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745152 tn?1233147603 I am having malabsorption since last 5 years and my weight is going down every year. i am 52 years old weight 48 kgs height 5 feet 8 inches. Low bmi has restrained my physical activity. my chief problem is steatorrhea and recurrent small bowel infections for which gastroenterologist prescribe me antibiotics for 3 months at a time along with folic acid and probiotic supplements.jejunal biopsy 3 years back showed little villous giardia in aspirate.
Avatar m tn i actually did experiement 2 years ago on a gluten free diet but i remember feeling horrible during that time i did some research recently and since tests showed so far that i have fat malabsorption, i will try to go for a hydrogen breath test (maybe its intestinal bacterial overgrowth) or a d-xylose test to rule out carbohydrate malabsorption me writing my conditions does not do justice to how severe it really is
Avatar n tn I have carbohydrate malabsorption (otherwise known as dissacharidase defficiency). Both are just fancy names for the fact that my body doesn't make enough enzymes to break down and properly absorb carbohydrates. Like ruffmagruff, i developed this out of the blue after having a bad stomach bug. took about 14 months of being pretty miserable before we figured out what what up. It was a total fluke: i wanted to lose about 10 lbs so i tried the south beach diet.
Avatar f tn and these test ranges are not the range ratings I see in other posts..... TEST Result RANGE REfereance range T4, Free calculated 1.88 In 1.4-3.8 T4, Total 4.4 Low 4.5-12.0MCG/DL T3 Uptake 42.8 High 22.0-35.
Avatar f tn Some people have carbohydrate malabsorption when they use liquid diets, for instance, malabsorption of maltodextrin, which is commonly used in such products. If that is the problem, then perhaps switching to a formula which uses a different carbohydrate source (e.g. corn syrup solids or sucrose) might help. I agree with the previous poster and the doctor that methotrexate is often used in an injectable form for better absorption, so perhaps that will do the trick for you.
Avatar n tn Other causes would be dyspepsia (i.e. ulcers, GERD, inflammation), infections, or malabsorption syndromes (either carbohydrate or fat malabsorption, or celiac disease). Swallowing air (aerophagia) is another prominent cause of bloating. To answer your question, I would seek a physician.
Avatar n tn The classic manifestations of malabsorption are diarrhea with pale, greasy, voluminous, foul-smelling stools and weight loss despite adequate food intake. Carbohydrate malabsorption may be a possibility, given the fact that you are sensitive to carbohydrates. In addition to the lactose intolerance test, there are other tests to consider. This would include the D-xylose test which measures the absorptive capacity of the proximal small intestine.
Business woman1 But one has to rule out the other possibilities like IBS {irritable bowel syndrome, bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, carbohydrate {sugar} malabsorption, hyperthyroidism, Addison’s disease or may be due to laxative abuse. Take adequate amount of fluids and oral rehydration solution to prevent dehydration. Maintain a good hygiene and drink clean preferably boiled water.
Avatar n tn I became very sick in the doctor's office (vomitting, sweating, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea) and the breath test after one hour showed an H2 reading of 140/ppml(?). My baseline before the test was 4. My doctor told me after the test that I was deficient in the enzymes needed to metabolize fructose. Now a friend of mine who is a medical professional tells me that the only thing the test could show is fructose malabsorption, which is very common in children and adults.
Avatar n tn - Examination of stool to detect the presence of blood, abnormally increased levels of fat (steatorrhea), or the presence of Giardia lamblia. - A lactose tolerance test, during which patients are provided with a test dose of lactose by mouth. After receiving the test dose, those with lactose intolerance may soon develop abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, and excessive flatulence. Breath or blood samples are obtained during the test to confirm the presence of lactose intolerance.
Avatar n tn A stool sample can be tested for fat malabsorption, and a breath test can be done for various types of carbohydrate malabsorption. I would also consider an endoscopy (either colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy) which can evaluate for any anatomical abnormalities or inflammation that can lead to a change in bowel habits. These options can be discussed with your personal physician or in conjunction with a GI evaluation. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn Regarding malabsorption, you can evaluate for fat malabsorption with a stool fecal fat test or blood test for celiac disease. Tests for carbohydrate malabsorption rely upon the fermentation of undigested carbohydrates by intestinal bacteria, or direct measurement of the absorption of specific nutrients after a test dose. You can consider also obtaining a lower endoscopy (either flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy) for further evaluation of the diseases mentioned above.
Avatar n tn 3) Levels of fecal fat tests for fat malabsorption. There are other types, including carbohydrate and protein malabsorption. Tests for carbohydrate malabsorption includes the D-Xylose test, lactose tolerance test, and breath tests which can diagnose specific forms of carbohydrate malabsorption. Protein malabsorption is not routinely tested for - indirect tests for bacterial overgrowth causing protein malabsorption may be discussed with a pediatric gastroenterologist.
Avatar n tn Another consideration would be a malabsorption syndrome - either fat or carbohydrate malabsorption. Celiac disease can also be considered. Further tests to evaluate this would include a fecal fat test and serum antibodies for celiac disease. If all the tests are negative, then irritable bowel may be considered. Typically characteristic would be the alternating hard and soft stools that you are experiencing.
Avatar n tn I have also started to feel burning sensation around my left hand. I did a cholestrol test and one thing I noticed is that my cholestrol has dropped from 170 to 144 within a 4 month period. Metabolic panel, thyroid, chemistry, lipids are all normal but the cholestrol,hdl and ldl dropping significantly. My HDL is 39 and my LDL is 86.
