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Avatar n tn I had a sterotatic breast biopsy that showed ADH and suspicious lesions with spiculated edges. I will be having a excisional breast biopsy and sentinel node biopsy next week. Any chance it will be benign? What is recovery like?
Avatar n tn Hi, My mom has Breast Cancer that has spread to her bones, she is 69 years old in fairly good health however, she went thru chemo for Ovarian Cancer 10 years ago, then again 5 years ago. Now she is going thru Radiation for a spot on the base of her neck for 15 days then she will go thru Chemo. What is her prognosis?
Avatar f tn and could not be removed (inoperable). She is an otherwise healthy 36 year old, prior cancer was seven years ago. Does this make prognosis any better? It is believed the cancer is breast cells, but final pathology won't be in until later this week. A straight forward response is requested...I believe she is also HER2 + however, I do not know other details. Thanks!
Avatar m tn hi doctor , Could you please give me a bit of information as which cancer is more severe is it Ovarian Cancer 3C or Breast Cancer 3C ? which cancer has a higher 5 year survival percentage and what are the recurrence statics for these cancers in comparasion stage remaining constant( 3C ) ? usally in ovarian cancer if even few lymph nodes are involved they say the prognosis is poor , but generally in breast cancer a lot of lymph nodes are usally involved, what is the reason for this statement ?
Avatar f tn g., lung and pancreas prognosis is poor but breast seems to be a tad more favorable)? Where can one find more information on this since there few (about 30) documented cases of this cancer in regards to breast? I would like to hear from others with this or similar rare breast cancers.
Avatar n tn Tubular breast cancer is quite rare ... only about 2% of all breast cancers. It rarely, if ever, travels beyond the original tumor site or invades the lymph nodes. The usual treatment is lumpectomy .... if the tumor is more than 1 cm a wide excision is done. Radiation may be recommended but at times is optional. Hormonal treatment is recommended but this depends on the positivity of the tumor for hormone response. The prognosis after excision and treatment is very good. Regards ...
Avatar m tn I just received the following information from my mother. She was treated for breast cancer in 2001 with no lymph node involvement. She recently was experience stomach pain and went for a sonogram, (seeming unrelated transient intenstinal inflammation that went away). During this time they discovered "small spots on her liver" subsequent tests have revealed the information below.
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Avatar f tn Dear Kelly, Male breast cancer is rare, but one out of every 150 cases of breast cancer involves a man, usually in men over 60 years old. Treatment of male breast cancer uses the same modalities as are used to treat females with breast cancer, these may include use of surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, biologic therapy and/or chemotherapy.
Avatar f tn I also have the BRCA mutation which gives me a 90% of triple negative breast cancer which has a short survival time. So I could die from ovarian, die of breast cancer, or end up with progression in MS. I also could beat all three. No one knows.I could make myself crazy thinking about it. I was a basket case in 2009 when I was diagnosed with MS. The worry is real. I find worry is trying to control what you can't. Once I have realized this I am happy.
Avatar f tn My Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, and had a lumpectomy, as well as chemo and radio therapy. She has just been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in the liver. What is the prognosis for this with treatment?
Avatar n tn This type of breast cancer accounts for no more than 2% of all breast cancer diagnoses and occurs most frequently in women who are in their 50s. Tubular breast carcinoma tends to be small, highly estrogen dependent and HER2/neu negative. Women with this type of breast cancer are less likely to metastasize and have an excellent survival rate. Decisions about treatment would take into account several factors such as size of the tumor, hormone receptor status, lymph node status etc.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am so sorry that your mother has a recurrence of breast cancer…This is something no one wants to face,however, if it does happen, breast cancer relapse can be effectively treated most of the time. When a local recurrence is found, it is treated in much the same way as the first tumor. It’s a good thing that there is no evidence of nodes invasion or metastatic symptoms . . Local recurrence can have an excellent prognosis thanks to better and improved treatments.
Avatar f tn my mother is 39 yrs old and she has been diagnosed with idc breast cancer grade 2, stage 2 to possibly 3 they found it in her two lymphnodes beside her breast, it is thankfully hormonal positive she has a few more tests to run and then they are going do chemo and then remove her breast and possibly radiation. Other than this she is good health. What are her chances in beating this?
Avatar n tn I have had breast cancer twice and my sister passed away with breast cancer at the age of 37. I got breast cancer when I was 34 and got it again at 47 years and than at the sametime they took a 125 blood test and found out I had ovarian cancer too. so alittle scared about my back pain and other systems i'm having thanks again. I will talk to my dr.
1305031 tn?1273215933 My mom has had metastatic breast cancer on her lungs for 3 years, i just dont know what to do or expect. Can ANYONE please please give me ANY info..... Anything i read on line sounds awful, so i would love any input from real human beings PLEASE!?