.
Avatar f tn These pills probably do more harm than good and don't make that big of a difference I found. I had a horrible time getting off of Celexa and had anxiety attacks like never before. Started to feel more normal if that's possible after the pills have messed with my body and brain, but I still had too much anxiety. Also, I was getting bad ringing in the ears from the Celexa besides gaining 20-30 lbs. while on it, so if I wasn't depressed before I sure am now!
Avatar f tn Not sure if this helps but im 16 and i was diagnosed with ADD since i was in first or second grade. Ive been on Aderal, Strattera, and curently for the past 2 years or so ive been taking Vyvanse: 50mg in the morning and 20 after lunch. This combo has worked great for me and my schooling. In addition to my ADD meds i take a low dose of Celexa (antideppresant) and a zyrtec for allergies. Dont know if any of that stuff mattered... id just really like an answer -.
Avatar m tn Cut to the chase I would like to try adding another mood stabilizer in place of the two antidepressants Strattera and Wellbutrin. I have a problem with weight gain and for that reason I had to drop Depakote years ago. I also had been on LIthium with Lamictal but after seven months I experienced extreme muscle weakness in my legs and arms where I couldn't keep my balance and my legs shook uncontrollably when climbing or descending stairs and getting off the bus.
Avatar m tn I now take Highest doses of Celexa, Wellbutrin, Iron 375mg daily, Vtiamin C daily, Vitamin D 1 weekly, Calcium daily, Strattera 10mg daily, and Lortab for the joint/muscle pain twice a day. Just seems like a lot to me.....I cant seem to get any answers from my doctor. What should I expect? Short term and long term? Someone help, I don't understand what is happening to my body.
Avatar n tn my granddaughter was given celexa and now she has horrible mussle twitting and non stop talking with exctitedm she is 14 she also take stratera
Avatar n tn The suicidal thoughts drastically increased, he started rapidly dropping weight, he was exhausted and nauseous all the time, and he started having muscle spasms and tics, as well as bouts of intense anxiety and aggression. He also had periods of social phobia, where he was afraid to be around me or his parents or any other people, and was incapable of making eye contact. So his psych switched him to Celexa then Lexapro.
428176 tn?1205559187 Many don't like it but I do. No anxiety from Serequel and focus and staying on task with the Adderall and Strattera.
Avatar n tn He is taking Strattera (just started today was on Ritalin 2 tabs 3 X a day), Risperdal (2 1/2 tabs of 2 mg a day), 1 tab clonodine, and 1 40 mg. celexa. My question is are these meds o.k. to be taken together. I have asked his Dr. and she says yes, then others have told me that he is taking too much. I know you don't know his history, but could this medication be affecting he behavior? I would love any suggestions. As he is getting older, his temper is getting worse.
7420684 tn?1391042629 Wellbutrin or Cymbalta show moderate inhibitionof the 2D6 pipeline and probably should be avoided if also taking stim meds. Zoloft, Lexapro, and Celexa have minimal interaction with the 2D6 pipeline and should be ok. The other thing that you might want to try is Intuniv. Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.
Avatar f tn I have been on Lexapro and Strattera for at least 10 years. I was on Celexa five years prior to that, and then was switched to Lexapro.
Avatar n tn Celexa 80mg, Wellbutrin 300mg, Strattera 80mg and the Daytrana Patch 20mg. I have never taken benzos and NOT been on Wellbutrin and Celexa, but my question is: What's going on!? Am I immuned to benzos for some genetic reason? Does the Wellbutrin block the benzos from working? What's your take on this? Also, have you heard of this before? I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.
Avatar f tn Celexa, Prozac, Abilify, Risperdal, Strattera, Vyvanse, Methylin and Adderall. Any thoughts on what direction we should be going with him? We feel like we are running out of options.
Avatar n tn Dexedrine: 20mg tid; Geodon: 80mg bid; BuSpar: 20mg tid; and Celexa: 40mg qd. I have been on: Ativan,Celexa,Clonopin,Depakote,Effexor,Geodon,Lithium,Paxil, Prozac,Ritalin,Zoloft,Zyprexa,Xanax, maybe more. I want to reduce the amount and types of meds I am on. Currently, the ADHD is doing alright c the Dexedrine, and my mood is stable c the Geodon (and less wt. gain than c the Zyprexa- which is a MAJOR CONCERN- as I am already overweight), but the OCD, and GAD seem to be outta control.
Avatar n tn Social skills group (taught by social worker, weekly meetings with 6 similar children to talk about and act out proper behavior) Celexa medicine Discussing all activities with him first and if he is still upset about them we skip them. Agreement by school staff to preview work, supply in-class full time aide. My wife and I have read books by Tony Atwood and gone to see him talk.
Avatar f tn Well, unfortunately I thought I was okay to be off medication and weaned off of Prozac. It was not because the medication was no longer working, I just weaned myself off of it. I have pure "O" and my obessessive thinking is out of control. Well with my recent episode I was prescribed Lexapro and it is only helping a little bit. I started out with 10 mg for about four weeks then went up to 20 mg for about four weeks and am now on 30 mg for about a week.
Avatar n tn dunno the difference between prozac and celexa - or paxil... but out of the three Celexa was the only one I tolerated without having a constant --- annoying need to yawn... We're talking one every minute 24/7. I think that I am pro tx --- but with your current problems hmmmm - I would be wary --- and I'd be looking at documenting everything - and staying on top of any sides. I don't know what genotype you are - or how long your treatment would be for SOC...
Avatar m tn if you look these drugs up you will see that people have had sudden death and some have had heart problems and strokes ,and Seizures. My son started having Seizures after being on ADDERALL witch did nothing for him and was then put on CONERTA , these drugs changed him . Now he has Seizures every day and more than one kind of Seizure even thou he is on Medicines and had Surgery last June and had what they call the VNS put in.
Avatar n tn I was wondering where the best place for me would be to find a complete list of medicines I should stay away from with Long QT syndrome. I have a list but it is over 5 years old, and I am in need of a new one! Thank You!
674555 tn?1272603976 I changed my diet completely and exercise regularly and now I am pretty lean at 215lbs (it still sounds like a lot of weight to me but I wear a 34 pants and high shoulder to waist ratio) I have normal BP 118/76 and my cholesterol is normal. any way, I also for the last 4 years have had major depression and anxiety and take 20mg Celexa and 1mg Klonapin daily. Since getting on the Adderall I still eat the same 5 small meals daily but I've dropped 5lbs in 9days (is that pretty normal to expect?
86075 tn?1238118691 well, i was taking strattera (25mg) for 3 years, it's for adhd and i was taking seroquel in the evenings to help me sleep. i had been on these meds for 3 years then after tx, for some reason, my chemicals were altered and these meds were not working for me anymore. i had wanted to get off seroquel anyways because it is not safe for the liver. well as of 4 days ago, my doc put me on elavil.
Avatar f tn What do I do? I just lost my medical insurance and they put me on Buspar and Celexa just last week. I just want to be free of this time in my life and I wish I had never started taking it, but I did not know what I was getting into back then. I was just trying to function from the anxiety and panic that was in my life at the time. I don't respond well to medicines that don't calm my brain down. I went cold turkey and came off of Strattera a year ago, but had only been on that for 3 yrs.
455103 tn?1240889845 But I also take 60 mg Celexa, 18 mg Strattera and 200 mg Provigil as needed as well as Naproxin as needed.
544292 tn?1268886268 So glad you are choosing to join us. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol. Lots of love, information and empathy here!