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429155 tn?1205676864 30, back to bed, and after a lot of thrashing about, holy of holies I sleep for 3 hrs, wake up and dressing gown is drenched in sweat, back to bed get another 1hrs sleep, then up at 07:30. It's now Monday. Monday 0945.Am feeling a bit better now, go see boss at work to explain ( goes ok ). then have a drive round, I find I am noticing things I took for granted before, things are in much sharper focus. Although I had real bad stomach cramps, the Flu like symtoms have all but gone.
Avatar n tn I don't have allergies of any kind and I'm in excellent health and I can learn to live with the smell of fresh baked bread in my nostrils.. I mean it could be owrse.. still I think I should get someone to check this out especially as I read about Phantom smells being a possible side efect of brain tumors...
541150 tn?1306037443 He cannot stop sneezing for a minute and Abby is always right beside him. The kitten just wants to be in my arms but the sneezing on top of me makes me so sad. Did not let me sleep at all. He has what the shelter calls kennel flu. It's a virus, so I doubt clavamox or amoxicillin will do anything to help as those are against colds caused by bacteria. I'd still taking him to he vet. I wish they had something for my cat.
544292 tn?1268886268 But that's not the most alarming part of Tramadol in my case. In my case the antidepressant that they tacked on to the cocktail is the thing that causes all the rough psychological and mental symptoms. It's a Two Fer One! I've been feeling like I was going crazy for a long time. And in addition to that; the scary suicidal ideation. The suicidal ideation vanished and returns ONLY if I get a flare up of withdrawal symptoms. That happens if I get over stressed.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, Welcome to Part 13! We're so happy to see you! Come on in and get comfy.
Avatar n tn There's quite a bit of fabric in her cage which I suppose could create dust, but it seems odd to me that it would given the breeder I got my rats from also had a lot of fabric in their cage. She could also be allergic to something, but she hasn't had a breathing issue before. Thanks for any and all responses, I'm really grateful.
544292 tn?1268886268 I stick with it because I was tired of going to my doctor, hat in hand, and asking him to increase my daily dose of the drug. I stick with it because I no longer desire to be under the control of a substance that wanted more than I had to give, while returning less and less to me. ETC. ETC. ETC." Gah! Threw all my forks away too Fred. Tramadol is a terrible drug. Thank you so much for your kind message for me! It helps :D And yes, pain in places I never have had paiin before.
544292 tn?1268886268 So glad you are choosing to join us. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol. Lots of love, information and empathy here!
Avatar n tn Joan in Reus, Spain, in 1992 shows that supplementation of zinc lessens the effects of fibrogenesis in rats in induced cirrhosis. German research shows that zinc deficiencies are implicated in liver cirrhosis and conclude that zinc substitution should be provided to all cirrhosis patients when deficiency and corresponding symptoms are found. (Long-term supplementation of zinc should not exceed 90 mg a day.
1182133 tn?1266855131 I wouldn't take another patch.... unless I had one in front of me now. Just to get rid of these w/d's. They are HORRIBLE. Thank you folks and please keep posting to me... I need it.
Avatar f tn I cant visit family because of the AC, cant stay In the stores for a short period of time, cant ride In the car with family because of A C. some one please help Im on my way to commiting ????
Avatar f tn I have been seeing things for ages in my sleep, cats on the wardrobe, people in the corner, lots of other creepy stuff, I have also always sleep walked and talked, I have been told it has alot to do with having excess stress in your life and going to sleep with things playing on your mind. Try to relax before bed and don't eat too close to bed time, I find these help. Having a partner that doesn't mind being woken up every other night helps.
363682 tn?1299492962 This has some molecular and genetic explanation which has something to do with alcohol metabolism in the body. In the absence of other symptoms though (eg weight loss,changes in bowel movement,neurological deficits) ,this may not be very urgent. One important thing to exclude here though is an allergic reaction.Watch out for any diffiulty of breathing, rash that involves the entire body and generalized sensation of flushing. Continue to have a close follow up with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Likewise, in the past few years, I found the same type of thing happening in the spring for a couple of months - no hand itching, no sneezing, no puffy eyes - as are the usual symptoms for allergies - for me, it goes straight into a panic attack. After tracking this also for years, I found a wonderful doctor who doesn't think I'm just crazy and got me started on the Allegra for that first.
