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Avatar f tn I have stopped the omeprazole so I reckon this makes you correct in that the beta blockers must be the culprit. As I was on a different beta blocker to you, I assume most will give us the same symptoms, but it's worth asking your GP for Omeprazole or something similar. I was only taking 20mg every morning.
Avatar n tn Bystolic 10 mgs may have been insufficient to control your blood pressure. Carvedilol is a non-selective beta blocker and is used to treat hypertension. Regards.
Avatar n tn Recently my doc placed me on the Beta Blocker Bystolic. Week one was 5mg. Week 2 was 10mg and week three was the final ramped up dose of 20mg. I was fine on the 5 and 10 mg tablets but felt like crap in the morning after taking the 20mg tablet. The doc allowed me to cut the 20mg tablet in half until our next apt at which time he prescribed Carvedilol 25 mg twice a day. Anyone have any insight as to why he might have done that?
Avatar m tn In addition, feelings of fatigue are common with all classes of beta blockers. Carvedilol, or Coreg, has slightly more potent blood pressure effects but are otherwise fairly similar to metoprolol. Hope that this helps.
Avatar n tn I look up to you having an exorcise bike "indoors". Snow, Freezing temp.s, Wind, for this past week and expected for the next few days. I did have the idea of building a stand for my mountain bike so I can ride it indoors like an exorcise bike, but I'm not allowed to make such noise. :-( I asked the very same question last year, with the exception of the medication, I'm taking carvedilol which is an Alpha "and" Beta blocker.
Avatar m tn Last April a cardiologist added a beta blocker to help control an intermittent irregular rhythm. It's worked for the arrhythemia but of course has also dropped my heart rate and blood pressure. I don't like to be on any more meds than really necessary. Since they don't know what caused the arrhythemia or exactly even agree on what caused it, the cardiologist has agreed to a trial off the beta blocker after six months.
Avatar m tn I have had no problems with diuretics except for dry mouth, but didn't like the Beta-blocker (shortness of breath during exercise, night sweats). My cardiologist weaned my off the Toprol XL over a two week period and put me on Norvasc (a Calcium channel blocker). I could only take it for about three weeks before swelling of the ankles made it (in my opinion, I didn't tell him about it) impossible to continue. Now, I just do the Dyazide and check my blood pressure. Don't know about Carvedilol.
Avatar n tn Newer beta-blockers such as carvedilol (coreg is a beta blocker and ACE inhibitor, slows hr and lowers medication) or nebivolol are better tolerated. These beta-blockers have a vasodilating effect, which may beneficially affect systolic blood pressure in the aorta. Their long-term cardiovascular outcome in hypertension is still not known. Further studies would be required to show that stroke is adequately reduced by these newer beta-blockers.
Avatar m tn Most patients believe that the fatigue they feel is due to their heart when many times it's due to having too much beta blocker in your system. I take a different beta blocker, a much stronger one. I started on 5mg and felt aweful. I knew it was this medication and insisted my cardiologist approached it in a different way. He reduced me to 1.25mg and my angina and fatigue disappeared so we kept it at this level. Now at 7 years later I take 2.5mg. It keeps angina away but still no fatigue.
Avatar m tn A few days ago they switched me to a different beta blocker carvedilol 3.125mg again to take once a day, it has been 3 days and now I am having the same symptoms plus random heart flutters. I feel as though the depression is the worst part where as I have never felt this before starting all these beta blockers. It is the weekend now but the cardiologist told me to call her on monday if I dont feel better and she then said in that case beta blockers are not for me.
Avatar f tn Hi, All beta blockers are known to result in some degree of erectile dysfunction in males & decreased libido in females. However, nebivolol is one beta blocker which has got vasodilatory properties & hence can be one of the alternatives of carvedilol. However, you can continue taking lisinopril. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar m tn I am a former competitive cyclist. Carvedilol is a non-specific BB, acting strongly on both beta-1 and beta-2 receptors, and also acting on the alpha-1 receptor. Most of the benefits of BB's come from their beta-1 selectivity, and most of the side effects are due to the beta-2 selectivity. Bystolic is the most highly beta-1 specific BB, at daily doses of 5 mg and less.
