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Avatar n tn I'm currently taking 1000 IU vitamin D and 1500 MG of glucosamine with MSN daily plus celebrex. 100 mg. I have been advised that Celebrex can have long term effects on the body like most prescription drugs - can you please give me any more information on this drug. It is true that one can only have 2 hip replacements in their life-time? I don't want my other hip to suffer and am trying everything to keep it in shape but eventually I'm told it will go as well. Thanks.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href='/posts/show/557518'>Arimidex has caused my hip to degenerate</a> was started.
Avatar n tn I was reading about numbness and tingling in hands and feet and you make several references to long term side effects from quinolones. What do you reccomend in lieu of these antibiotics? I have recently (today) been prescribed Levaquin..Originally prescribed Keflex, but I had an allergy to amoxicillin 1 year ago--1 hive and some facial swelling--post dental surgery.At that time, I was put on prednisone and amoxicillin post an extraction--per the oral surgeon -"it was routine".
Avatar m tn Some seem to be cured while others have to stay on the drug. There are side effects of long term treatment with Celebrex as well. But the doctor in the article thinks that in some people it is genetic to produce the Cox-2 enzyme and those that do will get cancer or tumors while those that don't their immune systems will clear the virus. This is very interesting and thank so much for sending it.
Avatar n tn You are not alone, I too suffer from extreme exhaustion and lots of long term side effects. I agree that it's hard to fight the system but you have to keep trying! Keep checking with different doctors...........at least that's what I'm doing, it just is NOT normal for an HCV SVR to experience this much fatigue (there must be something else wrong). You sound like a very caring man and she is lucky to have you. My best to you and your wife.
Avatar dr m tn I believe a person should not be on Celebrex very long term due to the side effects. SAMe may be something you want to look into. Some studies show that patients showed similar to greater pain relief after 60 days of SAMe when compared to Celebrex. I'm starting that transition now. Also take Omega3's (in pretty high doses) and trying to really get after the CORE work as most physicians will tell you that has a tremendous effect on all types of low back pain. I do wish you well.
Avatar m tn 10.1016/S0140-6736(10)62110-1Cite or Link Using DOI Effect of daily aspirin on long-term risk of death due to cancer: analysis of individual patient data from randomised trials Prof Peter M Rothwell FMedSci a Corresponding AuthorEmail Address, Prof F Gerald R Fowkes FRCPE b, Prof Jill FF Belch FRCP c, Hisao Ogawa MD d, Prof Charles P Warlow FMedSci e, Prof Tom W Meade FRS f Summary Background Treatment with daily aspirin for 5 years or longer reduces subsequent risk of colorectal cancer.
Avatar n tn I have been taking the subject drug for nine months following multiple fractures resulting in class III trauma and a hosptial admission in critical condition. I am now in the midst of weaning myself off this drug. I have developed a full feeling - when I swallow - in the area just at the bottom of the thyroid. I have no trouble swallowing, I just experience the fullness.
Avatar f tn I cannot walk for very long distances because of the pain. I take Celebrex and other meds just to perform activities of daily living. For years, no doctor would say they knew enough about the drug to comment till I saw a well known rheumatologist in my area. He remembers the back pain being a problem. Some patients say the pain subsides when the med is discontinued, while others say the effects are permanent. I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that Accutane did this to me.
Avatar n tn She's been off for 3 years now and I don't think there were any long term effects (she didn't get hot flashes, lucky woman!). I have been going to the gym and doing cardio and working with nautilus to put back on some muscle weight (didn't lose any fat though, thank you Effexor). I think that has helped my overall fitness and well being. Oh, and don't think I'm commited, I just go when I can. Tamoxifin's side effects (for me): Hot flashes, severe mood swings were the worst.
Avatar n tn Since many of us are finished with therapy, or close to it, it would be nice to compare short and long term after-effects as we proceed along the path to recovery. It sounds like most of us are experiencing at least some noticable symptoms after tx. My biggest problems are skeletal: joint pain in neck, back, hips, and recently in small joints: fingers, elbows, ankles, etc. I also have shoulder pain and numbness, similar to peripheral neuropathy.
988694 tn?1332363079 he said, but I am terrible afraid of being adding more stuff to my body above all because it is a long term round! I guess the other option, for what I have been reading, would be corticosteroids which also have terrible side effects. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi- I am also a long term headache sufferer. I noticed that your husband is on opiate meds. I am too. I have also tried most of the migraine meds and they really did not do much for me. I do build tolerance over time and the dose needs to be upped every 3 months or so. Over a year ago I was on very doses of Hydromorphone (dilaudid) and Oxycontin. I had been on these meds for over four years and they just stopped working and the side effects were awful..
