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535089 tn?1400677119 I agree, keeping her on steroids for the rest of her life is not a good option, because there are potential side effects such as diabetes, so although steroids are a good quick fix to treat symptoms, it is going to be important to identify and treat the underlying cause of the sores.
Avatar f tn I got the bad news yesterday she has diabetes. She has lost no weight, and the only symptoms she was showing was the water and urinating. Is it somewhat easy to help them maintain? I hate to see her go thru this, but I'm going to learn all I can on this disease and how to care for her. I pick up the insulin and food for her today. Does anyone here have a diabetic cat? Wish me luck.
Avatar m tn My 12 years old cat also lost massive weight. I took him to the vet. Has diagnosed renal failure. Vet handed me a booklet said cat over 7 years old the organs might not working properly. He has blood tests and prescribed medication. He is doing well at the moment. Last month he put on weight 0.5 kg. Every morning he has a tablet and 2 tins of 85g cat food. He didn't vomit anymore.
Avatar f tn a sedative and the euthanasia solution. Following the humane euthanasia protocol eliminates all stress or panic from the cat. Some veterinarians prefer the direct technique of injecting without sedatives because it is quicker and less expensive. As the cat's caretaker, request and make certain that the human euthanasia protocol is followed...
Avatar f tn Purina, Hill's and Royal Canin make a food that can be used in diabetes. It may be a function of trying another brand. Your veterinarian may have an additive, i.e. Rebound, that you may be able to mix into the food in the early phases. Unfortunately, there are times when our patients will not transition to a new food no matter what techniques we try. In those cases, we still manage them with insulin and their regular diet.
Avatar f tn My female cat has started licking off her hair on her paws and legs and possibly is starting on her belly - they are long hair and it's kinda hard to tell until a definite bald patch appears. This has been happening since before Christmas. At first I thought it was due to the loss of her beloved "Cat tree" but I got her a replacement - although I'm not sure she likes it near as much.
Avatar n tn kidney changes, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, or triaditis. Please have your veterinarian do the tests to help you get answers. The fact that she is now eating is excellent, but may not relate to the problem at hand.
931217 tn?1283484935 I’m certain you would not want to be on the wrong side of this issue should a pet, or person, become ill from food-borne illness and the cause is later traced to raw meat diets fed to pets. For you information, I am a practicing veterinarian very close to completion of a Master's degree in Public Health. Thank you. Sincerely, Arnold L.
874521 tn?1424120397 If no infections are found, then I recommend talking to your veterinarian about oral Atopica/cyclosporin as a non-steroid way to control your cat's symptoms, or get a referral to a veterinary dermatologist ( Three steroid shots in 3 weeks may make the issue go away temporarily, but then the symptoms will recur once again when the steroid shots wear off.
Avatar n tn You don't need guesses right now, you need some real professional advice and direction. Personally, I've never seen those symptoms in a cat before. But, I will say that if his WBC's are elevated, then I hope that your cat's been given antibiotics. If your cat is that much of a pain in the butt to take pills, there is an antibiotic shot that's available that is worth about 2 wks worth of pills!! That might be a good option!! Wishing you and your baby well wishes and hugs.
Avatar f tn My 15 yr old cat has had twitching facial movements that are only noticeable when she lays on my lap or chest. She has had them at least a year. No other symptoms except her eyes seem to be dialated alot and a little bit cloudy at times. Is this a neurological disease and does she need brain xrays? She is ok otherwise, although she is getting quite needy.
658901 tn?1403818234 Hi, have you had your vet check for hyperthyroid disease and diabetes, both can cause digestive symptoms. These can be checked with blood work. These are very common diseases in cats over 7 yrs old. Also, check for kidney disease. Don't assume that the cat's weight loss is from cancer either, the above conditions that I've mentioned can also cause weight loss. These conditions are very very treatable and worth looking into and can be dangerous if you just ignore them.
Avatar f tn My cat Pickles has been sick for months. I took him to the vet and she said it is probably Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I got him new food that the vet said would be easier for him to digest (Natural Balance Duck and Pea formula), but he wont eat much of it. He has gotten extremely thin. I don't know what to do. Is there anything I can give him to get him to gain weight that wont cause digestional issues? Could I supplement his diet with lactose-free whole milk?
495284 tn?1333897642 Prayers for your boy, Sarah the symptoms for diabetes are excessive thirst and frequent urination so I'm not suprised by the litter box. Check Walmart for the best prices in the pharmacy by far!
Avatar n tn Do you have experience with cats? My cat Tink is going on 2 years with cushings disease and diabetes. Cushing's is very rare in cats and I haven't been able to find anyone who is living with a cat that has it. We are now having litter box issues on occasion. While her fur is missing from her belly, sides and hind legs, and her middle is large and round and the size of a volleyball (almost that is), and a growth on top of her head gets bigger, she is as loving as ever.
Avatar n tn 2) Am I willing and *able* (financially, have a way to get there, etc) to take this cat to the veterinarian for care when they need it? If you cannot honestly answer "yes" to these questions... please do not adopt a cat. They are not just here for us humans, although they do make our lives infinitely better. I am a home-bound person too and mine save my life and sanity so often. People here are trying things that are not safe and this is heart breaking! ATHLETE'S FOOT SPRAY??
