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Avatar f tn I am a light drinker- glass of wine with dinner - But I am not having caffeine, alcohol, sugar and cows milk now to help heal hopefully (and maybe diagnose what is causing this stomach wall thickening)c Please see below to see the tests already done - A CT scan of abdomen and pelvis (in march 2013) showed thickening of stomach wall and sigmoid colon wall. Followed up with upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy. Esophagus looked normal.
Avatar f tn I am a light drinker- glass of wine with dinner - But I am not having caffeine, alcohol, sugar and cows milk now to help heal hopefully (and maybe diagnose what is causing this stomach wall thickening)c Please see below to see the tests already done - A CT scan of abdomen and pelvis (in march 2013) showed thickening of stomach wall and sigmoid colon wall. Followed up with upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy. Esophagus looked normal.
Avatar n tn I also had a word with the doctor who treats my father and I have told him about my indigestion and I was alerted to go for endoscopy again as it may have possibility of having stomach cancer. My mother age 54 was diagnosed with abdomen cancer 4 years ago, her cancer relapsed after chemo 1 1/2 years ago and now she is O.K. after 2nd time chemo.
Avatar m tn I have had problems with nausea and stomach pains for a long while. I have recently undergone two separate endoscopies and an endoscopic ultrasound. Several CT scans and blood tests to go along with a Gastrin level test. I have a kidney disease known as Membraneous Glomerunephritis (MGN) and underwent chemotherapy about 9 years ago and still have to see the doctor for this about every 6 months. At last visit, MGN was still in remission.
Avatar f tn What causes bladder wall thickening
Avatar n tn C with Hystroscopy because my doctor thought she saw a mass in my uterus on a sono but, after doing the procedure she said there was not a mass but, my uterus wall was very thick she had to thin it out and sent off the tissue for testing. The results would be back in a week. This all started because I have been hurting some and tender across my stomach and I had a lot of break through bleeding.
Avatar f tn A few months ago I started having pain in my chest wall area, between and also on the upper edges of my breasts. It sometimes aches on its own and is also tender when I press. The tenderness comes and goes. I got a chest X-ray that showed nothing, and my doc said she thought it was probably inflammation of the cartilage in my chest. Since then I've also started having some mild breast pain, more often in my right breast.
506981 tn?1223188996 your mother's cancer is at a very advanced stage, having spread from the stomach to the gall bladder and pancreas. All the treatments being given to your mother right now are palliative in nature - they are meant to relieve the pain, jaundice and prevent other complications brought about by the cancer. However, a cure for her cancer may not be possible at this point.
Avatar n tn effect of radiation, and absorption of food and fluids can get impaired because of this, leading to retention of stomach contents, and predisposing to vomiting. If the stomach wall is thick, this may mean tumor infiltration of the stomach wall (just a guess). If it is, this would also lead to problems in food and fluid absorption, retention of stomach contents, and vomiting.
Avatar n tn The doctor stated that if this was him or his family member that he would have the stomach removed. My husband had colon cancer in 2000 and has had 6 surgeries due to complication from perforated colon he developed ecoli, an absese on the abdominal wall and hernia's etc. Because of the numerous surgeries all he has left his the small instestine. How will have a total gastroectomy effect his eating and quality of life.
Avatar n tn Stomach bloating is often a sign of ovarian cancer. It seems to be really tough to get doctors to consider that as a diagnosis. It could be other things, too. Everyone should keep trying until she gets a diagnosis that she thinks is right. If it means going from doc to doc, so be it.
Avatar f tn i want to know what caused thickening stomach wall and how to cure
Avatar n tn Grandmother died from colon cancer. No other family members with colon cancer. Other cancers but not colon. For well over a year i have had constipation. It is constant. Some days are worse then others but it is always hard feces. I go every day and find i am going more then usual. I have tried laxatives, I am currently on high fibre diet. When i have to go i have to press down on the area between my anus and vagina (perinium???)to guide the feces out.
Avatar n tn both intestines, liver, pancrease, stomach, entire abdomenal wall. Her doctor said she should do Carboplatin..but Pallative said she has had no quality of life and with our without it she has 6 months. Her oncologist will not discuss her live expectancy. Do not know what to do. She has been so sick I just want to see her in no pain. Can low dose Chemo do anything?
