Can you take zoloft with xanax

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Avatar n tn yes you can. i actually worry about that stuff constantly, i have huge phobia of mixing medications properly. I take celexa which is in the same class of anti-depressants that you are taking and i have taken xanax with it at the same time. i have preiviously taken zoloft which i took ativan with at the same time if i needed it.
Avatar n tn After that I cut the Zoloft in half and will resume to 50 after a week or so (at the advise of my physician). I was then advised to take .25 Xanax to control the anxiety until the Zoloft takes full effect. I take the Xanax first thing in the morning, at the first sign that the anxiety is there. It relieves the anxiety and I am fine for the rest of the day. Am I at risk for withdrawal if I stop taking the Xanax? How long is the Xanax effective for?
Avatar f tn t work now Im on xanax and elavil50mgs they both work the elavil is to help me sleep I dont sleep.tell your doctor to take you off zoloft there giving bad reaction to it.
Avatar n tn Can anyone help tell me if Zoloft can keep you from getting a deep breath? Please help.....
Avatar f tn I take 10 milligrams of xanax a the day and want to taper down Safely to 4 mg. Without the help of my doctor.
Avatar m tn I was on 200Mgs of Zoloft at one time. 150 a day is not unusual. If anxiety is also an issue for you then may I suggest a mood stabilizer such as Lithium to help balance that out. There are others, but I find Lithium to be the most effective. As for the Xanax... Yes it can be addicting. I am actually addicted to Xanax and it isn't any fun at all. I take 3Mgs a day. Once you go past the 1.50Mg per day on Xanax then you risk addiction. Just try not to go past 1.
Avatar f tn xanax and zoloft together? wow whos your doc? he sounds verry giving! I've tryed zoloft but didnt do the trick, but paxil [paroxetine] does.Once a day keeps the insanity at bay. xanax is real nice for a short time. If I where to have trouble at night I would save that baby for bedde bey.
Avatar f tn Day one, March 26th- after two years I break down and decide its time to try something other than Xanax and CBT. My first hurdle was actually taking the pill and now that I have it's not as bad as I feared at all! Stood in bed all day bc I was very anxious and dizzy. Day 2- alot easier to take pill this morning, I feel as if it first makes me very tired and within 3 hrs or so I get horrible jitters. Took a .25 Xanax and felt like I ate a million of them! Synergistic effect?
Avatar n tn You can take both meds together. I'm a little confused. You say you've been on Zoloft for 3 years? Your first post says your Dr wants to put you on Zoloft to get you off Xanax.
Avatar f tn It is never a good idea to quit an SSRI cold turkey and without direction from your doctor. It can cause undo anxiety and can be downright dangerous. Remember, that it can take 4-6 weeks to really 'kick in.' Also, anxiety levels can rise whenever you adjust your dose. With the return of anxiety, have you gone back to see a therapist to talk about it? Anxiety can return, but you have the knowledge to know what to expect this time...keep us posted!
Avatar f tn Unlike Zoloft, the longer you take Xanax the more you will need to get the same effect. In just a few months a person can find themselves at 4Mgs a day. Once you reach that high of a dosage then your addicted. Take it from a former Xanax addict like me. You can get hooked on it. IMO your doctor should have been MUCH smarter and put you on the sister drug of Xanax called Klonipin.
Avatar m tn During one of my hospital visit doc gave me xanax and that helped me calm down. therefore, i took xanax and my GP gave me zoloft. one first night of zoloft i went nutts, got up in middle of night with fear of taking my own life. anyways, my wife assured me its just a bad dream. then on fourth day of zoloft i was having suicidal thoughts of huring myself and family with sever anxiety. told me wife to take me to hspital and they gave me xanax/atavan and it took the symtoms away.
Avatar n tn my husband takes Xanax 0.25 /0.
311051 tn?1193416206 cuz you can only wean off with Xanax, not another of the benzos. With the doseages of Zoloft and Xanax that you're taking, maybe you and your psych would want to discuss a different ssri, or maybe going to a tricyclic?
Avatar f tn ) Remember, Zoloft is an antidepressant and Xanax is a benzodiazapine - two diff. things. Xanax can be addictive - Zoloft is cannot. You get withdrawal symptoms if you quit Zoloft cold turkey - but that is just a physical side effect - not addiction.
Avatar f tn it might be the med for you. If not, you can try out another one until you find the right you for you! Remeber, you have to give the med 6 weeks to fully kick in.
Avatar n tn ve used Ativan, Xanax and Valium all before and have never abused them and can taper off them if I want. So take that info.
Avatar m tn I have had anxiety for a long time, and I currently take Xanax. The only reason there is a warning of addiction to Xanax is because if you take it for an extended period of time, your body builds a tolerance to it, making it not as effective. In return, you may need to increase your dose and again, over another long period of time, you may build intolerance to it... hense, become addicted. I have taken Xanax for anxiety for about 2 years now. I am not addicted to it, sometimes I take a .
Avatar m tn I have high anxiety and have a problem sleeping. What other meds can i take in combination with the norcos (valium, xanex?) (somas, ambien?) I see my MD next week and want to be prrpared.
Avatar f tn 5 mg xanax. As you can imagine I am very nervous about starting the paxil because of what the zoloft did to me. The last several nights I have taken the .5 mg xanax but only at bedtime. During day as the zoloft was leaving my system I'd drink chamomile tea because I don't want to get into habit of taking the xanax as the dr prescribed which was every 6 hours, seems a bit excessive and I am terrified of becoming dependent on it.
Avatar m tn It has been causing me to take xanax again after almost stopping. I was down to less than 0.5mg per day. Now I'm back to 1.0 to 1.5mg per day for the anxiety. Obviously, I don't like taking xanax because of the addiction potential. Can you help?
Avatar n tn Perhaps if your anxiety gets really bad while you wait for the Zoloft to kick in, your doctor could perhaps give you a script for Ativan or Valium to take AS NEEDED for times your anxiety was really bad. You could discuss that with her. Sometimes just knowing you have something to take if it really gets out of control is enough. You WILL get out of this cycle............changes are difficult with these types of meds.
Avatar n tn I was on Zoloft with Xanax too. I hated the Zoloft and after taking it for 10 days I had very intrusive thoughts and quit taking it. I had a "meltdown" 2 days after quiting it but I have since had no problems associated with such a short time use. I was also on Xanax for over a year. Taken for anxiety attacks. I loved the xanax! I occasionally drank on them as well (which we know is a no no). I found myself at a point where I felt I could manage without the xanax and quit taking them.
Avatar f tn Hi I have been having some nasty anxiety for about the last month and a half. I have started taking Zoloft-today I raised my dose to 50mg. However I am still feeling very anxious - I become very, very shakey & dizzy etc in fact shakey nearly all day and night. I have been on the Zoloft for 26 days and 21 of them I have taken a 1/2 of a .5mg of Xanax. I don't feel the need to take more than that but I am sooooooo scared of becoming addicted.
Avatar n tn Will the Zoloft eventually help take over the need for the Xanax? If so how long will it take and how hard will it be for me to taper off of the Xanax. I mean literally when I'm not taking the Xanax I feel like I need to admit myself to the hospital. I feel crazy. I have always been such a stable easy going person and this is so scarry. It is physical and even with therapy I seem to have no control over the physical anxiety and deep fear that overtakes me and makes me unable to function.