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Avatar n tn This information, as well as your mother’s health, will help to determine the chemotherapy regimen. Her doctor will be best equipped to discuss the specific regimens that will be recommended as well as the duration. He/she will also be best qualified to discuss prognosis as it relates specifically to her situation.
Avatar f tn Except for some little personal shopping for friends at work and Jazzercise. Of course, for my 3 kiddos, (which are a boy, 23 yrs old, 2 girls, 27 and 30 yrs old and one grandson, 3 this Christmas) (They all live in Texas - which is about a 1,000 miles away), I still have shopping to do for them. But they are pretty much grown and I'm thinking gift cards. The easy way out. They are very understanding though, due to circumstances. I did put up a xmas tree this year.
162948 tn?1205256292 but the cause of removel was I've had other health problems that docs couldn't find out whats causing dizzness, legs swealling up, bad acne, excess weight gain and loss. 5 in a day to week 25 lbs.. getting a secon opion on uturin pain she said I had cysit rupture, a bit odd between 3 ob visits had several pregnacy tests done.