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824226 tn?1238637794 I currently take 40mg of celexa at night and am taking 37.5 mg of phentemerine. I have not noticed any side effects but what are they I am curious if ever i noticed something different about myself. I cant find anything on the internet to find an answer to this question.
Avatar f tn I am not sure what caused the fainting either time. All three were completely different and the length was different as well.
Avatar n tn i have been on celexa (cipramil/citalopram)for 7 years and have continued to drink alcohol on a regular and sometimes excessive basis with no ill effects. Infact i checked with my doctor who said this was fine and i checked in the british national formulary which states no ill effects except that the effects of alcohol can be possibly enhanced by ssri use.
Avatar n tn 6-16-2003: I went off of Celexa when my prescription ran out and they wouldn't renew it over the phone - they wanted me to come in and be seen, but I'm very busy with work. I found myself dizzy, sometimes. Not all of the time. I could drive just fine, but getting into and out of the car would cause a little wave of dizzyness, which was mildly nauseating. Also, turning the corner while walking would cause it. I had no clue it was the Celexa.
Avatar n tn Most of the other medication (effexor, Prozac, Zoloft) produce side effects which I did not care for. My doctor and I finally gave Celexa a try. I was taking low dosages (10mg daily) of Celexa and I was doing fine. A few months back my doctor suggested I try Lexapro. I have found that most of the bad side effects of Celexa have been eliminated with this new and so far wonderful medication, I am currently taking 10mg Lexapro daily.
Avatar f tn I'm 29, female, have a 6 year old son, I only take nexium and celexa. I have had a history of gastric issues and was diagnosed years ago with IBS. I have no idea what's happening and I'm terrified. Someone please give me some advice. Thank you!!
Avatar n tn I have been under the care of a cardiologist since June of this year when I started having near-fainting episodes. After i had been seated for a long time, or working in the garden and would stand up, I feel as though I'm going to pass out. I lose my vision and sometimes my hearing for 10 seconds or so. This started all at once after a 15k road race at 2500 ft above sea level. I had my blood pressure checked and was 84/50. For days it hovered in that range getting no higher than 88/56.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking 4 1mg xanax's a day, 80 mg of celexa, 150 mg of welbutrin sr, 30 mg of abilify, and 1 mg of requip. I would like to be able to go out with my friends and be able to have a few drinks for my birthday but I'm scared of the interaction with all this medication and alcohol. What could possibly be the side effects of mixing all of these.
Avatar f tn My heart rate and BP tend to run low (40-60 bpm and 100-110/50-60 mmHg). I take Celexa 40mg daily. I've had blood work done, several EKGs, an echocardiogram, and wore a holter monitor for 30 days and everything looked perfectly normal. It worries me though because the third time I passed out was last week and I was so confused for about 30 minutes after until I fell asleep again.
Avatar f tn My heart rate and BP tend to run low (40-60 bpm and 100-110/50-60 mmHg). I take Celexa 40mg daily. I've had blood work done, several EKGs, an echocardiogram, and wore a holter monitor for 30 days and everything looked perfectly normal. It worries me though because the third time I passed out was last week and I was so confused for about 30 minutes after until I fell asleep again.
Avatar n tn This isn't a cure for the cause of what's making all this happen, but my belief is that i have some sort of internal blockage again that causes the cramps, and because of the fizzyness of the japps that its forcing the food past this blockage and relieving me of the terrible pain and stopping me from fainting and smashing my head and face to pieces. I really hope this can bring relief to people suffering as i know how bad these episodes make you feel, not only physically but mentally.
Avatar f tn I have all the symptoms you mentioned including looking at the computer and near fainting. I cannot go to malls, shops etc., and feel like fainting immediately. But mine happened after a head injury (brain contusion). I have seen many many specialists (Neurologist, Cardiologist, ENT specialists), multiple therapies, several meds etc., Doctors pretty much gave up on me. I have been suffering for the past year and a half and I am already wits end.
497348 tn?1283439666 or did the anxiety come with the thyroid disease? Because I was never anxious untill this thyroid stuff came and all hell broke loose and I still have not been the same person that I was before... makes me sad..
Avatar n tn needles to ay i was misserable, i felt like some one was laying up acanst me and it made it difficult to breath like i was not getting enough air. my fingers and face where tingling, and i was becoming very anxios. the dr had a ekg but did not find anything to wrong or atleast he said that would kill me wich really did not make me fill any better. he gave up on the problem my pulse ox o2 stats where fine, my blood suger was at 97 so that rules out hypoglycemia.
Avatar n tn i've been on zoloft,celexa,and effexor. all had side effects on me - now i'm back on zoloft since yersterday taking 12.5 mg instead 25 mg as you are surpose to start with. my doc said to try it again with this low dose and gradually go up to the recommended 50 mg a day. it will take much longer this way but better late than never. I just hope i don't develope side effects again over a period of time taking this med. well, until than i guess i just spinn my way thrue life with my dizziness.
11251831 tn?1416585126 Sorry, I forgot to mention that vasovagal syncope although could be triggered off by GERD, making you to pass out, there are also lots of other reasons for passing out, dehydration being another reason. You can find lots more information and triggers with regard to vasovagal syncope and fainting on the web. There are numerous triggers, to much for me to write them all down here.
