Can you take ambien and xanax together

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491910 tn?1209369793 You might want to see if the Dr will switch you to say lunesta and see if you can use that while getting off ambien or when you tapered low enough to jump and switch. Good luck.
Avatar f tn You have the Ambien that will help..maybe just take the Xanax as needed to cut back and give it up soon..Both meds are addicting so please be careful. Good Job on giving up the Trams..I know those w/ds can be just as bad as my Methadone with my 2 other meds..Good Job!!
Avatar n tn Have you actually been there? How long did it take from where you live and have you relapsed? I have to get up and do something every day, whether its work, or take care of my animals, or go places, so I can't be zonked out on clonodine. There is no easy answer for me, is there?
Avatar n tn If I need something for sleep, I find just half a miligram of Xanax to be an effective sleep aid and it doesn't give you the jitters like some sleeping meds can do. Hope that answers some questions.
Avatar f tn never slept, i am a mother of 3 my two older daughter one moved away, one is 19 afraid to leave me alone, but im ruining her life, she goes to college, she is constantly leaving school to take me to emergency rooms, i used to have kaiser but my job cut it off, cause ive supposedly been off work for 6 months, i m addicted to ativan, xanax clonopan does nothing for me, just ativan , now im on ambien, hydrochlordozite for high blood pressure, stopped prozac now im on effexor, i was on disability,
Avatar n tn LISTEN to your body. If you FEEL tired at a certain time of the day, lie down for a while and take a BRIEF nap. NO naps of 3-4 hours, that will wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. About an hour is plenty...enough time to sort of "reset" yourself. For now, just be paient with're going to get disgusted because your sleep patterns will be off until you readjust to NOT taking the Ambien.
Avatar n tn Tell me, did you gradually ramp up to that dosage? And does the Ambien get you high before you sleep? Do you ever take it when you don't intend to sleep? Just curious. I've tried it a few times, and it always put me out before I knew what hit me. Ambien is a schedule IV controlled substance, so your doc is bound to do something. Do you really think your doc would hospitalize you for this? Perhaps you could taper down over a few weeks.
Avatar n tn I'm also wanting to get off the Ambien 10's and xanax .5 x2 a day. Maybe it is okay to be on the xanax and the Ambien as I sleep right through the night but I guess I'm just terrified of being on what I think might be too much. Please if you would share your wean off stories that have worked with any of the 3 meds that I've mentioned I would be very grateful.
Avatar n tn ALL benzodiazapenes (Ativan, xanax, clonapin) are very addictive, and if you take them every day and then stop you WILL go through withdrawls - which can be extremely uncomfortable. I had to go to an inpatient hospital program for a week to stop Xanax. I wish that Trazodone had kept working for me, but at least it wasn't hard to stop. The only real side effect I had from it is fatigue - and if you get up in the night, you might be dizzy and could faint or run into something.
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Avatar n tn Ok there are time you may need little more just go and take little but by the next day you can go on by with thr reduction. I am one of the few and i had a major problem to quiet and i was in a different enviroment and it was too hard but i did.
361662 tn?1204239310 I am sleeping a little more now thanks to sleepy teas my wife prepared for me. I will never take Xanax again. You can do it too, just like I did. Be strong! You will be glad you did!
684343 tn?1231434440 it happens to everyone even ppl without any substance abuse or use, but it is more common with substance users, that will explain your memory problems, what dose of xanax were you taking and how long? if you had wd's from xanax you would need to have been on it for more tahn 6 months and one at least 3 or mgs day, the more mgs and length the more severe the wds are..
Avatar n tn you have to look deep inside yourself and have faith and a positive attitude that you can and will reduce and get off, this sounds easy but you can imagine how much harder it really is. i have gone to 15mg a day to now 6mg and on the way down from there. excercise is one of the best tools you can use, it gets your mind off it and releases natural chemicals in your body that almost fel like you just took a xanax. i have a brother in law that is addicted to working out, the indorfins sp?
432009 tn?1304753441 Where do I go from here? Should I drop my evening dose first? I take Ambien 10 mg. for sleep, and it's high effective. Thanks.
