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Avatar n tn If instead of glucometer blood is drawn from the vein at the doctor’s chamber,then also results can vary. Blood glucose levels measured by a meter do use capillary blood directly from fingersticks. In contrast, blood glucose drawn from a vein by your doctor is sent to a laboratory, which spins blood cells out of the sample, leaving only plasma. Glucose is more concentrated in blood plasma than whole blood say about 15% higher. http://****.***.
Avatar n tn Is there usually a difference in the test results from blood drawn from the arm and blood drawn from the finger tip? I heard that the fingertip blood can test higher than blood drawn from the arm and I wondered if that is usually the case.
Avatar n tn It now uses ultrasound technology to expose capillary blood vessels to measure blood-sugar levels. But in future versions, the device will scrape off the outermost layer of skin. Other companies have failed in efforts to market alternatives to needles for diabetics. In 2001, Cygnus Inc. won FDA approval for its GlucoWatch, a blood-sugar meter that could be worn like a wristwatch.
Avatar m tn Today I was teaching a pt how to use a glucose meter and lancet ,the pt had a hard time taking the lancet out of a device; the lancet finally came out and landed on my led and poke me. I asked pt if have any other conditions besides diabetes and she said HIV!. I'm worry, I reported the the office manager and I got tested right away, and I have to be tested for a year. What are the chances I can get infected with the virus. Thanks.
Avatar n tn It is not clear in the side effects how dangerous this effect can be. Be very careful how you inject this insulin.
Avatar n tn But this is what one can do without seeing the person) (c) Did you have a Glucose Tolerance Test? (Measuring glucose level in blood every half our after a meal, for 2 1/2 hrs) Hope this helps. Best, Dr.
Avatar f tn Having read your first question again, it does appear that you may have hypothyroidism. A blood test should confirm whether that is the case. But there may be other causes. If your doctor won't test you for hypothyroidism, it may be worth seeking a second opinion to confirm the condition one way or another. Onions, seaweed, diary produce, eggs, and other fruit and veg contain iodine, which is needed for the thyroid gland to function properly.
Avatar f tn I had a full work-up with a cardiologist and was found to have a very high cholesterol count, high blood glucose level and my weight was up 25 pounds, since the year before. I really do believe that I was lucky that I did NOT have a cardiac event, with the other problems I had lurking in the background. I have only taken a few injections of Copaxone since that event. What happened to me, scared me so much, that I am just too anxious to take a chance of it happening again.
Avatar m tn I would also add that my bright spot is significantly worse after working at the computer (which I do several hours a day). I can not see my bright spot in dim/dark conditions. It is aggravated by bright light and light-colored backgrounds.
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Avatar m tn I'm seeing an endocrinologist for the hypoglycemia and trying to stabilize long enough to have the 5 hr glucose tolerance test done so she can see what the other hormones/insulin are doing. I saw my neurologist who is extremely good yet I felt hopeless afterward. He said that he has seen many patients with the exact same symptoms and nothing is going to show up in blood work or other tests. Medical science doesn't have any test to identify what is happening in these cases.
Avatar n tn dont know if this has any relavance but i have been having these symptoms, still waiting for nerve test but have had a blood test showing borderline underactive thyroid
Avatar m tn I have waiting to see furter posts on your treatment with Dr Berkson. How has it been going? His work with Alpha Lipoic Acid and I believe LDN peeked my interest. You were giving updated reports on your viral load and alt ast numbers. Its been awhile and just curious as to where you stand now.