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Avatar m tn she began sneezing alot and after many Vet visits was sent to a teaching hospital in the city where they did xrays and found a nasal tumor. they told me there was nothing they could do that would work as almost ALL nasal tumors were cancer and very difficult to treat in that area. I took her home, soon she stopped eating as her smell diminished...cats will not eat if they cannot smell their food. and shortly after that the sneezes turned bloody.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm bit desperate, nobody give me any answer and I asked a lot of vets until today, my male cat, now 8 months old, have often episodes of sneezing with pretty consist result which come out, was also with bit of blood sometimes, he was smallest of all, and first 5 months of his life he was out, we take it in our home when other cats was taken by neighbors, he got trouble with eyes and we cure him (eyes clustered).
Avatar f tn My 7 year old Female cat has been sneezing on and off for 2 weeks, and has had one watery eye for two days. She is currently on clavamox. There are no other symptoms. She eats and plays normally and is up to date on all vaccines. The vet did a complete blood work and only found the cats white blood cell count to be slightly elevated and her lungs sound clear. She displays no other symptoms. What could this be?
Avatar f tn my kitty jazzmyn has been sneezing for over a year and she sneezes as much as an adult (human) . now she is sneezing out blood . vets don't know what could be the problem with out running expensive tests that i can't afford . is there any answers anyone could give or sugest anything to help ??
7532341 tn?1391697586 Yes I would take him in for some xrays, I don't want to scare you but my Bailey also developed the same sneezing that also included a discharge with small amounts of blood. My Vet made her an appointment with a specialist that did xrays and found a large tumor back deep in her nasal passage, they didnt recommend any treatment other than comfort measures....when she totally lost her sense of smell of course she stopped eating and I had to put her down...
Avatar f tn My cat Max is about 7 years old. He started sneezing a week ago and then one day he stopped eating and drinking. I researched online and found out that baby food was a great source of nutrients and a way to keep the cat hydrated. Max took to the baby food and almost ate an entire jar in one day! A couple days later, I took him to the vet and the vet told me he did not know what was wrong. He stated he would have to do multiple testing and blood work and the estimate was between $700-$900.
Avatar m tn When this has happend i have tried to wake hime up and he dosn't for maybe 25 to 35 seconds or when he shakes he will falls and not wake up for maybe 30 seconds/ one vet said they dream so they move in there sleep completly normal like a dog she said im just scared of a seziures don't know his past history i just know when we found him he had a bad upper respitory were he was sneezing blood and needed 3 diffrent medicine for 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn I'm very concerned for your cat and am glad you're calling the vet. She may need to be on an additional BP med. I had a cat that needed 2 meds. Please keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Have you tried give your cat a laxertives for your male cat? have you also tried exercising his legs for him while he is laying down?
Avatar n tn You should take him to the Vet + get him checked out. This is what they do when they have an illness. My Cat jumped in the middle of the bed peed everywhere, while I was running to rescue that situation he ran into the next bedroom and did the same thing, he was really ill it turned out. No harm to run by the vet I think.
1356964 tn?1302091035 When last taking her to the vet and getting the blood test results vet wanted to extend her amoxi drops and upped it from 1 ml twice a day to 1 1/2 mls twice a day for 10 more days. We are scheduled to go back to retest some of her blood work tomorrow, Wednesday, June 24. My questions: Could being on amoxi drops affect any blood work , as with humans I have read it can affect wbc, rbc ? Can Amoxi drops cause constipation ?
440535 tn?1312371665 first of all was blood work ever done or a biopsy of the raw spots on her fur and in her mouth? Did the Vet ever mention Eosinophilic Plague or Rodent Ulcers to you? NOt saying this is what she has but wondering if it has ever been discussed? I will send you a website with some info and pictures to see if they look familiar ok....
Avatar n tn Siamese Lynx-Point,spayed female, 8 yrs old, no prior medical condition other than 2 UTI's. Presents with coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge. Given Amoxil for RI for 7 days, went away for 3 months... came back ...given another dose Amoxil for 10 days. Symptoms came back 1 month later Given another med for 10 days and on 7th day quit eating and still drinking.
Avatar f tn fish is a good substitute or venison....perferably a hypoallergenic formula avail through your Vet....of course my cat won't eat those so currently I am feeding him a cheap over the counter food with has helped alot but not totally. If the allergy is to mites, that will be very hard to control...there is a better medication than using steroids..its called ATOPIA, its an immuno suppressant, has its side effects too but not nearly as bad as steroids.
Avatar f tn Just let us know how your are doing with all of this and if need be take your cat to an Emergency Vet over the weekend for another opinion.
372900 tn?1315515902 DH and I adopted a cat last summer. When we first got her she was lovable and would lay with us. At her vet appointment (a week later) we were told she needed 3 kinds of antibiotics for the week. One went in her eyes, one went in her ears and the last was an oral medication. We had to "kitty burrito" her just to get her to take the meds. Needless to say she was not happy. After that she has been really skittish.