Avatar m tn People who get off xananx then relapse and take them again can die from thinking they can take 7 mgs again, know what I mean? I can I say I did not wd's when I switched. I just didn't feel as calm I once was. I probably never will again but then I also am not living in that zanax cloud like I did for 20 yrs.
Avatar m tn My muscles seem to get too floopy or weak when the spasms/stiffness are removed. On the worst nights I take low dose Xanax and Darvocet together. I've able to fall asleep and stay asleep with the CPAP remaining on. Wearing the CPAP for as many hours each night as possible makes most everything from my BP, to fatigue, to pain, to weight loss go better. Since I sleep drugless as often as possible, this combo has remained effective for me over time.
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Avatar m tn When you reduce the ambien dosage, how long does it take for any withdrawals to pass and to stabilize? When you reduce, is there any rule of thumb on how much to reduce? My Dr. said to cut it in half, from 20 to 10, and then the next week cut it from 10 to 5, but I'm not sure I can go that fast - not sure how bad the withdrawals would be if I did that, and I'm still looking for something to keep me asleep past 4am.
Avatar n tn you get stressed and anxious and worked what do you do? take a pill? thats easy. however, if you listen to your body, it's saying it doesn't like it and you need to fix it. finding out HOW to fix it is the journey. obviously you still have to go to work.....but it's how you go about doing it that makes all the difference. i like classical music. i also like very old country/gospel. i like music from the 20's and 30's. all these things help me relax while i'm doing my 'yoga' stuff.
Avatar f tn When I stopped xanax and Ambien I had itching too, and pins and needles and crawlies all over that lasted about 3 or 4 months but it did lessen. I hate to say this but I never really got the severe leg and bottom of the feet itching to stop until I started taking another antidepressant. I had come off to see how I did with nothing in my system and the answer was: not good! lol Also I had wanted to see if it was contributing to my sleep problems but it wasn't.
Avatar n tn I am on cloud nine counting down the days till I leave.....and I really wnat to do lunch with the both of you,,can you imagine what heaven will be like when we take em by storm someday?
Avatar n tn I have the same question as Tinks343747. I go to the Dr. next week and am considering the switch. I have been on1 mg. 4x daily of xanax and am thinking it is not working anymore. My attacks have been getting more and more frequent even with it. Sometimes I have to take 5 - never more because it scares me. I have been doing this for five years now. I have full blown "I am having a heart attack" panic. Sweating, chest pain, shaking, thinking for sure this is my last day on earth.
439168 tn?1307935340 If you want, you have the option of getting a second opinion from another psychiatrist, who is a bipolar isorder expert on the meds you are on. Ask your doctor and/or your insurance how you can get a second opinion, if you aren't satified with the answers your doctor gives you. When I got better for a lot longer I was still on a lot of meds. It was more than 5. I was on 7. The last one added on was effective enough to work on it's own.
Avatar f tn 00 and I am still awake I also take xanax 1/2 hour before my ambien and I do not sleep through the night I am up at least 6 times. I was thinking about stopping it if it does do damage to your body. but after 11 years it may be hard to do.
Avatar n tn and stopping or running out is going to make you feel antsy, irritable with some depression and you may have pain. If you have no stomach problems you could take an NSAID (Aleve). I think what your feeling is mostly from the xanax. The mean elimination half-life of alprazolam (xanax) is about 11 hours in healthy adults. With multiple doses, given 3 times daily, steady state is reached within 7 days. This means with a half life of approx. 11 hrs. that the med is in your system for approx.
1069644 tn?1276932463 I welcome any info about either drug as well. Best of luck to you mnkyluvr68, you can do it and when it gets too intense you know you have your xanax to fall back on to help.
Avatar m tn there is something you can get OTC that is compairable to valuim..i say be carefull with the trams, thats another prob, are they given to you by doc? if so takin them a few days might not hurt, however when detoxing cross addiction can happen easy..the blood presurre meds, is that because you have underlying health issues?
Avatar f tn Sadly, I too have had these problems for as long as I can remember. When I was an infant, I would get into a doggie style position and bang my head so violently into the wall that I would put holes in the sheetrock. As I got a little older I would lay on my back and turn my head to and fro also violently. I had deleloped scabs and then scars on both sides of my chin. Now I am 47 years old and I lay on my side and rock my legs back and forth to fall asleep.