634567 tn?1222659559 Ok, here is whats going on, I look nine mths pregnant( my stomach swells, but usually goes down) for the past 9 days it has stayed swollen. Well I thought it would go down but it didnt the pressure was killing me I started to throw up and couldnt keep anything down, couldnt go to the bathroom(it felt like gas and bowel was trapped).
Avatar f tn It only hurts when I lay down on my stomach too quickly or whenever a sudden force pushes on it, but it hurts as if I've bruised it or something which I may have because I ran into a wall. I've done some research, but I'm still worried that it may be something serious. I've only had it for about a week, but I haven't had any symptoms, no skin changes, no discharge, no symptoms of sickness. Except for a few days ago I experienced a sort of pain on the right side of my body.
Avatar n tn Ever since she was really young, she has had general constipation and occasional bloody stools. She regularly has mild abdominal pain and an upset stomach after eating sometimes. She is typically never inexplicably fatigued and is experiencing no weight loss at this point. She typically never complains of abdominal pain, but she frequently rubs her abdominal area in attempt to soothe it and explains that it hurts. Lately, she feels that something is "poking" her intestines.
314557 tn?1232930264 I am back after a total thyroidectomy on the 9th. Feeling better everyday but cancer was found in both lobes so am on to radiation. Surgeon called monday evening and said stop the synthroid so am beginning to experience some of the effects of that now including being more fatigued.
Avatar m tn I had a report that I have a thicking of the stomach wall could you tell me what might the problem might be I ha d stomach Cancer & had 1/3 of it rempved in 1989
Avatar f tn My concern is due to the thickened wall and prominence, could this be the start of Gallbladder cancer? She was so dismissive and generalized saying in her practice she has never seen it only after repeated questions by me, finally said she would refer me to a GI doc who could answer my questions, becuase it was "out of her area of expertise'. Then yesterday the surgery center called...she did not refer me to the GI doc and just told surgery I was concerned about the gallstoneS...
Avatar m tn I had a upper G.I done last thursday and got the results back stating I have thickening of my stomach lining. I started with mild gastritis symptoms a couple years ago that two weeks ago became full blown which is why the doctor ordered the barium. I have been taking losec with some moderate improvement of symptoms and do not feel near deaths door like last week. I just am very worried about this thickening and worry it could be stomach cancer. Anyone else experience this with GERD or gastritis?
469150 tn?1340232200 I really think there is something very wrong in my stomach but nothing has been said that anything was there. I was wondering if ulcers or stomach cancer can be missed on these test. I am normally full of life but now have little energy. I am seeing a specialist surgeon in January but don't know if i should go see a doctor before that to let him know about this pain as well. It has been going on for a long time but it could be from bowel thickening. Confused!
Avatar f tn i have had problems since late last year , i started off with kidney infection which ive had for years since pregnancy but even though that had gone i was still uncomfortable and tender around abdominal area ,my doctor did bloods for cancer and alsorts but came back negative apart from i was suffering from aneamia but since taking tablets i felt no better tired all the time ,weak, headache tenderness all around back and abdominal area also pressure and discomfort even when i have been to the toi
Avatar n tn This was my third, but unlike before, they found no endometriosis. Instead they found my uterus had adhered to my abdominal wall. Because of this, he was unable to move my uterus to look around for endo. The doctor had suggested a hysterectomy (but leaving my ovaries). My question is has anyone had this done and has it alleviated their pain? I've been having IBS symptoms and excrusiating cramping and abdominal pains (like when you have a bad bout of gas) but it's constant!
Avatar f tn Possibilities that may need to be considered include gastritis, peptic ulcer, chest wall inflammation etc. With the symptoms the possibility of cancer cannot be ruled out though there is no reason to specifically suspect it. I would suggest getting this evaluated by a primary care physician initially and depending on the cause diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought. Meanwhile you could try some OTC antacids and see if these seem to help.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend had a ct scan on thurs to show a thickening of his stomach wall.. I believe 1/4 inch. He has bloody stool, severe vomiting, weakness, and fatigue, weight loss. I know these are all signs of advanced stomach cancer.. what is the possibility that its something else? He has a gastroscopy scheduled for the 24th. Please help.