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514349 tn?1272801633 He gave me an itemized breakdown of what it would cost - $359 to $408 and that is for EACH cat, so that means I could be spending anywhere from $716 to $816 on cat teeth. I wanted to know if these charges on the list are on the high side and what, if any, are "padding".
Avatar n tn I'm also curious about your question. My husky just chipped his k9 tooth and after calling around, I found out it costs $500 to extract it and $1200 for a root canal. It's not infected yet, but I imagine it will be soon because you can see the pulp. I wonder how your vet can tell your cat's tooth is abscess One thing I did learn is that sometimes teeth changes the structure of your pet's mouth and infections could be harmful to kidneys.
Avatar f tn Well she is 15yrs old and lost all teeth except the bottom fang on right side it is black at bottom of tooth. I can't afford $300+ for extraction. I called a vet today and asked it we could just wrap her up numb it and pull it w/out cost of anesthesia I was told no. I mixed tuna juice w/ amoxicillin cap(500mg) and gave her 32mg hoping to help her infection and pain. Have you ever known any vets to use local to pull a tooth?
Avatar m tn Our 17 year old male cat just had two of his teeth removed Thursday because our vet found out that he was very dehydrated and not eating so they checked into what the problem was and found to infected teeth. Now he is walking around with his head titled to one side. he doesnt walk very far before he lays down again, he is eating a little and doing his other business. My question is what is happening to him?
4520139 tn?1355849169 So far my Main Coon cat had deep teeth cleaning and gum trimming (infected gum grows over the teeth) all under anesthesia. So far it was better for couple of months, but gums are again very red. My final option will be extract almost all teeth. I want to enter him in the FICA show in November in Houston and after that I probably extract the teeth. It is very painful for the cat to eat with gum infection or any other teeth problem - teeth extract will not bother cat at all.
Avatar m tn But looking at the cost and the amount of care to be taken, I am holding back. I would prefer extraction because anyway it isnt helping me in chewing and two of my teeth need filling so i would first spend money on saving them. What should i do?
Avatar n tn About a year ago, I had an apicoectomy to have the abscess removed (choosing it as an alternative to extraction with the aim of keeping the tooth at whatever cost). The surgeon showed me photos of the abscess and said it was a large one. The tooth was fine for about 6 months as well as the nasal pain. But now there is once again a swelling and the site of the swelling feels uncomfortable. Moreover, I have been feeling easy fatigue and little ability to concentrate or focus effort.
152660 tn?1291755571 well ppl that say 'its just a cat' they don't know their cats and love them as we do....yes they are our children they depend on us for their care and that includes (yikes) dental work and ALL costs....its not cheap to properly care for a kitty(nor a child).....we suck it up somehow... but thats a terrible 'underestimate' isn't it.....I would think that was why you took them in for check ups before the order to get a more accurate estimate...
Avatar f tn I admitted my cat to a vet in New Jersey after she was suffering from constipation for several days and lactulose/diet changes offered no relief. I am not being faced with a $800 dollar bill for 2 nights stay, enemas, fluids, and blood work. Is this excessive? Around two years ago I had the same procedure at a different vet and it only cost $250. Have prices accelerated this fast?
Avatar n tn hi, i am 23 years old and i have a tooth growing behind my top teeth. I'm going to the dentist Monday, but I'm freaking out because I'm scared I might loose my big front tooth. Has this ever happend to anyone and what happend. I don't have any insurance, so who knows how much this is going to cost. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421180'>Bony lump underneath gum, behind lower front teeth, in front of tongue</a>.
Avatar n tn I would call the office and ask the prices on RCT vs extraction (+ possibly a bridge or implant cost). I would also look into the second opinion. I sincerely hope that this reply hopes you in some or another way. :) PS: As a fellow TMJD sufferer I would advice to try using hot or cold compress on the area. Your hygienist or dentist may know some stretching exercises for your mouth.