Avatar f tn I am going through the same thing with my 9 yr old cat. Blood work great, waiting on urinalysis results - no definitive diagnosis at this point.
Avatar n tn Cat has multiple symptoms: 1) sneezing of long time duration, occurs in fits, very sporadic; can go a several days with no attacks, sneezing seems to follow eating also. 2) only about 4 teeth left in his mouth, no obvious ulcers or tumors inside mouth or tongue. 1 fang in front, 3 molars in back, inflammed gums, smelly breath. Broken tooth on side OPPOSITE nasal swelling. 3) inflammed, swollen, red nostril, occasionally opens and bleeds after he paws it.
1670571 tn?1303709640 He tryed running into a store thats how we found him. He had a bad upper respitory with sneezing blood the vet gave him med. We have had him for a little over a month he use to be very coudly know he will lay by your feet loves to play but will attack you and if you move to the next room he will sniff you out and try to get you and will bite and bite wont let go. Now He is scared of anything black and will hit it and jump back.
Avatar m tn Two weeks ago, my cat sneezed blood for the first time...He was sneezing before I thought because he had a cold..Next day I took my cat to my family vet and she said it could be a couple of things that caused the sneezing of the blood. A tooth in his mouth looked infected..The root of the tooth was hitting the inside of his nose. I asked the question to vet if she thought it be cancer. The vet took blood work for some test...Most of the results were negative..
Avatar n tn My 10 year old indoor cat started to have sneezing,nasal discharge, weight loss and a runny eye since November of 08 with heavy breathing. Went to the vet, they gave him amoxicillin tablets which got rid of the heavy breathing however it is January and he has lost alot of weight, has excessive phlegm in his troat, minor eye discharge and once in a while a runny nostril. His main problem seems to be the excessive phlegm. They have him on cephalexin which is not helping.
Avatar f tn My cat is a male Siamese/rag doll pure mix and about 4 months old. He has been sneezing consistently for the past week. There as I just noticed today twice that there is blood in his feces and that his feces is also very soft. I haven't seen him once have hard feces and I don't know if that's not healthy. I have another worry he hates to eat his soft foods and we've been trying all different kinds but he'll eat anything he sees u eat.
Avatar m tn I got her sick - eye infection, upper respiratory, then she was spayed and got a hernia and had surgery, then found blood in her urine from the litter box and took her to vet - she had crystals in her urine so he put her on prednisone for like months and dasaquin which he told me coats the bladder....said to keep her off dry food altogether that some cats can't handle it and have these I did.
306594 tn?1443391457 Hi - My old cat has had his yearly flu vac but lately every couple of days he has a runny nose and I know it is bothering him because he keeps sniffling and can't get to sleep (when a cat can't sleep you know there's something wrong, lol) I've wiped his nose several times and he is also sneezing and keeps swallowing the mucus. I just wish he could blow his nose the way humans do - I feel so sorry for him.
Avatar n tn That next day we took her to the vet and had a bad feeling. The vet did an initial exam and told us that her heart and lungs sounded good, but she did have a tiny fever. Based on what we told her, she said it was probably just some sort of stomach infection and that we could do x-rays and blood work just in case, or we could give her a shot of antibiotics and send her home. We decided to go ahead with the x-rays and blood work and the results showed something no one expected.
Avatar f tn Our 13 year old is at the vet, his blood tests came back pretty good, but his kidneys levels are borderline. The vet didn't call it kidney failure. He has to go on a special kidney food, and I was wondering if there is one food that is better than another for kidneys.
Avatar f tn So it might be the change in the cat tree in your cat's vet said that the tiniest change in their environment can trigger such behavior. Or she might just miss you alot when you are out of town. Do you have a good pet sitter or friend to spend time with her while you are gone? I, too, just put my cat on Venison and Green Pea to rule out any allergy component, although I am pretty sure his is completely behavioral, as he is a pretty sensitive cat anyways. Feliway may or may not work.
Avatar m tn I'd like to feel it, but her cat is a little skiddish and can bite. When she returns, I'll encourage her to get the cat to the Vet. Her daughter and granddaughter can help her.
Avatar m tn a stray showed up at our small farm (likely dropped off)a while ago. was about 4 months old. very snotty and bloody nose all the time and sneezing. went through 2 round of antibiotics and lysine supplement with no improvement. vet said it's a "barn cat virus" since antibiotics didnt work and the symptoms may ease with time. year and a half later, still no improvement. i want to help this nice little kitty but am stumped as to what to do.
Avatar f tn My kittens eyes keep getting kinda goopey and she keeps sneezing and i clean her eyes but it doesn't really help.. i took her to a vet and the vet said she didn't have any fluid in her lungs and ordered that she take medicine every 12 hours for at least 10 days and she did, every hour on the hour but after she quit taking the medicine it came back.. What's wrong with her? What should i do?