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Avatar n tn I have an aunt recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is her2/neu and progestin positive and estrogen negative. She had a mastectomy and was found to have 23 positive out of 25 nodes. The cancer was invasive and 7 cm's in size. The final pathology is not back yet. I realize many of these signs are rather ominous. Roughly, what is her chance percentage of survival at 5 years? Also, is there a genetic link in a her2/neu lesion?
Avatar f tn Hi there. The prognosis of breast cancers can be affected by a lot of factors, especially the age, nodal status, and presence or absence of the hormone receptors. If you would supply your age, I can input your data on Adjuvant! Online (at The prognostic model will tell you the percentage of survival and how much benefit you can derive from additional treatments such as hormonal therapy and chemotherapy.
Avatar n tn I had a sterotatic breast biopsy that showed ADH and suspicious lesions with spiculated edges. I will be having a excisional breast biopsy and sentinel node biopsy next week. Any chance it will be benign? What is recovery like?
Avatar m tn what is the prognosis for invasive va lymphovascular invasion space This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/lymphovascular-invasion/show/1193672">lymphovascular invasion</a>.
Avatar n tn My mother is 69 years old. She was recently detected with cancer in her right breast. We opted for a full mastectomy. Post surgery, the biopsy report has come in. ER/ PR (-) Her-2 Neu (-) Six lymph nodes were removed - they are tumour free. All margins are tumour free. The tumour itself is 4cm. / It has been identified as a Grade I infiltrating duct carcinoma. She has been advised three chemo sessions by the med oncologist. However, the fluid release post-surgery has still not dried up.
Avatar n tn When I first asked a question regarding my breast cancer diagnosis, I wanted to know what the prognosis would be at my age having had a lumpectomy and 33 radiation treatments and no further treatment, but your answer did not provide this for me. Also, the Tamoxifen trials done so far have only been done on premenopausal women, haven't they?
Avatar n tn It is nearly impossible to predict how long a person will live. Women with breast cancer - even in the setting of advanced disease, can live "well" for years. It sounds like things are so far moving in a good direction. Hopefully, this will continue for a long time!
Avatar n tn Hi there. The issue regarding anti-oxidant supplements and chemotherapy is still controversial. Some say that these anti oxidants can lessen the effect of chemotherapy drugs and therefore decrease the over all benefit. However, this effect is still not proven by full proof data. For some doctors, they prescribed these antioxidants to increase the resistance of the patient and therefore tolerate the chemotherapy treatment.
Avatar n tn also bone secondaries in sternum. Prognosis approximations please planning for the children's future esential.
Avatar f tn My question is What else does anyone know about this type of cancer and prognosis. Diet and nutrition advice that works without going too extreme? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Dear Fisherman, It sounds like you and your wife have been through an awful lot. The goal of treatment of metastatic breast cancer is control of the disease, and symptom management. With this goal in mind, when making decisions regarding treatment the pros and cons are based on will this add or detract from a person's quality of life.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your response, I have been spending the last 2 weeks pouring over the internet wavering back and forth from total panic to general acceptance. I've read many wonderful accounts from women who have been "comfortably" battling stage IV for many years. This is a very soothing realization. Many of my gut feelings for this diagnosis were initially very very bad, I've seen many reports/studies implying very poor prognosis (<6 months).
Avatar f tn I also have the BRCA mutation which gives me a 90% of triple negative breast cancer which has a short survival time. So I could die from ovarian, die of breast cancer, or end up with progression in MS. I also could beat all three. No one knows.I could make myself crazy thinking about it. I was a basket case in 2009 when I was diagnosed with MS. The worry is real. I find worry is trying to control what you can't. Once I have realized this I am happy.
Avatar n tn fever can be attributed to many things, and there are cases where fever can be directly attributed to the cancer, however, it is not a common symptom with breast cancer, and another source of continuing fevers would likely be considered.
Avatar n tn Tubular breast cancer is quite rare ... only about 2% of all breast cancers. It rarely, if ever, travels beyond the original tumor site or invades the lymph nodes. The usual treatment is lumpectomy .... if the tumor is more than 1 cm a wide excision is done. Radiation may be recommended but at times is optional. Hormonal treatment is recommended but this depends on the positivity of the tumor for hormone response. The prognosis after excision and treatment is very good. Regards ...
Avatar n tn My first cousin has a lump in her right breast that was recently diagnosed as cancer. She stated that she noticed the lump about two years ago but did not go to the doctor. She finally went to the doctor when she noticed that the lump was growing. The doctors are going to shrink the lump with chemotherapy giving her treatments once every three weeks according to my cousin. What is her prognosis? I am so scared that she has had cancer to long to survive.
Avatar n tn Does it mean that there may be cancer somewhere else. How is this aggressive cancer treated and the prognosis.
Avatar n tn In one of the cases where the patient had second stage breast cancer and lumpectomy was done, the sentinel lymph nodes were removed and they tested positive and further removal of axillary lymph nodes was not done. The doctor has said that the procedure of chemotherapy would be sufficient in this case . I would like to know if this is usually the procedure done or not?
Avatar n tn In general, repeat radiation is consisered a rarely used treatment strategy that must be performed with caution. However, there was a report in 2011 from a small research study that investigated the efficacy and toxicity of a second curative radiotherapy series in cases of recurrent breast cancer.
Avatar n tn Would this be considered a new cancer or a recurrence? What is the prognosis for this type and grade of cancer given that it's in the same breast and I am no longer eligible for radiation therapy. I'm most concerned about saving my life - not my breast.
Avatar n tn Hi, You have a type of breast cancer - invasive ductal carcinoma - which is hormone receptor positive - a good sign and also that hormonal treatment would help in your case. The margins are clear - that s cancer free- another good sign. Grade 1 - well differentiated - resemblance to surrounding normal tissue - good prognosis. Micrometastasis -spread to other sites in surrounding tissue - small lesions- bad prognosis.
Avatar n tn Dear turkey: Your sister has stage 4 breast cancer. At this point, the cancer may not be cured but it can certainly be treated. Hopefully, very effectively. It is impossible to predict how long a person may live. The good news is that women with breast cancer, even those with advaned disease, can live for years and do very well. If they have not tested the cancer for HER2/neu antigen, this might be something worth doing. If it is positive, there is a medication that may be helpful.
Avatar n tn My aunt has stage III breast cancer. 17 out of 23 lymph nodes came back positive. She just underwent a bilateral mastectomy . shouldn't she have had treatments before having surgery? And if so how does this affect further metastasis and her prognosis?