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Avatar m tn Extreme Carbohydrate Intolerance Looking for help to diagnose on an Extreme Carbohydrate Intolerance case that has gone on for 13 years. Through trial and error I determined that I can only eat protein and green vegetables. When eat any other foods I get an extreme allergic eye reaction of redness, pus discharge at night, crusting, itchiness, inflammation, sensitivity to light. This reaction happens even when I eat something as simple as a carrot.
Avatar f tn I have also developed an intolerance to lactose and gluten these past two years. I have eliminated all lactose and gluten from my diet. Lactose intake makes my lymph nodes swell. My question is: Syntroid does contain lactose, and it seems that just that little amount prevents me from stopping the swelling, and feeling better. Could I switch to another thyroid medication? Should I continue on Syntroid, and take some digestive enzymes for lactose at the same time?
Avatar f tn Blood- protein levels off, low iron and b12, celiac test just a little off (but not true indicator that I have the disease, I am told). Colonscopy / endoscopy- biospy for celiac (negative). Found mast cells- h2 allergy cells, which dr said was 'strange'. Said I must just have ibs, and told me to take pepcid for mast cells, but didn't address why I have them. 2nd opinnion- gastroenterolgist said he would have said celiac, but saw biopsy was negative.
Avatar f tn It could also be gluten intolerance or carbohydrate intolerance or reduced stomach acid. Or possibly your gallbladder. A few more things to consider. Good luck finding answers.
1892195 tn?1321261878 i forgot to add that in the past several months, my left breast has been lactating and i've had more discharge than usual. i thought that i was pregnant, and i also thought that's what my recent symptoms were, but the tests are negative. my symptoms mentioned in this and my last post are increasing in severity every day.
Avatar n tn gluten, lactose, casein) and there are food allergies. Some people have carbohydrate intolerance. There is yeast overgrowth. Have you been checked for endometriosis? Ovarian cysts? Stress also sets off many people's intestines. Hang in there! Something will help - medications, stress relief, food elimination. It just takes time waiting for appts and tests to be done. Good luck!
646038 tn?1268399586 However, women with carbohydrate intolerance such as gestational diabetes, diabetes mellitus, or insulin resistance need to limit their use of nutritive sweeteners. Nutritive sweeteners include sugars such as sucrose, dextrose, honey, corn sugar, fructose, and maltose. Sugar alcohols are also nutritive sweeteners that are often found in foods labeled as “sugar free.” Technically, sugar alcohols are not sugars, but they do have calories which can be converted into fat.
341551 tn?1266984330 found more about AS's and stuff! However, women with carbohydrate intolerance such as gestational diabetes, diabetes mellitus, or insulin resistance need to limit their use of nutritive sweeteners. Nutritive sweeteners include sugars such as sucrose, dextrose, honey, corn sugar, fructose, and maltose. Sugar alcohols are also nutritive sweeteners that are often found in foods labeled as “sugar free.
Avatar f tn When people have food intolerances or food allergies and/or carbohydrate intolerance, it plays around with blood sugar (fluctuations) and insulin (insulin is a hormone that effects other hormones when it jumps around or is constantly being stimulated), and this in turn can effect the neurotransmitters in the brain. Diet is a hard thing for people to change, but more often than not, it can really help fix alot of problems.
Avatar f tn Please double check that Free T4 result you posted. The range looks so strange, that I wondered if it is a Free T3, not Free T4.
Avatar n tn hi ya again i dont think diabetes will make you have heart flutters your heart is normal size when your not pregnant as it only needs to pump the blood around your body but when your pregnant your body has to procduce more blood for you and your baby so it then grows bigger to help pump the extra blood around your body then goes back to normal size after birth as there is only your body to pump it around again but sometimes your bloody is pumping so much blood around that sometimes pregnant wome
1315180 tn?1274030764 I was 120 lbs before I got pregnant with my boys 1 and 2 1/2 years, I was 145 after I had my first and then I jumped to 160 after my second and now since I am 180... I just started researching hypothyroidism since I was diagnosed Friday, All this time I have hated myself thinking that if I wasn't such a lazy pig I would feel better... I felt relieved to know it's not the case but know I am so worried about staying big...
Avatar m tn I started today the two weeks test of carbohydrate intolerance.
Avatar f tn For two and a half years, I have been struggling with cold intolerance, edema, dry skin/nails, hair thinning, fatigue, lack of mental clarity, tinnitus, difficulty maintaining my weight, and higher cholesterol levels. I am 36 and have adhered to to a strict vegetarian diet averaging daily intake of 1,700 calories, over 30 grams of fiber, under 25 grams of fat and run 4 times a week. Yet I still struggle to maintain my weight. Gained 14 lbs in 2007 of which I have only been able to lose 7.
Avatar n tn Read this book: Specific carbohydrate diet. See if it's for you. It does help. It's difficult to keep to the diet as it does eliminate a lot of normal American foods. Here is a link to the main website: Also, check if you have hypothyroidism. I have colitis and just assumed it was that that was causing the constant constipation. Well, I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Since taking medicine for it, I've been able to go a bit more.
