Causes blood calcium to be deposited in bones as calcium salts

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544292 tn?1268886268 The offer of pain all over your body and esp in your belly going away!? And someone else will BRING you the pills!? Wow. Sounds too good to be true. (AND IT IS!) The fact is, there's already pain killers here in the house and I'm not going to take any of those either. I'm not taking anything. I'm going to ice it, lay down, rest and realize that my body has been thru a heelllla fight and it just needs a break, a breath. A moment. A freakity frackity day off.
20003388 tn?1515169640 A functional deficiency of calcium is highly suspected, where calcium is leaching out of your bones faster than deposited, as calcium intake is mostly un-metabolized. To make matters worse, a magnesium deficiency is also highly probable, which is vital in optimizing calcium deposits in the bones and joints, dealing with stress and anxiety, increased energy etc.
Avatar f tn Magnesium Glycinate is ok to take at night. The amino acids are in the glycinate are supposed to be calming and help with sleep. I'm happy to share. I don't want anyone to suffer like I have.
Avatar f tn After I turned 40 sleep became impossible as I would wake up with my heart racing and in a sweat and then not be able to go back to sleep after sleeping maybe 1-2 hrs. I assumed it was insomnia until a dentist insisted I get a sleep study before he would help me with my tmj problems. I doubted the necessity of a study, as I do not fit the "profile". Sure enough, my apnea index was severe!
363682 tn?1299492962 I have cut back on more sugar recently as well. This is starting to get in to alternative medicine a bit, but I'm wondering if your issue is centered around yeast. Yeast feed off of sugar, and reducing it causes a "die off reaction" from the yeast dying, which is described by flu-like symptoms and most notable a headache. Not sure how the alcohol comes into play, although alcohol does further lower blood sugar. When I drink more sugary drinks I don't get much of the headache.
Avatar n tn I have not been to gym in years but am loving the Step classes. I seem to be able to gym for a week, and then off sick with "flu like symptons" for a week and then back to gym, and so this goes on. I will definetaly try a Probiotic.... i am going to go and buy today and see how it helps.
Avatar n tn Has anybody tried Reflexology for this? You'd be amazed at the results it can have as it can be used to stimulate the adrenal gland which releases cortisole. Also try eating lots of salad, fruit and raw veg as these are all cooling foods. Im training to be a reflexologist at the mo and my tutor (who is an amazing woman) has a theory that things which irritate/stress you emotionally can irritate/stress you physically.