503727 tn?1210442710 she gave me xanax and celexa. so im so excited to hear that you take that and it works because alot of people havent really heard of it. i take .25mg xanax once a day which doesnt do anything and i have been staring at my celexa pills debating to take them for the past three weeks (dont ask me why, just scared to start them i guess) but now since i hear some positive feedback on it i will start it tonight.
1399250 tn?1436946897 I tried to ignore it at first but it just kept worsening, I looked at my blood pressure standing up and it was at 90/70. I fear that I'll become bedridden now since I'm at great risks of fainting and the symptoms are unbearable even sitting up... My doctor is currently out of town and can't contact her, even so its unaffordable without any health insurance, my dad is unemployed right now and having his own health issues but no one is giving us help.
Avatar n tn Funny you mention the panic disorder, after my second round of anti-biotics my GP said I was stressed and anxious and put me on a anti-depressent/anxiety med and I felt great for the first week or so, then had the WORST panic attacks ever, one after another and so on. (I had a reaction to the drug- I think it was celexa)? Then when I called my GP- and said what is going on here, they sent me to a pyschologist due to my sensitivy to meds.
343765 tn?1202526132 of Metoprolol per day and Xanax for anxiety. I am very anxious and am sitting around doing nothing and not enjoying life anymore in fear that my heart is going to skip a beat and it scares me to death. I am driving my family insane and I do nothing but sit around and take my pulse. It never races anymore. Thank goodness for that. Just the jerking feeling I have in my chest flips me out. I have dealt with this since I was 10 and now I am 47. I was 5 years free of the disturbance.
Avatar n tn I was living in Colorado up in the mountains high high elevation, and started fainting, one time in my lseep. Finally went to the hospital and they put me on a heart monitor to find that during one of my episodes, my heart had stopeed for 18 second, basically I was dead. After $15,000.00 worth of tests, the cardiologist could not find anything, they put me on a "speed" type of medication and it happened maybe once more in 12 years.
Avatar n tn Yes, I have a lot of pvcs. Not as many as sometimes (how do an occasional Holter-counted 4800 per day sound to you?), but pvcs are part of my life. I have had several stress echos and a number of ekgs, and my cardiologist's opinion is that, apart from the very minor leak of my aortic valve, my heart is in pretty good shape, and that the pvcs are inconsequential and need no treatment.
Avatar f tn I was on 10 mg Paxil doing well mentally and was switched to 15 mg Lexapro. I feel really panicky and depressed now on the Lexapro. Please let me know if you have had a similar experience or if you have had Paxil withdrawel. I think it's best for me to go back on the Paxil. I'm open to suggestions and I need help. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Since that they , I feel extreme weakness and tiredness in my legs and arms . It starts in the morning and lasts till I go to bed. I never wake rested . I feel very mild spasm and twitching on my muscles . I feel better while seating or liying down . I feel like I am going to pass out . I am really concerned about this weakness . so here are my questions : 1 ) can this be a different side of anxiety ? 2 ) Have you ever experienced some jerking sensation ?
1323357 tn?1274826939 an increase of adrenaline and decrease of dopamine - and this feeling of depersonalistion and derealisation is a result. You are not going insane and this will rebalance itself. What makes it persist is that usually a person does not know what it is and so worries/creates more stress this creates a self-perpetuating cycle.
Avatar f tn So today my Celexa dose was upped from half a pill to 1 whole pill and the side effects are coming back like when I first started... Sweaty, can't sleep, headache, stiff neck, clenching teeth... Etc. I don't know what to do. I tried taking stuff for it, including an Oxy but still no change. What can I take to make these side effects not so bad? I don't see the dr till Thursday, so I can't ask her... If anyone has any suggestions?
480448 tn?1426952138 or was watching the world through a movie projector, instead of through my own eyes and mind. Therefore, I am going to share with you all what *I* know about these phenomena, and hopefully reassure some of you that this is par for the anxiety course...it while irritating, maybe even maddening...it is totally harmless. Derealization and depersonalization are two terms that are sometimes used interchangably. Truth is, they DO vary a little bit in their presentation....
Avatar n tn as you have probably read i have exactly exactly the same symptoms i hate it i had it on and off for 14yrs and same as you i dont believe the doctors or the tests,you would have been dead before 5/6 yrs and you would have had miles more symptoms ie fainting if there was anything really wrong.
Avatar n tn I've been to different doctors had several test done. they can't find anything so they put me on Xanax and recommends Celexa for depression. I just can't seem to enjoy life any more I havent felt good in two years. its like this is not me. what happened to the person I use to be? Each day is such a struggle. I may feel good for just a few minutes sometimes but not much more then that. I envy women who don't go through this. its really disrupting my life.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am new to this forum, and I am having these same type of wierd sensations...it's almost hard to describe even to my neurologist unless you've had it. I have had neck and back surgery within last 8 months. Just 3 months ago, out of the blue, I started getting severe, daily, migrain etype headcaches. So bad, I went to my opthamologist, he said maybe cluster headaches etc. My neck surgeon said not related to my neck.