398849 tn?1210139572 Would like to hear from anyone who thinks they have the answer. Remember that canned cat food started in earlier than that but around that time dried cat food became a big part of their diet. We are trying to get our clients to go back to raw game meat and no biscuits to do away with a lot of these disease's. Any idea what has changed in the world since 1980's or maybe a process has changed would love to hear your thoughts.
Avatar m tn After 10-15 minutes or so he is back to his regular self. Now a little bit leading up to the seizures. My cat has always been quite a scardy cat.. He is easily spooked, and has always been kind of a lone ranger in a way.. does his own thing, comes around when he feels like it. The day before the seizures started I asked myself what had changed in the past that may have triggered these seizures and I have only come up two possibilities. I bought him some kat nip, which he never has had before.
Avatar n tn I recommend a grain-free, bland diet because in my experience it’s more suitable to pets with active symptoms of IBD. While feeding your dog or cat a bland diet, you should be thinking about what’s next for her in terms of nutritional requirements. Bland is fine for a short time, but balance in the diet is crucial I recommend you work with an integrative veterinarian to select a novel protein source -- one your pet has either never consumed or hasn’t for a long while.
Avatar f tn Steroids will probably help for awhile, but its only treating the symptoms and not the cause...they can lead to diabetes in cats, thats why cyclosporine is somewhat safer...but still the risks. good luck, keep us posted. I will send furmom a note maybe she can add more insight. let us know what the Vet says on Monday..
931217 tn?1283484935 [55] Furthermore, being intact is a significant risk factor for both cats and dogs being given up by their owners[3,4], so neutering can reduce both the number of unwanted puppies and kittens and reduce the risk of owned animals being relinquished. The feral or stray cat population, though notoriously difficult to assess, contains an estimated 30-40 million animals, most the product of unplanned breeding.
1342335 tn?1276725927 He has had Diabetes for about two years and gets injections twice a day. I expect to get a treatment plan and medication from our Vet tomorrow. I am afraid as I am 67 yrs old and suffer with chronic pain due to severe peripheral neuropathy, plus spinal stenosis and a seizure disorder.I have read so much about this disease that my head is spinning.
Avatar n tn (I had the ticks on me for around a week before they were found) I didn't really make a big deal out of it. Around that time I also got bit and scratched by a stray cat who looked pretty sick himself and started a wicked infection about two days later. I was put on antibiotics for 10 days or so and the swelling went away. A month later I got my first "sore" on the same arm I was bit and scratched on.
670955 tn?1226601500 Keep in mind that grains such as corn, wheat and even rice provide low-cost calories, their high carbohydrate content contributes to obesity, diabetes, kidney stones/struvite crystals, behavior problems, allergies, skin/coat problems and a host of other health problems in cats and dogs. There is a myth that high protein foods are bad for pets and cause kidney problems. First it is important that you give your pet a high quality protein.
Avatar n tn 2004, was extremely sick, vomiting, lethargy, the ultrasound showed i had alot of gallstones,(30-40) had it removed by laparscopy, had no problems for 2 weeks, then i experienced nausea 24/7,and then intermittent diarrhea, had a colonoscopy, which was normal, then i had an endoscopy which showed a copius amount of bile in my stomach, was put on welchol and nexium (had some ulcers) did okay for a couple of months, then in june of 2005 i lost 32 lbs in a 3-4 week period, i had no appetite whatsove
Avatar f tn Have you read anything on the forums about tramadol? It is very addicting and difficult to get off of. I would ask my doc for something different. To answer your question, yes Tramadol messes with your sleep. Good luck!
Avatar m tn In my experience, having a crying giant breed dog who is also a senior and ages more quickly than smaller breeds is reason enough to visit your veterinarian. This will help you to resolve this issue sooner rather than later.
Avatar n tn Hi I have been suffering and I mean suffering from this for about 2 years. I am 37 and have very similar symptoms to your own. I may get a burst of sharp pains in my temples usually one side, it can happen for a few seconds and repeat for a minute or so. I may get a pain in my knee and then minutes later in my finger, or shoulder or wherever it wants to be. The thing is I am a mental health nurse and keep thinking am I going mad.
Avatar m tn So, this word of advice to anyone whose dog is on phenobarb, who is terrified by symptoms that mimic an aggressive brain tumor--don't panic. It might be a tumor (heck, my dog still might have a tumor), but it is also possible that it's the phenobarbital. Try to keep a log of what your dog does every day. Does he stop tripping one day? Does he manage to stand all through dinner one day? The progress is very slow. But if it's just drug side effects, it will get better.
Avatar f tn The calcium binds to phosphorus which is deadly to those in renal failure. As you already know, nothing can cure this disease, so all you can do is manage the symptoms as best you can. If you can stand it, check out the several journal articles I wrote on my profile here at Med Help regarding Chica and our "adventure" with end-stage renal failure. You and your husband are doing the same things we did, and your Sandy Grace sounds like the exact same temperament as our Chica.