Avatar n tn s way in the back can I just have it extracted to avoid the cost, pain and future complications associated with a root canal? In general, I brush at least twice a day and floss everyday. Thank you.
Avatar m tn 13-yr-old male Burmese cat diagnosed with diabetes about 6 weeks ago. We are managing with insulin shots. During the course of exams for diabedies we discovered two teeth needed to be extracted. Vet did that yesterday. We brought Oscar home yesterday afternoon. He was lethargic, wouldn't eat, or drink. Same this morning - wouldn't eat or drink and very lethargic. Took him to vet today where he spent most of the day.
Avatar f tn I have two lower wisdom teeth that either need filling or extracting. (Food collects in them and the dentist has mentioned that it would have been good to have had them out at the same time as I had my upper wisdom teeth removed.) What would be the preferable option? I think there may be a mercury filling in one. Should that affect my decision one way or the other? My teeth are very important to me and I am very sensitive about them. I am very confused and overwhelmed by this decision.
Avatar f tn I have really bad pain in my teeth it's so painful that I wake up in the night, I have lost a lot of sleep, I'm also feeling really down about this, The pain is in my neck and in my ear, i have gums that are very red and around the area of the bad tooth the gums are raised, I have had a deep filling in my tooth in the tooth that is bad, I had this pain for sometime now, on friday I will go have the tooth taken out, Is there anything I can do to stop the pain until friday I take solpadol
Avatar m tn The vet said that I cannot wait, but need to act relatively fast in having something done about the tooth. Extraction is significantly cheaper, but they said will be pretty tough as the tooth is healthy and he is so young with large roots. Any thoughts on extraction vs. root canal? Thoughts on waiting to have anything done until there is an issue? Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn My friend has three teeth with abscesses(as in, infections) - all front bottom right next to each other. He also has periodontal disease and needs a deep cleaning. Through our insurance, it only costs 200 for a deep cleaning. But the problem is that it still costs about 400 per unit of a bridge. My question is - would he have to get the three teeth extracted before getting the deep cleaning? I know the obvious answer is "yes" but is it *absolutely* necessary?
Avatar f tn My female chi had dental surgery few months back, they removed some teeth, but on dogs, what they don't tell ya, or I didn't learn on my own, when teeth are removed the remaining teeth get all out of now her mouth looks really bad, cause the teeth they left moved, and moved fast, they stick out, there all messed up....Its $200 job here but the after math of it, its bad not sure for you....
79258 tn?1190630410 hard to tell without seeing films. But......... here's some food for thought. SAving half of a tooth is called a hemisection. It is NOT done that much anymore because it is NOT highly successful (in my experience) and involves alot of work and cost. (cutting the tooth, extraction of half of it, root canal, gum tissue repositioning, a post, and a crown.) Common sense should tell you that after doing all that, how strong can what is left be???
Avatar f tn A month ago, I had my 5 year old son to a dentist who said that he had 2 cavities (no xray was taken). Saturday, I took him to another dentist closer to my home for a new patient exam. An xray was taken and the new dentist says the decay is close to the nerve, and wants to do a root canal and crown on the tooth. It is closer to the front of his mouth, and I don't see putting him through that (or my wallet through that) for a tooth that will only be around another year or so anyway.
Avatar f tn I agree with CML there could well be some nerve damage there due to the extraction. Also strongly agree that a cat should NEVER be given vaccinations ever on the same day as a surgery....Vets can make me so angry. many times the presence of the third eye lid also indicates pain, was kitty given anything for pain...besides the steroids and antibiotics? Buprenorphine(buprenex) is well tolerated for cats and works really good for post op dental/nerve pain.
Avatar f tn In California, it cost us about $18K out of pocket with all the meds (my husband had to do an extraction,though, so that tacked on $2500). The cost can vary some depending on what your particular issues are. But yes, it's very expensive if your insurance does not cover at least part of it.