Can you take suboxone with percocet

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Avatar n tn its me your doctor is helping you get off subs with oxys? Did he tell you to take 14 in one day ? There will be know no way to aviod wds sooner or later your going to have to go threw some tapering will help a bit but will not get rid of them altogether .
Avatar f tn There are quite a few over the counter supplements that can be of help. You can find the amino acid protocol in the health pages which can be found in the upper right hand side of the screen. If you go cold turkey the worst of the physical symptoms will last around a week or so. For most days 3 and 4 are the worst and come day 5 you start feeling better and better. I would recommend getting the items for the amino acid protocol and starting them right away.
Avatar f tn Do you have someone close to you that can give you the pills, so that you won't be able to take more? Good Luck!
Avatar m tn I can't believe it but I've been off them a year and you can do it too! I think you should be completely honest with your doctor. He will understand, not be shocked and will help you through this. He cannot write your condition on a sick note because it violates doctor patient confidentiality laws . Its strickly between you and him. Don't be scared. You can do this! We will help. Don't lose everything to the devil! He is a liar!
Avatar f tn The two or three first days of withdrawals are pretty bad, but their not unbelievable. If you have a good doctor you can get on Suboxone, but I;ve never tried, though I've heard lots of success stories. I just gritted my teeth and before I knew it it was over. That was just recently Im currently trying to get off fentanyl which is nasty but Im sort of used to it from detoxing of Percocet.
Avatar m tn Yes, you took that Sub too soon after the Percocet. Generally, you must be in moderate wd's before you take suboxone. I'm not sure why you did this and I don't recommend taking anymore sub. You'll just have to struggle through while the sub wears off and it may be several more hours from now. It has a longer half life than most opiates other than methadone. Also, if you decide to take some more Percocet, you may not feel any effect because the sub will block it.
Avatar f tn suboxone is good as long as you dont just switch from the pain meds over to it and just stay on it so i would suggest you start tapering your dose of suboxone down as soon as possible because since you are 10 days clean of the pain meds you are past the time you would have been in physical withdrawal from them so you can start to come off of the suboxone so tapering off of it would be your best bet and im not sure if im allowed to say a taper method on here without getting in trouble but if you
Avatar n tn If he, and you,just stop now and get through the weekend, you will both be feeling better by Monday. Trust me. You can do this as well. If you both want to quit, now is the time to grab the reigns and do it. Just get it over with. YOu can have your lives back in no time. Believe me, before it gets worst, just get out now. Welcome to MH...
893913 tn?1245514493 Hi there!!! Ok....first of all. I am so proud of you. I am on the same thing!!! I was taking 7 pills.....4 to 5 times a DAY. Thst's 28 to 35 pills a day. How many are you taking in a day???? I have tried sooooooo many times to get OFF this ****. I couldn't.....because I couldn't take how I was feeling. So you are sooooo much more stronger then I am. Nobody knew I was on these. Not even my husband and 4 kids. I drained our bank accounts. We are in soooo much debt.
Avatar f tn Hey Michelle, I agree with avisg, leave the Percs. behind. I have good news and bad news for you......The good news is that the volume of your Suboxone Dependency is not high. The bad news is that you can be sick up to 5-6 weeks getting off Sub. It's the gift that keeps giving. I was, and on a larger amount than you..... I'm now clean after going through HELL. If you really want this, You can do it.............. We are here to support you.
Avatar n tn Now I did forget to mention, if you take a percocet, and then take a suboxone to soon after, you will go into immediate w/d's, because the suboxone actually fights the other opiate in your system, and knocks it off of your receptors, but then the subxone does not attatch itself to the receptors either, and it is what they call precipiated withdrawl's. You can read about that on suboxone's site www.suboxone.
Avatar f tn Am I a candidate for suboxone if I take ten percocet tens a day and use coricidin on a regular basis?
217599 tn?1202854552 But suboxone is actually narcan and bupe(not the whole name cant ever remember exactly how its spelled haha) and the bupe is the opiod and narcan is what will throw you into withdrawal if you take it to soon after taking pain meds and im sure you have heard if you do take a pain med while on suboxone you will go right into withdrawal which is completely untrue it is only the other way around so if you take a pain med and 4 hours later take suboxone you are going to be hurting but if you take s
Avatar f tn After so many mg (24mg or so, not sure) you cannot get any higher.If you take more then prescribed you could have a adverse reaction. Suboxone is a schedule 3 drug, same schedule as Vicodin. Morphine, oxycodone, methadone, demarol, adderol, are schedule 2. Meaning schedule 2 is described as being more addictive. You take Suboxone by placing a dissolving Tablet under your tongue. It is meant to be prescribed for long or short term opitate dependancy treatment.
