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Avatar n tn I've read through several write-ups and documentaries that fatalities pose as a big problem. What are the chances of survival for a stage 3 breast cancer? The cancer has not spread, it was miraculously contained in my mother's left breast. Chemotherapy and Cobalt treatment are being arranged for the soonest time possible.
Avatar n tn my cousins wife was just told she has stage 3 breast cancer, they found 4 lumps each approx 4-5 cm in mass. I was told that they will start 16 weeks of chemo and then do a double mast. She was told that this is a very aggressive form of cancer and has grown fast. She had breast cancer about 3 years ago, but it did not spread, they say this is not the same type as she previously had. After her chemo they are to schedule a double mastectomy.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am sorry to hear that your sister had to battle breast cancer at the age of 28. Breast cancer in younger women tends to be more agressive than that occuring in the older age group. The fact that she had bilateral synchronous cancers at a young age is worrying. However, if a full oncologic surgery is complete, along with chemo and now radiation, then I can assume that she is being treated with a curative intent. Also, you mentioned that she will be put on hormones.
Avatar n tn My mother in law had a radical hysteretomy b/c of endometrial cancer less than a year ago and now has been readmitted .The oncologist says she has stage 3 cancer per biopsy b/c it has spread to the omentum.The prognosis says 20% after 5 years..Does anyone have any treatment successes that last beyond 5 years. We just found out today so any information would be appreciated. We live close to philly.
Avatar f tn She had radiation and then they told her they had gotten all the cancer . Now she has stage 4 breast cancer and because there is no breast tissue left it is all over. Her Tumor markers where 112 and now are down to 69. What should her markers be and if they stay that level will they call it being in remission.
Avatar n tn My mother has been suffering from breast cancer since the past 3 years and dint go under any treatment and passed the 3 years only with the help of yoga. Now she has been admitted to the hospital since the past 3 months and has a pipe attached to her right lung as there is liquid present in her right lung as the cancer had spread to there. She has gone through 2 chemotherapy of carboplatin and taxol.
Avatar n tn Dear JoMomma, There is no stage 5 breast cancer. Breast cancers are classified within 4 stages based on a TNM staging system. TNM stands for tumor, nodes and metastasis. If your sister had a stage 4 breast cancer that would mean that there was evidence that cancer had spread to another area of the body, distant from the breast. It may be that she has misunderstood something in terms of a numbering system related to breast cancer?
Avatar n tn I have double breast cancer due to the BRCA 2 gene. It is considered a stage 2 with 3 node involvement that has not spread. Why is my survival rate 5-7 years? I plan on having the ovaries removed and the breasts removed? Where will it return?
Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in February 2008 it went to multiple limp noses, thyroid, pelris, etc. I went to Dr. Him in April for 7 months and the lump was checked for a month but now its 10 times bigger and has started to attack my chest. it has be draining and it has been paining me severely. the severe pain has now spread to my left arm, head, right ribs, ears, chest, and belly button at times. My weight was 205 lbs. and now i am 150 lbs and 5,7".
Avatar n tn Your father will likely be seen by a medical oncologist who will discuss in details what follow up treatments will be appropriate with his particular situation. With so much advancement in breast cancer treatment, many cancer patients can beat this dreadful disease and I hope that your father will too. Best wishes to both you and your father...
Avatar n tn My grandmother had been a breast cancer survivor for almost 15 years when they diagnosed her with liver cancer. She was only given 3 months. And thats about all it took for the cancer to get her. I spent as much time as I could with her and made her as comfortable as possible. My prayers are with you and your mother. May God's grace and mercy be with you.
Avatar n tn I also was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in one breast, large area. I had 14 of 15 nodes positive. My mastectomy was followed by chemo and radiation, and I am taking tamoxifen. I am happy to state that it has been 20 months since my mastectomy, and I am doing fine. My last scans and bloodwork (in October 03) showed nothing wrong. I have kept a positive attitude and kept on living as usual, looking forward to the future.
1343050 tn?1278896276 ) Some people with Stage IV breast cancer that has metastasized to the bones respond well to tx and are able to live relatively comfortably for years. Unfortunately, when the metastases are to what are called "the vital organs" (liver, brain, lungs), the situation is more serious and the outlook more bleak. When a patient develops ascites (the swelling from the accumulation of fluid within the abdomen or lungs), and cannot eat, the situation is generally even more serious.
Avatar n tn My sister has Stage 4 cancer. It started in the breast and has spread to the bones and liver. Her blood pressuer is 100 over 63. This is not good. She was given about 1 month to live on the 4th of this month. She will be moved to the hospital to die. Can you give me better insight on her condition?
10947 tn?1281407852 Hi, We're pleased to announce the opening of our new Stage 3 & 4 Breast Cancer forum. We received several requests for a separate forum to discuss the issues around Stage 3 & Stage 4 Breast Cancer, so we're happy to be able to provide this. The forum is located at and we hope you will swing by and participate.
Avatar n tn my wife was diagnosed with stage 1, grade 3 breast cancer at the age of 31. She's had chemotherapy and a lumpectomy and is currently on regular (four times a year) check ups with so far no signs of recurrence. Because of the disparity between stage and grade we have had some conflicting and uncertain answers about survival rate over 5, 7 and/or 10 years. Could someone please clarify the rate of survival and likelihood of recurrence in Stage 1, Grade 3?
Avatar f tn Hi Doctors, I have diagnosed with breast cancer on July 2010. I had done mastec and reconstruct (tram flap). Now going thru chemotherapy (DC) for 6 times / every 3 weeks and radiotherapy later. Is this drug suitable for stage 3 patients? I wonder? Also afraid of re-occurrence. I have 2 kids (12 / 11 of age) and i'm now 36 years of age, a divorcee. I want to live longer to see my children grow/marry and my grandchildren :) Besides thinking positive and fight through this war path.
Avatar n tn Based on this information, this represents a stage 1 breast cancer (with a notation of multiple primaries in one breast). In this situation, the goal of therapy is cure. Treatment to improve chances of cure generally includes some combination of surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
Avatar f tn and i wud like of anyone whose expert in breast cancer stage 3 or had a similar condition please i need 2 know everything i wana know anyone of you who survived from this dsease ..
Avatar n tn My last question is with stage 3 breast cancer what is the survial rate with and without the spread of the cancer?
Avatar n tn My mum was diagnosed with Stage 3 in March 2005. CA125 512 March 2005 Aug 2005-Jan 2007 12 Jan 2007 21 Have you ever experienced a patient with Stage 3 reach 5yrs? Could a patient have a reoccurance then enter a long remission again? Does a reorrurance represent the cancer becoming unmangable? People have told me that OVCA is classed as a 'chronic illness' now, is that true?
Avatar f tn I see now where that you said, "I have my results." I thought at first you meant your mammogram results, but now that I have seen your post regarding reconstruction in the BC Forum, it is apparent you do have a definite dx of BC. I am sorry that was the outcome, and that I didn't understand that when I posted before... Regards, bluebutterfly .