Can you take suboxone with xanax

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Avatar n tn Is it OK for an oxy abuser to take xanax with suboxone to calm down anger and short temperment ?
Avatar f tn Most people find as long as they still have access to the pills they take them, you gotta cut off your supply. I can tell you with me I was in contstant withdrawal with the xanax because they have such a short half life, I was on 1 mg at night but I'd feel so awful every day at that low dose. You might be really making things harder on yourself staying on the xani's - I would start weaning down as it will take some time and just get off those - they are not worth it.
186166 tn?1385262982 I was on them for about 8 years. Your son hopefully doesn't drink, because that could be fatal. Can you have a dr. supervise the taper? That would absolutely be the best thing. Xanax can cause seizures if not tapered slowly. It took me a very long time to taper...till I was down to maybe a crumb! Hopefully you can get him to a dr. soon. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I am not a doc and everyone is different but if yo are on xanax for long term management of anxiety I would try kolonipin. If it dosen't work you can always go back to xanax. My doc also prescribed welbutin 300mg xr. Any comments on this? I am a bit wary of taking two anti depressants but he said thry are different types of anti-depress any thoughts? I have major, debilitating depression and anxiety, however it is controlled by meds.
Avatar m tn if you do not know the side effects and drug interractions of the medications you are on and discuss them with your physician it can be dangerous. some physicians will not allow sub/xanax as it lowers the seizure threshold. with that said many physicians feel certain patients can safely take xanax and sub together. especially if there xanax use has been long term for a diagnosis of panic/anxiety.
884943 tn?1241662998 The norco was bad then this s**t is worse. Dont take suboxone it just prolongs the wd. One day at a time.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much. You have made me feel alot better. Do you think it's safe to take a .25 of xanax today being as I haven't taking the suboxone since last night at 5:30 and am not planning on taking it at all today. I was up all night with anxiety about this.
Avatar f tn I'm also a little curious as to the doses you stated you take. For starters, the dose of the Suboxone shouldn't be fluctuating, it should be a stable dose. What is your actual prescribed dose of Sub, and how long have you been on it? Are you adhering to the dosage instructions? What were you put on the Subs for? What kind of opiate were you using that warranted the Suboxone? Also, the Xanax dose range is quite wide, 4-8 mg. How is the Xanax prescribed?
Avatar m tn Suboxone is a half opiate thats settles on thoses recepters in your brain where hydros, oxy, and ect. just keeps flowing through your recepers giving you the narcotic high. while you take suboxone u basically wouldnt feel the effects of opiates in short you dont get high. suboxone doesnt get you high but at a high dose you can experience methodone effects being for me not high just about to crash I havent slept for 3 days. this is the best why I can explain suboxone.
Avatar f tn Hey, I just read back on 7/08 where you said you detoxed off methadone too. wow so you know how I feel dont you? The reason I feel so bad is because I also missed sat. and sunday. I dosed monday. I was also taking a ton of xanax over the weekend and w/ding off of them too.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering how long I would need to wait until the dope would have any effect on me. If I take Xanax with it, would that help overcome the blocking action of the suboxone? I heard somewhere, that if you wait 7 hours after your last dose of suboxone, you can get high, but I have no idea if that's true. I apologize for posting such a negative comment, but my past couple of days have been horrifyingly bad, and I'm at my wits end.
Avatar f tn So my questions are can you use the kratom with the suboxone and can I still take the vitamins with the suboxone. I know i can't use the xanax with the suboxone but I am so desperate. I think my marriage is going down the tubes because of this. My husband has this horrible addicton too but he can't handle worrying about the both of us. I just stopped my paxil a few weeks bqack because it was having adverse effects on me.I dont want to try another anti-depressent untill i stop the oc's.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately I have never been on subs so I am not the right person to help you but we have a lot of folks on here who can and will help you. Many of the peeps that need to talk to you aren't here yet but please be patient and keep checking back on your posting. As the day goes on you WILL get responses and the support you need. In the meantime read other postings, do a search for postings that have sub, suboxone and subutex in the title...that will also help you a ton.
Avatar f tn just talk with ur doctor and let him help you decide what route to take..My oppinion is that suboxone has leterally saved my life!!!
314128 tn?1226861220 So far I am happy with the way I feel and I look forward to the day when I take nothing. Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn I said this before I think you guys would be good candidates for suboxone exp. Tim You are worry free from pills, And if you do it short term you got it made in the shade!