591616 tn?1225462048 I definitely am not a doctor, but I would hope there is something you can take that will be easier to come off. She is still struggling. I'm hoping this weekend will be a big turn around for her.
Avatar f tn For example, you say 2-3 Percocet, stop doing the occasional 3rd, even if you want it. The lower you get the less you want to drop. If you end it on a Thursday, you'll have to make it through Friday and then there's the weekend. If you aren't able to work by Monday, use the old flu excuse. You should be good enough to work in a couple more days, then you have the excuse of getting over something if you have some lingering discomfort.
Avatar n tn At the end of ths other quarter century n my life,Ive come to understand reality,Ive learn to live life on lifes terms and guess its hard to live n a world with someone you dont know or understand and like it or not you can be anything you choose the bottom line all things come from this earth and god created that and it is his play ground and no MAN can change that anything man does is merely liken to Gods image of the original.
Avatar n tn I have been on suboxone for 3 1/2 months. I take 1mg or half a pill. My question is what will happen if I relapse and start taking ultram? Will the naloxone stop the ultram from re-addicting me? It is a partial opiod blocker how would that make my body react to the possible re-introducing of the ultram? Thank You Sincerely, S.
Avatar m tn You don't get the full stimulation that comes from full opiate agonists like Percocet, Vicodin or OxyContin. This may be particularly important to you. Suboxone may only be a partial agonist but it's ability to bind to the receptor is extreme. If Suboxone is given to someone using full agonist opiates the Suboxone will push those meds off the receptors and Suboxone takes its place.
Avatar n tn As far as I know. My company has two programs for addiction,#1 If you are caught with drugs in you when they do randoms they will send you to treatment for 30 days if you get caught after that well you know the answer.#2 If someone was to go to management and tell them they have a prob they would send you to treatment. I just do not want anyone to know because of my job class,and just plain out being ashamed everytime I walked in to the plant. Good luck,and keep your head up.
Avatar m tn As I stated earlier, there is no harm in trying to use suboxone as a detox aid. You can cross the cravings issue as it arises. All the best on your journey. Kind regards jeremy. Recovered ex-Addict.
Avatar f tn I'll tell you---a few years from now you will be back here asking how to get off of the Suboxone. Suboxone is not for everyone but can be a great tool to help you get your life together, IF used properly. So, do your homework---don't just jump in. Let us know how you are doing.
307401 tn?1194835748 YOu can NOT take opiates with Sub.. They do not give you opiates to put you to sleep for oral surgery, just sedatives..
Avatar m tn Why are you switching to Percocet after taking Sub, which leans toward helping you get off of the Percocet?
Avatar f tn Its a different type of opiate, it doesnt cause really any euphoric feelings, the highest dose you can take is 32mgs, after that it doesnt work any better but can make you really sick. Now she wont be able take her ms contin while on suboxone, although I have heard of people still taking opiates while on subutex but I dont know if they helped or not. I really wish things work out for you, you could call the suboxone hotline and ask them some questions about what it does for pain relief.
1143932 tn?1262354773 it wont have an effect on you at all and why would you take another opiate how much sub were you on and how many did you fall short bye instead of continuing the cycle of abuse why don't you come clean with your doctor what recovery care are you getting.
Avatar n tn I highly reccommend, for reasons of better success rates and much easier withdrawl and coming down off opiates - that you look into inpatient care with Suboxone to get you off. So many people spend a lot of time trying to do this on their own. The truth is that the addiction and the drug are so much stronger than you think... you've already admitted, it's all you're thinking about and you don't even know what to fill your day with other than that - it's powerful.
Avatar n tn How long and how much can you take before addiction sets in? I can not go through another withdrawl... A week????
Avatar f tn How is your pain right now from the injury? I can not believe they sent you home with percocet knowing your addiction to opiates?? You need to get off these quick before it spirals again. Ask your doc for a nonnarcotic pain medication like naxopren or something. Than get back on suboxone if that worked so well for you- I believe it saved my life personally! :) However, first off make sure you do this all throuhg a doctor and second off I would only suggest suboxone treatment for short term.