Avatar n tn How long until I start to feel better? I am off of work for a week (I planned this to coincide with my vacation). I would have gone into a detox or something but I have no one to take care of my house, etc.
Avatar n tn thanx for the reply......i read the side effects and think i must be nuts to take this ****!!!! anyway....
Avatar m tn I got diagnosed with epididymitis a week ago and the pain has just now began to leave. Is this common and how long does it normally take for the pain to go completely away along with the swelling? My scrotum hasn't swollen and i've had a ultrasound, blood test, and urine sample and all came back negitive for cancer or a tumor. I'm really frightened about it and hope that this is just epididymitis.
Avatar f tn Not a pretty sight.. Getting off prednisone after long term use can take years of very uncomfortable side effects - no energy, pain, lots of other stuff.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 15 yrs ago. Was on Celebrex for a long time, nd did very well, until it started to affect my kidney function. When I was taken off it, the pain started. My doctor said that I wouldn't be able to take any of the Nsaids as they would all affect my kidneys the same way. He prescribed tylenol 3 for pain management. I take approx. 3 per day normally, but when I have a flare, that dose doubles.
370181 tn?1428180348 The Enbrel worked quite well, but after 2 years I began getting some weird lab reports and while it was never conslusively connected to the Enbrel, I became wary of the biologics because I felt they just really didn't know enough about the long term effects, so I told my rheumo I was done. My arthritis is now in every joint of my body with the exception of my elbows for some reason, but the bottom line is that I live in constant, very bad pain.
Avatar n tn I have a condition that I am not sure about long term prognossis. I too take coumadin on a daily basis, my symtoms started out as vertigo then worsened with each attack. I went to 4 doctors before the 5th one, a Nuerologist ran some genetic testing and determined i have a condition that makes my blood clot too soon inside my body.... I can not remember name of disorder but it is something that i have tremendous headaches with . I have to keep my blood level at 3.2 in order to prevent clots.
Avatar n tn It is quite sharp and when I press under the jaw at that point it is very painful. Motrin is helping but i worry about the long term effects. Not sure if there is infection or something serious that is causing this continuous pain.
Avatar m tn Daily use of NSAIDs over a long term, can have serious side effects and is not recommended.Substituting, another NSAID is not the answer. If you truly have developed post-traumatic arthritis as a result of previous meniscus injury, there are several alternatives. Viscosupplementation with hyluronate injections, such as Synvisc, can be very helpful. Natural anti-inflammatories such as Glucosamine or Omega-3 are very useful alternatives.
Avatar f tn I think your doctor is wrong about the Xanax. You can become addicted to it very quickly. A few days of regular dosing will do it. You would have been better of off using it irregularly and taking it only when specifically needed. I am subject to panic attacks as a result of an adrenal problem. I was told to take .25 mg. to abort an attack and, if that were insufficient, to take another .25 mg. It worked fine.
Avatar f tn If you have high blood pressure, this medicine may not be the right fit even if it is controlled by blood pressure medications. And over time, NSAIDs increase blood pressure so that is a long term side effect that should be considered. If you are going to start a powerful NSAID like Celebrex, I would recommend that you purchase a home blood pressure monitoring kit to periodically check your bp while on this medication.
Avatar n tn sometime it even goes to the nick ,, i had an ecg and blood tests and every thing simply turnd out to be ok ,, so am sure its not a heart problem ,, the kind of pain that i feel is more like staping with a knife sometime it get so strong that it desturb my sleep at night ... i had a celebrex 200mg and proxen 500mg an it all int work .. also rolaxon ..
Avatar m tn The problem with most pill type supplements is that they aren't meant for long term use and once you stop taking them, you regain the weight. You're better off with a good, healthy diet that keeps calories at a level that's good for you, along with adequate exercise. Its' important when starting out that you keep a food diary, because we often don't think we're eating/drinking as much as we are. There's an excellent food diary here on MH or there are other apps you can use.
Avatar n tn Now I am faced with no having a means of getting it anymore. WHAT DO I DO? Everyone says that it shouldn't be used long term, but I'd rather take my chances now and live a quality life than to be in pain, and miserable around my family and fail at my job long term. Any suggestions from anyone out there? Should I order online? Never done it, but thinking about it.
Avatar m tn What is the difference between Prevacid and Nexium in what it does and how it does it? Long term effects?... Is what I am feeling are effects from the aloe healing my esophagus or the medications?