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Avatar n tn Dear dhavalss, There are several different chemotherapy regimens that might be used for treatment of breast cancer. The decisions about further treatment will take into account what treatment she has had in the past, her overall health, the characteristics of the cancer. There is not one specific regimen used to treat hormone receptor negative and HER2 negative breast cancer.
Avatar n tn I had sugery May 4th. I am now cancer free. However, because my breast cancer is Inflammatory Breast Cancer I would like to know how much of a dose that they will give me upon radiation? My oncology doctor says this is a preventative measure. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/260845'>Radiation therapy for breast cancer</a>.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My breast cancer treatment will be radiation treatment for a month or so, and I will have to take hormone therapy (for example, tamoxifin) for 5 years. I have hep c and was planning to treat with interferon and ribavirin, and with the new PI telaprevir or boceprevir - as soon as either one is available. Does anyone know if there will be any added issues that I should be aware of when getting the hep c treatment while on hormone therapy? Thanks.
Avatar f tn There are many issues surrounding treatment of breast cancer in the elderly. Elderly patients have other comorbid illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, renal and liver problems that can pose danger during treatment. Thus, the risks and benefits of treatment should always be discussed before treatment is initiated. In general, elderly patients with breast cancer should receive the same treatment as young patients. Consider also the expected lifespan of the patient in deciding treatment.
Avatar n tn I would suggest you start a new thread for your question. When you post a question at the end of someone else's old thread, it can be easily overlooked by people who assume you are just adding an additional reply to the old question. And be sure to explain what uour pain is related to (breast issues? breast cancer? some surgery or treatment you've had?), what your doctor had recommended, and what you have tried so far.
Avatar n tn I'm 23 and have Fibrocystic Breast Disease and run a high risk for breast cancer. I've had several biop's and my doctor is telling me to consider a subcutaneous mastectomy. I had neuroblastoma as a child and don't want to go through any type of cancer again.
Avatar f tn Treatment will be decided after the complete Pathology report is in and your excision has obtained clean margins. This is be determined when you speak with the Oncologist who will review your entire case and decide on the most appropriate method of treatment in your particular situation. I would think Chemo would be the first treatment since there was node involvement, probably followed by Radiation and possibly some Hormone Therapy IF the cancer proves to be ER/PR positive.
Avatar m tn We here cannot diagnose or recommend specific treatment for any condition. From the reports listed above it seems that the breast cancer may have metastasized to other organs in the body (liver) but there is no evidence that it has affected the bones. The ER/PR response of "negative" indicates that this cancer is a more aggressive type. Treatment will be advised by both Oncologist & Surgeon after correlating all the available information. Kindest regards ....
Avatar f tn I've had 3 surgeries for breast cancer. Lymph nodes were 8 out of 12 positive but the last 3 were microscopic. Can Neupogen be used in place of Taxol? I've read that Neupogen attackes the cancer cells more with better results. Whn my cells were tested they found that the good cells were really attacking the bad ones. I'm just afraid that reg chemo will mess this all up and I won't have anymore good cells to help fight. What is the best thin to do?
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? There are many options for breast cancer treatment and several factors such as type of breast cancer, its stage, whether the cancer cells are sensitive to hormones, patient's overall health and medical condition that needs to be considered. After diagnosis, most women undergo surgery for breast cancer and receive additional treatment, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or radiation. Aggressive and early treatment usually results to remission. Take care and best regards.
Avatar n tn Radiation treatment for breast cancer should begin 4 weeks after the completion of adjuvant systemic chemotherapy or 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. Radiation treatment is delivered daily for 5 days per week. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Those stats are unbelievable.....287 man-made chemicals??? Horrifying. Yup, sometimes we have to weigh the risks of treatment to the benefits. As harsh as chemo is, there are better drugs now to help with side effects. Like you, I didn't see any other way to deal with breast cancer than doing that treatment. I am thrilled that you are doing well and wish you continued good health.
Avatar f tn breast cancer stage I -- need statistics I searched for survival statistics for breast cancer vs treatment options and did not find many really useful tables. I notice many of your answers to specific questions included the phrase " These and other statistics are helpful when used generally to make recommendations and decisions regarding treatment".
Avatar f tn Dear Jaquta: Radiation is not a contraindication for hormonal contraception. However, breast cancer is, especially if the cancer had positive estrogen or progesterone receptors. You should discuss your specific situation with your doctor who can explain more accurately as it relates to you.
Avatar n tn My mom is 54 years old and detected with right breast cancer. As per the report ER & PR are negetive and CERB B2 is positive with score 3. What stage of cancer she is having? And how many chemotherapy are required? Please help..... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/559549'>what do ER-Negative,PR-Positive and Cerb B2-Negative indicate?</a>.
Avatar m tn I don't believe in "sugar coating" either ... it's always best to get right to the problem, whatever it is, and attack it in the best way possible. I'm still hoping that it isn't cancer but if it is you know that treatment advances almost every day and is much more successful than even a couple years ago. Best wishes and please let us know when you get your results. Kindest regards ....
Avatar n tn My brother was diagnosed to have Stage III Breast Cancer..he underwent Modified Radical Mastectomy & his histopath results showed positive ER/PR/Her2Neu...what exactly does triple positive test results mean in lay man's term? ESTROGEN RECEPTOR ASSAY = POSITIVE, STAINING INTENSITY=+2, PERCENT TUMOR CELLS STAINED=+5, PROGESTERONE RECEPTOR ASSAY=POSITIVE, STAINING INTENSITY=+3, PERCENT TUMOR CELLS STAINED=+4, c-erb-B2 (Her-2/neu) =POSITIVE...
Avatar f tn My mass was so large they had to do chemo first trying to shrink the mass, then mastectomy, then more chemo followed by radiation. My suggestion is to see if there is a breast cancer treatment center where you live where you make an appointment and see the chemo oncologist, surgeon, plastic surgeon and radiation oncologist all at one sitting.
Avatar m tn Of course most of us here are of the opinion that one should seek treatment ASAP for something that evidently is more likely than not to be malignant. We cannot however say what others may think or the reason for their decisions. I have an idea that this person's Religious beliefs may be a factor in deciding not to seek treatment. I'm wondering though why a person with these beliefs would have seen a Dr. and had a Mammogram in the first place.
Avatar f tn Basically I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Thursday. In the past month the lump has grown from not sure if that’s a lump to it in-operable at the size it is and stretching my skin. I have been told by the doctor I need chemo to shrink the cancer before they can operate. I am also going for a CT scan and bone marrow test this Tuesday. The thing I am worried about is why haven’t they told me to get a mastectomy?