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Avatar m tn I visited a house with a long haired cat. Although it didn't make me wheeze or be short of breath, I had an allergic sneeze and very sore eyes.
1632896 tn?1299942340 my cat and i are pals and when he is happy he sneezes. is that normal for a cat to do?
199954 tn?1294944669 One of the stray started to cough and sneeze today. Her eyes are somewhat watery and nose is watery. Is this Rhinotracheitis? I called the vet, but the vet is ill. They are going to call me back tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Hello Fergygreen, I was wondering if you have the sneezing sensation but are unable to cmplete the sneeze. I've never owned a cat until last year when I adopted a kitty. She is one year old now and I am suffering what I believe to be some Allery symptoms but I am not able to complete the sneeze. I wonder if the cat has anything to do with it.
Avatar m tn Hi b4doctor, I'm not sure if your cold and weight loss are related to your blocked nose but I've had something similar happen to me. I suffered from a blocked nose for about 2 years as well. Could never breathe out of it and I'd sneeze alot no matter where I was. Eventually I got extensive allergy testing done and it turned out I'm really allergic to dust and cats. Instead of getting itchy and runny eyes, my nose would just block.
Avatar f tn so animals and me go together My dad grew up with a cat allergy he couldnt be in a house where cats lived...he would get itchy, cough and sneeze but he grew out of it, because we now have four and they don't bother him...the last two years or so whenever i am near the cats i get the same symptoms my eyes water, cough, stuffy nose its like a sudden cold. Is it possible that i have received the same allergy my dad had? are allergics hereditary?
10553058 tn?1420738321 So my cat is veeery sick, only who can take care of him is me.. He sneeze and his eyes are close and i guess he has some flu.. He was at vet and start therapy..but my question is.. Can that flu efect on me and my baby? But i am the realy only one who can take care of him...
11389935 tn?1417796609 Cats can sneeze from dust too. When you older cat was sick did you take him or her to the vet and what did the cat have ? Just wondering. I wish you and your two kitties well.
Avatar n tn Got a cold so didn't sleep well. Stuffy nose and have to sneeze every few minutes. Feel tired today.
Avatar n tn My cat has been sneezing and having nasal discharge for a month now. She has no other symptoms. She plays,she eats well. Just sneezes and has nasal drainage. Her eyes are good. No swollen or runny eyes. Is this allergies? I noticed she usually only sneezes when her nose touches objects or she sniffs. Sometimes mucous comes out with the sneeze.
Avatar m tn Is it possible that my cat is allergic to his own fur? Whenever I pet him and scratches his tummy or neck, he then cough or sneeze excessively. Then eventually stops. I dont know what causes it but this happen a lot when I pet him.
Avatar m tn Since their nasal passages are very delicate the infection can make them sneeze for years. Plus, his nose is irritated from sneezing, hence the blood. I have an 81 member feral colony & have run into this problem many times. Saline drops will help with the dryness he's experiencing, use twice daily. Also, I use Shark Cartilage, Cat's Claw (Uña de Gato), & Blue Algae. You can find these at any vitamin store. You have to open up the capsules & sprinkle into wet food.
Avatar m tn We adopted a mostly white cat (orange/tan van markings) from a shelter. When it arrived it was named pinky because he had fairly pink ears, being male, we changed its name. It also had a sneeze with some discharge they said started with his vacinations a few days before. over the 6 months we had him, his ears had turned to a normal looking color, he has been on different antibiotics about 4 times trying to eliminate the sneeze with discharge, that sometimes makes him sound wheezy.
Avatar f tn My cat is 7y/o and sneezes sometimes like a machine gun. Most of the time when he is relaxing I can hear him breathing, sometimes like a wheezing. Could he have allergies? If so what type of meds are given?
Avatar n tn I just got a new cat. I wasn't allergic to it at all in the store, but ever since he moved in, I've been having allergic reactions. I forcibly sneeze sometimes, my nose is runny occasionally, and my lungs are a little more wheezy. I cough up a little bit of yellow phlegm each day where as I didn't do this before. I have two ionic air purifiers running, so there are long periods where I don't have symptoms, but they'll develop once I start interacting with him.
Avatar n tn and why is it that i can go all day with out a nose that runs but as soon as i sneeze i have a nose that runs. I have always wondered what causes a body to sneeze ?
Avatar m tn Having irritations in the nose for more than 6 months. Sneeze 5-6 times everytime the nose is irritated, but usually in the morning and night after clearing the nose. Was prescribed XYZAL 5 mg for 1.5 months. Symptoms curbed. After completing medicaton, symptoms returned and become worst. Sneeze 5-6 times everytime there's dust or a change of environment. Also, accompanied with severe tearing and my eyes become swollen from the tearing after 2 days. Please advise.
Avatar m tn ve experienced what is the begining of a sneeze ( itching in my nasal passages) but it does not develop into a sneeze, I only get a little drainage before my nose becomes dry again. A week ago, I was ready to sneeze but the sneeze did not come out of my nose but trhough my mouth as if I was exhaling. I have headaches on and off in front of my head. My doctor did not see an infection and prescribes flonese. any suggestions?
1798746 tn?1315741046 Then every morning i hitting my face and my nose with the bolster. is it cause that I cannot sneeze that damage the sensing of the nose. I really scare now. For now my nose feels ticklings but cannot sneeze out.
Avatar m tn Hello there. My name is Travis. For a while now, my fiance has been noticing when I sneeze there's a bad odor. I don't know why It stinks, or where it's coming from. Do you have any answers for me?
Avatar f tn Is there anything at all i can use for nasal allergies? I feel like im dying from these sneeze attacks ive been having.
Avatar n tn t run fevers, her behavior during the day is normal with little coughing, but does have the runny nose. Night time is the worst. We have a cat in the house and we try to keep the house clean. We have a new swamp cooler, which ran during summer months and a central gas heat system. We have used humidifier's in her room also. She doesn't sneeze. She doesn't cry (as if in pain) She does have some little bumps on her skin around knees and elbows.
Avatar n tn I am in the last week of taking augmentin 500 mg 2 per day. My ey and dental exams are normal I have no adnormal drainage and can breath through my nose with no problems. I had a cat scan on Jan 28, which was fairly normal except for a few very slight congested areas in the sphenoid area. Now I have sharp constant pain in the sphenoid sinus area which goes around to the left area behind the ear.
Avatar m tn I have been given drugs at the pharmacy but will not respond until the doctor gave me antibiotics and the course is finished but i would still sneeze until I bleed. Is my nose infected with something or do I now have soares in my nose? because it becomes itchy and when I rub it then the sneezzing comes. Please help.
181145 tn?1239999938 I am 18 weeks but from the beginning of my pregnancy I have had nose bleeds, not crazy pour out of my nose, but maybe after I sneeze or if I blow my nose. Mostly after I sneeze though. I read online that it is just part of pregnancy, but I was wondering if anyone else was having thsi weird problem. Thanks hope all is well!