Causes of throwing up stomach acid

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Avatar f tn Never lay him on his back when he is feeding or right after you are finished with feeding because the acid from the stomach goes into the esophagus and causes pain, plus vomiting. Wait about ½ hour after feeding before laying him down. Raise the head of his crib to a 45-degree angle too so he is not flat on his back. Hoped this helped you.
Avatar f tn It's just stomach acid. You didn't have anything in your stomach. Nothing to be worried about. I usually eat a few crackers before bed to avoid that or else I throw up acid around 2am like clockwork.
Avatar f tn Exactly what I do. Cuz there's nothing in your stomach. Usually try to nibble on a small snack before u get out of bed to settle your stomach. Sip on water.
Avatar f tn And when I did throw up it was just stomach acid. Should I be concerned or just not worry. My next doctors appointment is next Tuesday. Thanks for any advice or anything you can offer me.
Avatar f tn Try taking some Tums when you start feeling an upset stomach. I would get a lot of acid build up and have little vomit burp things and it helped me.
Avatar f tn My cousin is throwing up blood for a month now and the doctor said she has a virus that causes ulcers. What else could this be? she had some blood work including pt/ptt but no results are back yet..
Avatar f tn s generally caused by slower digestion, and baby pushing your organs up which causes the stomach acid to rise into your throat. Eating too soon before bed (you shouldn't eat 4 hours before bed), spicy foods, exercising too soon after eating or lying down can all cause it as well. Eat small snacks frequently to keep the acid from building too much, and maintain a good diet.
Avatar f tn I threw up in the middle of eating and it may sound weird but I just continued eating afterwards because I felt a little better but sometimes it would ruin my appetite ask day and I would make myself snack on crackers and other small things just to keep food in my stomach because throwing up acid is the worst! I hope you feel better mama!
Avatar n tn He will throw up and have pain in the belly they thought it was ucler, acid refex, lazy stomach and it is none of those he had the test where they send a camera down to his stomach we are waiting to have a cat scan and upper gi, but this last week it has gotten so much worse he is throwing up and sick all day long no med help the his sick stomach they even gave him the pills they give you when you are having cemo.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with severe acid reflux after having trouble swallowing. My MD has Rx: Protonix 40mg which seems to be helping a little. I have been taking this for a month along w/reglan before each meal. Unfortunately I've been regurgetating my food, which is awful. I'm having lots of schest pain as well. I took an Upper GI Ultrasound - but everything looked fine. But I'm still stuck with this constant pain and ache in the chest.
Avatar n tn s most likely morning sickness. But try not to lay on your stomach which is probably a huge part of your problem. Get use to laying on your side which you'll have to do as you get bigger.
Avatar m tn Here are my symptoms and I need help please please please! Every morning I : * wake up with a knot in my throat * feel like a have saliva/light mucus (bile?
Avatar f tn sounds like stomach acid. i would go in because you could be dehydrated and they can put you on an iv. did you get nausea medicine from your doctor? i would ask your doctor for that. i hope you feel better mama i know how it feels. i have been sick since 8 weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn Im 26weeks and constantly throwing up or feel sick to my stomach.
1285120 tn?1273751607 Dear Dr. Goodman, Hi i asked you of some questions before regarding my Gerd , Esophigitis, Hialtal hernia, Ibs and lactose Intolerance. My newest symptom now is nausea and throwing up stomach acid. I wen't to my Family Dr. In a pinch, and he prescribed Compozine for the nausea and wrote another refferal for the Gastro Dr.. He said more test are likely requiring a look back inside.
344397 tn?1235577228 She may have acid reflux issues. My daughter has been dealing with that since she was about 6 years old. She randomly wakes up sick in the morning throws up a few times and then is fine. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out if it was a certain food item, but it's not.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am in my week 11 and since last two days I am throwing up solid food...specially in the evening..whatever I eat for snack.... I just ate a bowl of grapes and it all came out...also small carrots... Is it okay?
Avatar m tn Ive been throwing up for the past 2yrs just about every day sometimes more then once a day and as much as up to 5 times a day. On most days Im unable to keep food down. Ive not lost or gained whait in this amount of time. The doctors first suspected it to be my gallbladder and test showed that my gallbladder was not functioning so they removed it. Then I was symptom free for 1mos. After that the symptoms came back full force.
Avatar f tn Hi, my boyfriend stared working with heavy objects. 2 weeks and 4 days ago he stared coughing up blood and said his stomach was tight. It only occurs when he works. And he won't go to the hospital. What is the best thing I can do for him?
Avatar f tn Could be blood from your throat due to stomach acid coming up. If it's a lot of blood then go in.
906115 tn?1344200509 So sick today and I feel preggers again!
Avatar f tn I have been anorexic for over 20 years and have been in a number of rehabs. Right now I am doing better then I have in years and eating more then I ever have. I still struggle to gain weight but I no longer starve myself. But anorexia has ruined my health. They say you can reverse what it has done to your body. I believe some of it can be reversed but you pay a price for it. I can no longer eat a lot of foods that I used to eat because my body can't tolerate it anymore.
Avatar f tn Thanks hun :/ I really gotta get something in my stomach before I get up I just hate barfing :(
Avatar n tn The last time I did it (not too long ago) I had just eaten some cheese, a bowl of chips and two pieces of bread with peanut butter. I threw up and I saw a lot of what appeared to be blood. I can't say for sure that that is what it was for sure but I don't remember eating anything red. The day before (yesterday the 19th of February) I did, some boston baked peanuts and a couple pieces of a tomato.
Avatar m tn These came from forum and people's own experiences: peanut butter/oil britta filter citric acid (orange juice) mouthwash yeast infection (sugar) lactose intolerance after antibiotic viral infection pain reliever (advil aleve) salt I also through sinus drainage might cause it. Stomach is still uneasy. Head is mostly clear today. As usual I had a very hard time waking up today. I hate that.