Avatar f tn depression; and skin inflammation. Removal of the implants resulted in a dramatic improvement in the patients’ symptoms, as well as a decrease in many patients’ sensitivity to titanium. FROM A GREAT GERMAN STUDY ABOUT A WOMAN WHO CAME DOWN "with myalgia and arthralgia predominantly in the knees and small joints of the hands and feet, with morning stiffness lasting at least 2 h. AFTER RECEIVING Ti IMPLANT.
Avatar n tn Perhaps some of the ingredients in this stuff are in something you use? Please let me know if any of this sounds familiar to you guys or if you might be able to shed some light on this.
Avatar n tn anger, embarrassment An abrupt cessation of physical exertion (resulting in heart output in excess of current muscular need for blood flow) Physiological response to vasodilators — for instance, a recent high dose of niacin, nitroglycerine, calcium channel blockers, or any drug that causes release of adrenal hormones that raise blood pressure such as stimulants Post-menopausal decrease in estrogen production Anaphylaxis Neuroendocrine tumors: carcinoid syndrome, pheochromocytoma, VIPoma, t
Avatar n tn These are the symptoms I started experiencing a couple of nights ago..left arm sort of numb, chest pain in left part of chest, sometimes felt in my back. Earlier I noticed other things wrong with only the left side of me. Ear ache and headache in my left side, also a little numbness in left leg. I would think it was lower back problems (pinched nerve) except for the pain in my chest, and my blood pressure has been high. I was thinking it was my heart.
Avatar n tn Anyway, that makes a difference during all of this, in my opinion. Stay positive and by the end of the weekend, I bet they are a memory, distand I hope. How is your pain now? Do u have another way to manage it? I wish u all of the best, and please let us know if u need anything else. There are lots of smart ppl here who have done this before and are so willing to help if u need it. Good Luck and God Bless. sincerely, tracy ps....
472570 tn?1274689487 I currently live near the mountains in the city with lots of shubs, grass etc. One advantage of my misery, is I have a very clean house, in an effort to minimize itching. I also might try benadryl after I check with doctor to see if its safe with my meds.
Avatar n tn Few examples- Heritable connective-tissue disorders,Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type IV,Fibromuscular dysplasia,Cystic medial necrosis,Marfan syndrome Spontaneous internal carotid artery dissection is a common cause of ischemic stroke in patients younger than 50 years and accounts for up to 25% of ischemic strokes in young and middle-aged patients. Now you could understand why you were tested for various antibodies.
Avatar m tn same things happening to me/ after a few seconds after turning out the light and laying down I start feeling these things here and there, especially around my ears/back of neck, upper shoulder area/ on my face, which drives me crazy -on my leg, foot, arm (it's intermittent)can't sleep much any more, have been wondering different things/ could someone put something in our air-conditioner air handler outside?
1647691 tn?1363727302 But god gave us a fighter in this emby, so why would it stop fighting now. So in a couple of weeks I will let you know the outcome. Just a waiting game for these symptoms.
162948 tn?1205256292 i had an IUD put in may of 04 and i had it taken out in the begining of october and i still have not had a period? i want to get pregnant but i am afraid that the IUD messed my body up. am i just impatient? can i still get pregnant even with not having a period??
1294995 tn?1330666336 I have endometreosis as well and I had my laparoscopy in April. After that I did 2 rounds of clomid, 2 rounds of hormone shots and this last time I did the letrozole, hormone shots and an IUI. And if I have a $1.00 for every time someone at worked asked me, "So, what are you waiting for? Why arnt you pregnant yet" I would be retired at the age of 26. lol I know it is tough- but hopefully this will be a good month for all of us.