1194973 tn?1385507504 For people who don't know I have Gastritis, Lactose Intolerance, GERD and he suspects IBS. It doesn't take much to fill me up now, and I have to watch closely what I eat or I'm extremely ill. I do not want to wean at all, but I'm getting very concerned about this. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm desperate for help, and don't know what to do. I'll be devastated if I have to stop now, not to mention her bottle and formula rejection.
Avatar f tn Or you're in the 5% that this surgery doesn't help. Food allergies -gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance,no dairy. I like, love,and need to eat. This can be more of an obsession with food than anorexia Nobody wants to sit next to someone who constantly coughs and spits up mucus. Are you alright? Have you seen a real Doctor? Are you contagious?Is there anything we can do to help? Special food? I need to quit but is there anyone out there?
Avatar f tn Milk is high in protein, a healthy carbohydrate called lactose, B-vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, and zinc. A guide I give patients in my pediatric practice is: no cow's milk before age one, whole milk until age two, low fat or non-fat milk after that. Once baby is weaned from the breast, 24 ounces of cow's milk or goat's milk a day is plenty.
Avatar n tn I too thought it might be a fructose intolerance until I realized that the gas was tied to my cycle. One thing I have noticed: sex helps! Only once was I worried about passing gas while being intimate; afterwards, however, I felt much better... something to keep in mind, dolls!
Avatar f tn however, my heart is normal. I’ve had symptoms of IBS and carbohydrate intolerance. These are the symptoms I’ve experienced in the past year. They happen at random, but at least one of the symptoms is always there. My most recent symptoms include uncontrolled muscle twitching in my fingers and toes, I can barely see sometimes because of so MANY afterimages, and I have had a loud siren in my ears a few times. I went to kiss my husband the other day and I couldn’t kiss him.
Avatar n tn 2 years ago i had a full heart inspection and nothing was found to be abnormal (this was when I was about 7 months pregnant and found breathing very difficult and massive bouts of tachy) I am too scared to see the Doctor about this, even though I probably should because after reading other postings it is probably treatable. But I have Multiple Sclerosis as well so it has made me very frightened indeed.
Avatar m tn The results would show whether you have a glucose intolerance, diabetes or diabetes. If the results come back fine, you may need further investigation and a referral to a urologist. Get your prostate checked too. Stop stressing and getting anxious to the point of it marring your relationship with your girlfriend. If you have a problem, the doctor is there to help you find it and to provide any treatment that is required.
Avatar f tn I kept researching until I came upon information about lactose intolerance. Now, I had considered it before, but because symptoms didn't always follow immediately after consuming dairy, had dismissed it. The thing that jumped out at me though, was how the dairy sits in your stomach and can't be broken down because of a lack of the digestive enzyme needed to digest the dairy, so bacteria that are in your stomach begin to work on it, and give off gases as a result.
Avatar f tn Such a scar could pull the muscle if anal sphincter toward one side and would cause incontinence for gas. So you ARE bloated (as pregnant woman)? Beer contains maltose, which is broken down by bacteria which produce a lot of gas. Make a test. Don't drink beer for a week, and you'll see if it helps. You obviously a lot of (normal) bacteria in the gut, and beer is a good food for them.
Avatar m tn Also the use of flax seeds on a regular basis act as an intestinal lube. Applesauce is also excellent. Gluten intolerance could also be clogging you up. It's quite common. Laci Le Baue is an herbal laxative tea that works best when used occasionally. Prunes, prune juice, and dried figs are all excellent food to eat on a regular basis to sweep things through. Also, they're easier on a sensitive stomach than grain fibers. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Terribly sorry to hear about your problem. You should be evaluated for a malabsorption disorder like celiac sprue or lactose intolerance. There are tests for these that your doctor should be able to perform. If malabsorption is your problem then dietary changes will likely get things under control.
Avatar n tn I also have dairy intolerance (not lactose-intolerant but similar). I believe I may be intolerant of wheat as well (I have cut wheat out of my diet a few times and always felt better for it) but not sure if these have anything to do with it. I find that after I get up the pain subsides within about an hour, especially after going to the loo. I find that a cup of tea helps too, it is a really good diuretic.
Avatar n tn Usually it is about a week or few days before my period. I'm about to have my period 7 days ago but it is late. I'm not pregnant and feel really bloated. I had my night sweat last night and all the chills that I used to feel just before I get my period. Not sure if I blame it on recent traveling and my cold mediation during my vacation 2 weeks ago that could have delayed my period. Or I could be starting perimenopause. Anyone experienced the same when they were starting perimenopause.
Avatar n tn The first time I remember the terrible cramps was when I was pregnant with my first child. They were so bad that I thought I was losing the baby. I was fine and baby was fine after a few hours. The burps were also a problem. I have had them off and on for the past 9 years. More on than off in the last year. Like many of you I thought it was caused by slow digestion. I was on several prescription meds for about 12 years and they really were not working.
363682 tn?1299492962 It looks like I am in the same boat as everyone else here. I'm pretty sure my problem is a histamine intolerance after researching online. It also would explain why Marks hay fever medication worked until he built up a tolerance to it (antihistamine). And it could explain why he was still getting headache after he stopped drinking alcohol since many foods are high in histamine. I plan on starting a 4 week histamine free diet to see if this helps my problem.