Can you take zantac and tums

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1088529 tn?1256847630 If you feel zantac is not enough for the acid problem, you can take tums or liquid anti-acid, but you need to space it apart- like wait at least a couple hours after taking your zantac to do it. Also, you should let your doctor know if the zantac is not sufficiently treating your symptoms. You might consider peptobismol if nausea ensues, again spacing it out from when you took the zantac, because tums may not be so great for nausea as it is heartburn.
Avatar f tn yes, tums are my best friend. they were before I even became pregnant! I have really bad sinus drainage and stuff so I pop at the least 8 tums a day. not to mention, they are a good source of calcium, too!
Avatar f tn Chocolate is one of the things that leads to heartburn. :) & you can take tums regularly as described on the container.
7349088 tn?1390661333 I take Ranitidine 150mg at least once a day. I had my OB prescribe it to me but you can get it over the counter.
Avatar f tn milk, tums, you can also take Zantac or Pepcid - its perfectly safe. for me, water makes it worse!
Avatar f tn U can get pepcid perscribed from dr take it at night. And also can take tums after you eat. Acid reflux ***** and it only gets worse (for some people) i have had it since day 1. Only get it when pregnant. Thats what urged me to take a test when i found out lol. Hope i figure it out.
Avatar f tn I was hospitalised last week with heartburn so you gave my sympathy. I can recommend a glass of milk to soothe the pain and yes you can take antacids.
Avatar f tn Ask your OBGYN if you can have Tums for your heart burn. Mine said I could and that is the only thing that helps me. I don't eat before bed, but get heart burn even with a glass of water. Prop yourself up with pillows- that does seem to help a little. You can probably just call the nurse at your OBGYN office to make sure it's safe to have Tums. I only chew 2 at first. If it doesn't get better, I take one more.
Avatar f tn Yes there are daily acid reducers you can take that will help. I take one daily, sometimes twice when needed. My doctor told me what active ingredient was ok to take and I got the generic version because those pills can be costy.
150483 tn?1212172156 Definitely do not take that many. Read the bottle to find out exactly what the max amount recommended (it varies brand to brand, dosage to dosage).
280369 tn?1316705641 I was talking to my FIL about it because he gets horrible acid reflux when he eats the wrong things and was telling me if it was heartburn, the baking soda and tums would work but when it's reflux, you need something stronger or else the tums can create more acid. I can see that...because I could take 3 tums when I have the acid reflux and it doesn't do a thing! I am definitely going to talk to my midwife about it and see what she says.
Avatar f tn Ya my doc recommend the low zantac dose and I know that mint helps me also I believe u can take the rolaid version of tums but ask ur doc first to make sure
Avatar f tn Instead of going off the drug, why not continue it as prescribed by your doctor and contact your doctor to determine if you should go off it, what is causing the GERD, and what tests you can take to determine the cause of your discomfort. I'd urge you to have tests, such as motility and endoscopies, and ignore drug advice from boards and what you read on the internet. Keep us informed, and sorry for your discomfort!
280369 tn?1316705641 If you are taking an iron supplement then please be careful with Tums. They can reduce the absorption of iron. I took papaya enzyme for heart burn. You have to take it before you actually eat. You can find it at health food stores. Works like a charm.
Avatar n tn to get adequate potassium back in your body as well, as low potassium can give you muscle cramps, weakness, make you feel faint, etc.. Some steps you can take are dietary- cutting out dairy, spicy, fatty and fried foods, as well as citrus, peppermint, and anything you notice really sets off your acid problem.
Avatar m tn Like mkh9 says another reason for a weird bitter taste can be from acid reflux and that is why the Tums have helped you. If it doesn't settle you can get Gaviscon or Zantac as suggest by mkh9. I don't know if you can buy Zantac without a prescription, you would have to check with the pharmacist. There are other stomach remedies available to purchase from the pharmacy without a prescription if you cannot afford to see your doctor.
2048998 tn?1332795496 I've had acid reflux since my last pregnancy. Your doctor can give you omeprazole in pregnancy which help. If you dont want to take pill, don't eat anything spicy, no fizzy pops etc. Kept proped up in bed. Milk helps.
Avatar f tn My dr said mylanta malox zantac tums rolaids. Ill soon be 7 months and cannot find any relief. Milk doesn't even touch it. A swig of pickle juice will ease it some. I've heard about mustard but its too tangy for me. Good luck!
220217 tn?1209683277 I didn't take Zantac, but I was ok'd for Prevacid during my first pregnancy. They all vary in their classes so I would just check with your doctor on what the rating is and decide the best option. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Omeprazole 80 mg/day, which did next to nothing after 18 months, then asked for a stronger pill that I could take 1xD, and the doc prescribed pantoprazole 40mg, and it worked like magic and I saw a huge difference within 2 weeks. Have now been on it for about 6 months and feel better than I have felt in years. Spoke with the doc today about possibly going on a lower dose and eventually just stop.
Avatar f tn But my dr gave me a prescription for Zantac and it helps a lot . I know you can get the knock off brand at like Sam's Club or maybe walmart .
Avatar f tn tums automatically take it away..and mustard helps stop it also.
Avatar f tn I completely understand what you are saying I take pepcid AC each night before bed you can take two. It honestly helps I would fall asleep and wake up an hour into sleep puking its horrible when I take a pepcid it helps and I can actually sleep through the night.