Avatar m tn gov/pubmed/15921806[/URL] after switching to carvedilol I should use half equivalent of the last dosage of previous beta blocker and then titrate up.Therefore, 25mg carvedilol is half equivalent of 160mg propranolol. here is my carvedilol log.
Avatar m tn Treatment of Esophageal Varices With Carvedilol Nonselective beta blockers or endoscopic band ligation (EVL) are recommended for primary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding in patients with esophageal varices.
Avatar n tn Clinical trials have identified Coreg (carvedilol) as the most promising beta blocker to treat heart failure. Coreg has alpha and beta blocking properties and may have an added effect on neurohormones since some act via alpha receptors as well as beta receptors. Also, Coreg is thought to not have as great of a negative ionotropic effect on the left ventricle as other beta blockers.
Avatar f tn Bisoprolol is a very common beta blocker. It's been on the market for nearly 25 years. You didn't say what dose you're on, but with like any beta blocker. Increased dose levels can really slow you down. I am on Metoprolol, and have been so for over 10 years. The dosages between the different drugs are not equivalent, but I mention it for reference. I started daily doses at 50mg, and went as high as 200mg. At that level, I could barely operate.
Avatar n tn In a study conducted there was a significant 24-hour mean BP reduction with a combination of carvedilol(beta blocker) and lisinopril (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE-I)).
Avatar n tn The Beta Blocker Bystolic is to reduce the high blood pressure and the doctor feels that this alone is not enough so has prescribed the Carvedilol which is also a beta blocker to help reduce the blood pressure and for your problem. You should ask the question to your doctor so that he can explain the reasons for putting you on these medications.
Avatar m tn Thus, nebivolol is, with regard to hemodynamic and metabolic properties, similar to carvedilol, although the two act slightly differently — carvedilol is a non-cardioselective beta 1, beta 2, and alpha-receptor blocker, whereas nebivolol is highly cardioselective (blocking beta 1 receptors only) and achieving vasodilatory properties by nitric-oxide release, he added." Apparently is was just officially appvoved for use in the United States by the FDA.
5342561 tn?1366668482 I had ablation end of May for svnrt. I was placed on a Beta-Blocker called Carvedilol about 5 weeks after the ablation due to my heart rate still being too high. I am on the lowest dose at the moment and I have been doing well as far as my heart rate goes. I have noticed that I have been getting headaches very frequently. It seems like I get a headache at least once or twice a day. Could this be a side effect of the beta blocker?
Avatar f tn I'm tired all the time my doctor has me on a beta blocker carvedilol I believe that's how it's spelt and it makes me more tired and breathless never had this tiredness like this... don't know what to do...I have 3 babies I want to watch grow up and I'm scared I won't be able to!
Avatar m tn Problem is I am also an Asthmatic . The ideal treatment would be a beta blocker like Coreg but it may make my asthma worse. They want to put in a pacemaker /defib unit in. Any advice from someone facing similar scenario?
Avatar n tn Hello... Beta-blocker therapy should not be withdrawn abruptly (particularly in patients with CAD), but gradually tapered to avoid acute tachycardia, hypertension, and/or ischemia. My cardiologist did a "wash-out" of Sotolol before initiating another medication. It generally takes 2-5 days to clear this drug from your system.
Avatar n tn Hi, my new Beta Blocker arrived today—Coreg. I am on a 25mg dose twice a day. My routine used to be this: Wake up, take the Lisinopril around 7am, go to work, come home have a few drinks from 5pm-7pm then take my 10mg tablet of Bystolic. What I am trying to figure out is when to take all these pills without if affecting my ritualistic light beer unwinding time. I don’t know much about Coreg but the Bystolic obviously didn’t kill me when I mixed it with the booze.
Avatar n tn Atenolol is a beta blocker that is currently is not the best beta blocker for the treatment of hypertension. The effect of the drug may not be long acting and so the BP might go up in the evening as the effect decreases. I would suggest a different drug like carvedilol which is taken twice a day and has a smoother BP control.
Avatar f tn Coreg (carvedilol) is a very effective beta blocker. All beta blockers can affect blood pressure and pulse rate, they work by controlling the adrenlin. They don't normally cause heart damage, however. Just the opposite, they improve heart efficiency. He might need a lower dose, I'm sure his doctor will weigh in on that issue. Don't under any circumstances stop taking it, one must taper off. I take the drug, and it has worked very well for my heart health.