Can you take vicodin with valium

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Avatar f tn t have access to them for a day or two and started taking 10 mg valium. then I continued to take the valium with the vicodin to help me sleep when I took too much vicodin sometimes 2-3 a day.I feel so depressed, I hate myself for starting to take them again. My life was finally getting more organized, and it was great to not be a slave to the drugs.
Avatar f tn i have tried other things like massage, chiropractic, with no relief. i was also prescribed valium for the muscle relaxant which i have been not using due to the pregnancy. My last visit my ob said i can use the valium if i need to so i can get some sleep at night. i do want to quit taking them also but am afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. Everyday i tell myself i am only taking two in the morning but then throughout the day keep thinking about it evrry time my neck hurts.
Avatar n tn I actually take less valium now than I used too. Probably 2 10 mg pills 2x a day. I appreciate people like you offering advice to someone like me. I am going to try to taper myself off until Friday night and then do my best to get some good vitamins and b-complex pills and I already drink gallons of water a day.
1494729 tn?1304881080 Also I used melatonin for insomnia and it helped. If you use the melatonin make sure you take it about 15-30 minutes before you go to bed and the room is completly dark as it works best when its dark.
Avatar f tn Hopefully this holiday weekend will give you a chance to see how you do with it. If you work this weekend, do you have someone that can drive you for a few days, if you feel like your driving might be impaired?
Avatar n tn I read somewhere once someone used 3-4 vicodin tabs over 3-4 days along with nyquil to get through suboxone withdrawal.
175688 tn?1297556647 I just took my last 5/500 vicodin list morning but I still have Soma and want to know if that will decrease the w/d process. Also, I have valium....does that help with w/d too??? I have .5, can I take 2 to get me through the worst of the wd??
Avatar n tn It would probably be better to take valium for the generalized anxiety disorder, but I would still need the xanex to deal with panic attacks. I don't think many doctors would give both type of benzos (at least mine won't). Therefore, I have to deal with it this way. I wish there were some other way, but have tried valium and a lot of the antidepressants, and nothing works for panic attacks like the xanex. I have been fighting and fighting the need to be on the xanex.
Avatar m tn What about Valium or Xanax or combining Valium and Vicodin? Do you believe they can impair your judgment so much that it can be noticed even on a tel interview?
1374564 tn?1295059520 Honey, you are going to have to get to a point where you don't see a pill as your way out of everything. I did that for so long, and it's hard to get your mind to change, but it can be done. Do other things to help. Take a hot bath. Vacuum. Dust the house. Valium is NOT the answer any more than the vicodin was. In fact, I would get rid of the valium completely. It will always call your name as long as you have it!
2048234 tn?1330814100 The only rationale that I can think of is that Valium is a anti anxiety med and maybe they gave it to you to keep you calm when you have pain??? To keep you relaxed? As far as the joint pain,,I am not sure. I hope that you start feeling better soon.
9193583 tn?1404491282 it would be a lot easier if you had someone to help with the kids. you can get thru this it,s a little pain for a lot of gain you will get when your clean. stay hydrated , take your vitamins, bananas help, Gatorade, sleep aid, take a walk, sunshine is good. before you know it the days will start getting better, good luck. peace out!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn Does anyone else get hunger cravings after taking Valium or Xanax? I usually get hungry after I take Valium... And it's usually for sweet foods!! I could sit there and eat a whole cheesecake if I wanted to feeling the benzos. I could go the whole day without eating yet pop my Valium and a bit later it's NOM NOM NOM time. Is it just me?
369425 tn?1207964715 Hey all. Hope all are doing well. Just a quick note to let you friends know that I am still off the stuff! I am feeling so very good. It's pretty unbelievable. You can be free of prescription drugs and feel good. There is life after Vicodin... and Adderal.. and Valium..... ya.. really.. there is. I have to say I am swearing by the amino acids. They are the life savers. I've been really busy with my garden and spring stuff.
Avatar m tn Me again ! The thomas receipe can help with the withdrawels. Click on my name and look in my journel for it.
Avatar f tn Hi, The Thomas Recipe is posted under Most Viewed Health Pages, scroll almost all the way down and look to the right. Magnesium helps with the legs, as does HyLands Restful or Restless legs, I can never get that one straight, there's a lot of amino acids you can take, read the articles where I directed you to and you can get some good info from there.
Avatar f tn t gone to the ER I would certainly do so. They will advise you what to take and possibly provide you with a prescription. Good luck. I know how painful a toothache can be. I hope you will soon be able to see your dentist.
Avatar m tn please stop now I dont want to see anyone go through what I say you will run out of valium before you can get a refill which means your taking to many..please be careful with this.....Good Luck...
Avatar f tn You could call a pharmacist. If it's terribly uncomfortable, you may consider calling your doctor. I doubt they would write you another script... But who knows. Maybe if you gave them you other pills back?? I really have no idea about that one. You could start some other natural techniques to calm your body. Chamomile tea, hot baths, aromatherapy, breathing exercises, etc. Look for natural remedies online. You can take Valerian root.
1139726 tn?1260901878 No tremors either. Just spasms inside my muscles. Twiches, if you will.
563594 tn?1309583132 It POSSIBLE though not even common to have a seizure at that point if you stop cold turkey. If you taper, and I would do this with support of a psychiatrist, you can get off of Xanax successfully without danger. I am not pretending this is going to be particularly fun, however. I'm going through it myself. This last month I got up to 2.5mg and am now trying to wean down. I took a more abrupt tact to this, by cutting down to .75mg a day immediately, but I am also on 1.
Avatar f tn thank you!
1116472 tn?1260075052 be careful with the valium, it may help but you dont want to swap to a benzo habit - they are WORSE to get off of, believe it or not....
414508 tn?1222627690 NA is an excellent choice. You will find a lot of good folks there who can help you with your recovery. If you can find a sponsor to drive you around, let me know..LOL I mean mine would surely help me if I needed it, but it is not something that is typically done. I am very happy for you that you are getting clean and taking responsibility for that little life inside you.