Can you take tramadol with wellbutrin

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Avatar n tn you said those Wellbutrin can be addictive?? how so?
Avatar f tn There is a black box warning of taking Tramadol (Ultram) with any anti-depressant on the market. Tramadol induces serotonin release, and inhibits the reuptake of norepinephrine. SSRI's (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) or antidepressants also increase the serotonin levels. If both medications are taken together, you may experience serotonin toxicity. This can be fatal. Responsible physicians should not prescribe them together.
Avatar f tn tramadol has alot to do with seratonin release so ssri's are usually not taken with them if u take a high dose of tramadol each day...WB is mostly a dopamine enhance with minimal effect on seratonin does have a "speedy" effect for some and helps restore motivation and energy for depressed people who get the kind of depression where it is hard to get out of bed..and it works well for them...i liked it but it interfered with my sleep....
Avatar f tn I don't know how bad your depression is, so it isn't a good idea to tell you to stop or not to stop the wellbutrin, so you need to consult your doc! Ok? You may have to be hospitalized long enough to detox off these without serious complications.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if Wellbutrin have the same affect as Tramadol...the good feeling....motivated???...because I don't want to take the Tramadol anymore...
475300 tn?1312426726 Trust me on this as I've tried over 10 on many different intervals and finally gave up and found a way, for me, that works to handle any of my depression issues. I do however, take Tramadol as it helps me immensely with the aches and pains and actually gives me a bit of a mood boost as well. I do not take the Tramadol that has acet./Tylenol in it. I take just the regular strength of Tramadol 50mg, not the ER. It works fine for me.
Avatar f tn I would only take the anti depressant if you have suicide ideation which can be common with Tramadol. I tried an antidepressant for a few weeks and the flat feeling made it way worse. Today I have a little feeling back. I am prescribed something for sleep which is one of the hardest things that makes me depressed. It's hard enough to deal with the mental aspects during the day then zero sleep at night. But you may not have the sleep issues. It is a very slow recovery.
Avatar n tn One pill a day is fine if you are taking it for the pain. If you want to get off the tramadol altogether, you need some help with the withdrawal symptoms. Your doctor can help with that.
13129035 tn?1434043312 I know it's scary but you can do this, I think calling your friend would be a good idea. Buy some OTC drugs to help with w/d..
Avatar f tn You came to the right place. YES there are meds you can get from a doctor that will ease your anxiety! Please see your doc right away, and just tell him that you tried tramadol for a few days awhile ago (use the 'old prescription' excuse), and that it made you feel better. BTW, i do NOT recommend lying to your doctor about anything, but in this case, you are telling him without saying you get it off the street).
Avatar m tn I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who has had the same results with Tramadol or has been prescribed Tramadol for depression?
470217 tn?1360568961 Good for you! You can do it! I'm still off Tramadol and stopped the hydros ten days ago. It's been an interesting month. I'll be looking for updates from you, best of luck!
Avatar f tn hi, people come here with tramadol addiction, right, don't feel alone with it cause you're not, oh, no.. . whats more, i would advice you to read some old threads about the matter because from what i have read with trams you'd better taper carefully ( could be risking seizures )and in any case, here we say that knowledge is power and so it is. have a look also at the health pages ( on your right ) and read the amino acids and thomas recipe or abut paws....
Avatar m tn I had a similar experience with nucynta. I take celexa and wellbutrin and the doc wanted to change from hydrocodone to nucynta (most of my pain is neuro which seems to respond better). For several months I had been telling the doc I was seeing a psych and what I was taking but it was never noted in my chart. On the first day I began to feel as though I was in a fog. By the third day I realized that I was having some sort of hallucinations that were like reliving experiences.
3185671 tn?1344782780 She has REALLY struggled with it. If she has decided on this, and you can't change her mind, the best thing you can do (besides looking for a better clinic) to just continue to support her and make SURE she starts right away in therapy, setting up aftercare, going to meetings...etc. The harder she works at it, the better chance she'll have.
Avatar m tn Taking trams and an ssri are dangerous tram already raises your serotonin levels do not take any ltryo hpt5 or sam e .you can end up with something called serotonin syndrome .it makes you quite ill and if not taken care of can be fatal .
544292 tn?1268886268 You can do this tramadol warriors! You can beat this! You will do this!
4753943 tn?1359938169 What dose were you on before the increase? How long were you on that dose? You can have side effects with an increase. Does your Dr have a number you can call over the weekend? Wellbrutrin is one of the more stimulating meds, as you probably already know. If you can't get in touch with your Dr I recommend calling your pharmacist to ask if this is a possible side effect.
Avatar f tn If you take Tramadol, are yous till tapering or can you not take effexor and just do the Tramadol in it's place?
580352 tn?1218555987 They may be able to help you in the pain dept. As for tramadol. It may take a couple of weeks to start feeling better. You were right to finally taper. Look for avisg she has a puple star after her name. Look in her journals. She has a lot of tram info there. Also check out the Health Pages, bottom right of page and click on 'see all health pages'. There is a wealth of information in there.
Avatar m tn then in the midmoringin around 11 i take 3 tramadol or 4 depending on my mood. with 2 percocets. so i get that high feeling ..only now within an hour or so the buzz is gone and i feel sick to my stomach but if i take 2 more percs it goes away. so by 3 i take another 4 tramadol and 3 more vicodin. and then before bed antoher 4 tramadol and another 3 lets see that totals...16 to 20 50 mg tramadol a day... plus..9 to 12 vicodin a day and 4 to 6 percocets a day..
5050843 tn?1362873926 So I was started taking the 150mg Wellbutrin along with 50mg of Zoloft for about a month and then the next month 150mg Wellbutrin along with 25mg of Zoloft. Now that I am only taking Wellbutrin - it's been about 2 weeks - I feel that the panics attacks are back and I'm a bit lightheaded daily. I want to feel better so I think this is still a "withdrawl" from the Zoloft, but if it doesn't get better in a month I will head back to the Dr. I think Dr.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hello Tramadol Warriors! Top 'o the evening to you and welcome. We're glad you found us! You can do this.
544292 tn?1268886268 You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
544292 tn?1268886268 Day 22 Cold Turkey Tramadol ... I woke up HAPPY. I used to wake up happy all the time, before the Tramadol. Waking up happy is good. Then I tried to move. I had to use my hands and arms to get up out of bed. My body has been pushed as far as it will go. So after trying all my best tricks (aminos, coffee, food, vitamins, water) I finally stopped the struggle and called in sick for work. Tomorrow will be a busier day anyhow.
Avatar n tn You are lucky enough to relize already you might be headed for a problem take care of it now before you are here telling us you are taking 20 ultrams a day just to get threw the day ,trust me it does happen we see it all of the time :) avis
544292 tn?1268886268 I sure hope you are all having a nice Holiday. Welcome to the room those who are new. Thank you so much for finding us. I know you can do this!
544292 tn?1268886268 So happy to see all of you, and welcome new friends. This is a good place to be if you want to get off Tramadol ... You can do it!
544292 tn?1268886268 Over the years of recovery and reading about others, seeing others recover the main thing I have learned is that everyone's life is better without being a slave to Tramadol. You might be stuck and scared right now, but you can make the decision to get yourself off the hamster wheel of Tramadol dependency and even addiction. You don't have to live that way. There's lots of people here to help.