Avatar m tn Have you ever been checked for a malabsorption disorder? With your history and gut issues (and anemia) I can't help but wonder if you are deficient in B-12 or folate...B-12 deficiency alone will cause all of the symptoms you have..Hope this helps...
Avatar m tn Anxiety and OCD are symptoms of serotonin deficiency. I had severe serotonin deficiency due to vitamin B12 malabsorption. My anxiety was really bad due to hypothyroidism and magnesium deficiency. You aren't going to have a heart attack so don't panic. Time to look at WHY you are suffering serotonin deficiency symptoms because you don't have 5 drug deficiencies~!
Avatar n tn 4) Long term exposure to fructose can lead to liver dysfunction. 5) Diarrhea and stomach gurgling is consistent with carbohydrate malabsorption. Fructose intolerance is a form of this. 6) No fruit should be allowed in a fructose/sucrose-free diet. 7) You can consider a D-xylose or lactose intolerance test to determine if you cannot absorb other forms of carbohydrates. 8) It is unclear why it was suddenly developed.
Avatar f tn Other conditions such as a lactose deficiency, carbohydrate malabsorption, or fat malabsorption may be considered. These are conditions that your physician may have already considered. Have you been evaluated by a gastroenterologist? Your health care is dependant upon your parents or guardian. I am certain that they too are concerned. Please discuss your distress with them. They are your best advocates. I am not a physician or an expert. You may have none of the things I posted.
Avatar n tn Other causes include various malabsorption syndromes (such as lactose deficiency, carbohydrate malabsorption, or fat malabsorption), inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, or adhesions as surgeon has mentioned below. If endoscopy has not been performed (I see no mention of this), I would suggest a colonoscopy to evaluate for inflammatory bowel disease or any other anatomical abnormalities that can be causing your symptoms.
Avatar m tn I have slight heart palpitations as noted by a halter test. After eating, blood rushes to the stomach area and pressure should go up....if the blood vessels do not constrict properly to maintain the pressure, then the pressure drops....this is my diagnosis so far..... Cardio Dr. says I probably have Autonomic Dysfunction, but does not recommend treatment as long as I do not faint or feel nausea.......ANY COMMENTS.....
Avatar n tn A possibility would include some sort of malabsorption syndrome - especially if the diarrhea occurs after eating. You can consider sending the stool off to test for fat malabsorption, as well as blood tests looking for celiac disease. You can also be tested for carbohydrate malabsorption - which will likely involve a breath test. This certainly can be considered in light of your lactose intolerance to milk.
Avatar n tn All MINDD illnesses result in varying degrees of malabsorption. If you have malabsorption, antacids can sometimes be a bad choice or even the cause. If you have an acidic stomach try my recipe for banana milk on my profile page. To heal your gut, try the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It is a diet that excludes all grains, seeds and beans. I eat this diet in combination with the Raw Vegan Diet which excludes dairy, meat and eggs.
Avatar m tn Thanks, I am scheduling the test for fructose and bacteria too. :) I learned for sure last night that greasy foods like my chips cause gas in my colon. Very different because this is lower down and doesn't cause nausea. But even just today I am feeling a bit better. I used to think that when my intestine was irritated I should eat lots of fruit to help move things through thus thinking it would fix the problem.
Avatar n tn Also suffering from rhinitis. Had allergy test done and was told to cut out on wheat and take preventitve measures for house dust mites. Symptoms were at worst about 8-10 months ago. Had a sigmidoscopy done but was given the all clear. Doctor prescribed me mebeverine tablets but after taking them for a while suffered side affects including, irregular heartbeat, fatigue and anxiety, suffered from panic attacks but have now managed to control this.
Avatar n tn Antispasmodic agents can be tried if this is the case. You should also test the stool for malabsorption, and obtain breath tests for carbohydrate intolerance. A blood test can also be done to rule out celiac disease. These options can be discussed with your personal physician, or in conjunction with a GI physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar f tn I've had a scrape test on the scalp and no fungal type disease on my scalp. My Dr's seem to have no answers other than stress for me. My Chiro thinks I may have rheumatoid arthritis (since i'm always in chronic pain with my joints/muscles and now the added hair loss symptom) but I haven't been tested for this (yet) or any other auto-immune diseases. My thyroid levels also were tested and are within normal ranges. What can be causing this and should I ask for any other testing?
Avatar f tn mannito/lactulose test Test for low thyroid 2 The Barnes Basal temperature(BBTT test is very simple to do. Just find an old type of thermometer and do it before you get up. Make sure it's ready so you don't need to shake it in the morning and if sleeping with your husband/partner and close enough, you may have a higher reading! It's recommended that you measure your left underarm temperature for ten days straight, first thing in the morning before doing anything else at all!
Avatar n tn Other tests to consider include tests for lactose intolerance, tests for fat malabsorption (with a fecal fat test), antibody tests for celiac disease (another malabsorption disease), tests for bacterial overgrowth, and tests for carbohydrate malabsorption. There are a variety of over-the-counter medications such as activated charcoal, Beano and simethicone that are designed to reduce gas. If bacterial overgrowth is suspected, then antibiotics are indicated.
Avatar n tn 4) Lactose tolerance test 5) Breath tests using H2, 14CO2, or 13CO2 - These tests can be used to diagnose specific forms of carbohydrate malabsorption (eg, lactose and more rarely sucrose isomaltase and others). 6) Direct quantitative measurement of bacterial counts from aspirated intestinal fluid can be used to determine if bacterial overgrowth is causing your symptoms. Followup with your personal physician is essential.