Avatar f tn I hope someone will come along who can give you the benefit of some experience with Suboxone. It's actually something I've been thinking about trying, except that my physical symptoms really aren't that bad - it's the emotional and psychological part I'm struggling with. I'd be interested to know if Subox helps with the panic attacks, depression and despair.
Avatar f tn My son's 4 year daughter comes in in the middle of the night and crawls in bed with them. I can understand why my son is so depressed. Thank you for your information. Please pray for my son and me. I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Avatar f tn Hi and Welcome. I seen this over at the "Living with a Addict". So was he put on the Subs for his prior drug use?? If he is in a re-hab they will try to taper him down in there. Once he is through his physical w/d he will have to come back home and have to do a whole new life style change. Addiction is a life time disease and there is no cure. We have to work on Recovery min by min, day by day.
Avatar f tn You are on a lot, that's why I said do some research and find a good sub dr... Worse case You can try in on your own and you are in a state that THC can help with the night issues. But if you want to do the straight and narrow... Having tried yourself and failed to come off on your own... No shame in getting medical help. You will need to decrease the benzo (one of the few life threatening meds for withdrawal). I say subs short term may be better. But that's my experience.
Avatar f tn So find out if this dr allows benzo's. Don't volunteer any info. Do you take a benzo every day? You need at least 16mg of suboxone to take away the cravings. You may have mild headaches and mild nausea for the first week until the body adjusts to the drug. I going on six months and every day has been like the old days.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, it's been a long long time since I have posted but I have a few questions about clonidine? Can it be used with suboxone? Can it be used with xanax? Which is better to help ease w/d's from oxy's. I had a pretty good habbit then i got down to one 80 a day about 1 or two days a week, thats it, but the last two weeks its been more often. I've gone through w/d's before and I keep worrying about the anxiety and sleepless nights. I have two small kids and no one knows about this.
Avatar f tn I'm sure you are working with the doctor that perscribes the suboxone for you but I can tell you it is possible...I'm sure you have to go a little slower in reducing the suboxone when youre pregnant...but you should be able to be off of it by the time you have the baby. My job is substance abuse and we detox people off of suboxone all the time..while it is difficult and doesnt come without some pain....I commend you for doing this for your baby! Hang in there and stay strong!!
Avatar f tn Can you take an=mbien while on suboxone? I also take xanax, not alot, to help ease the anxiety of w/d's. Im almost at day 3 and so far I feel good this time. I dont mean in the sense that i have no w/d symptoms, id defintiely do, but I feel like this time might actually be the one where i dont go back. Only time will tell I know but if this is as bad as it will get for me then i think ill be ok.
3098104 tn?1401916185 - How long were you on xanax and how much we're you taking? - When did you stop xanax? - Did you taper? If so, how much were you taking when you quit? - How long were you on Sub, and at what dose? - When did you stop taking Sub? - Did you taper? If so, what dose were you taking when you quit? The Amino Acid Protocal we're both on hopefully will really kick in pretty quick. I'v been on it now only 1 week but even that seems to be taking it's time.
Avatar m tn If a doctor says it is safe for you to take, milkthistle is known for cleaning the liver. That is not a mention so you would think you can continue taking vicodin and be ok, just letting you know, it never hurts to clean the liver with a natural herb (providing you consult with your doctor before using it). In my non professional opinion, until you can talk to your doctor ASAP, taper down on them both.
Avatar n tn its me your doctor is helping you get off subs with oxys? Did he tell you to take 14 in one day ? There will be know no way to aviod wds sooner or later your going to have to go threw some tapering will help a bit but will not get rid of them altogether .
Avatar n tn I really think, and others may disagree, that it all depends on how you take it and how you think of it. If it helps you, then I would take it - correctly (but that's just me). If u don't have an addiction problem then it shouldn't matter (and from what I read earlier, you don't). As long as you don't abuse, you really should be ok and when your ready to come off = just wean. Anyway - my opinion and I know that they are hard to come off of if you have a problem with them and all.
Avatar n tn The reason I ask is because some clinics out there will not allow you to take any kind of benzo, even with a doctors order. Every clinic is different though :) Good luck!
Avatar n tn The problem with xanax is it is a short acting drug..That is why you need to take more per day.. You have been on this medication a very long time so I would insist to your Dr. that you need help..You can die from withdrawals or have a stroke,seizures etc..If your Dr. is not taking this serious than you need to find another Dr..I know we talked awhile back and I had suggested slowly tapering but I that was befor I knew how long you had been on this..