Can you mix suboxone and xanax

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541465 tn?1219431486 The clinic should have a card that they can pass out that tells you what medications can put you into withdrawal and what can cause an overdose. I have one at home and I keep it handy. Good luck to you but my opinion would be not to take it.
Avatar f tn Oh, and I also tried Kratom, after reading some posts about it a few days ago. So my questions are can you use the kratom with the suboxone and can I still take the vitamins with the suboxone. I know i can't use the xanax with the suboxone but I am so desperate. I think my marriage is going down the tubes because of this. My husband has this horrible addicton too but he can't handle worrying about the both of us.
Avatar f tn Katie there is SO much going on here and I see pros and cons about this. First of all you do not want to just stop the Xanax. It can be dangerous and some have had sez. Let me tell you a bit about my own experience when I did c/t off 3 meds at once. When it was the hydo/oxys it was bit less intense and did not go on as long, however, I played the game to get the Methadone prescribed. All of this went on for over 16 yrs and 12 on the dones. I had surgery and was going to be tapered.
Avatar f tn The only reason they put nal in suboxone was to keep rights to the drug and make money. That crap makes you sick and I'm sick of seeing people respouting the crap the drug company reps sold these quack doctors to get them to prescribe suboxone and not subutex because it went generic.
210982 tn?1280987495 My question is this...does Suboxone make you high if you take too many? Can you mix Suboxone with other pain meds and if so what will happen? What happens if you mix Suboxone with alcohol? My friend said that her sister and her mom got into an argument and her sister said, "Fine, me and Haley and Kelsy and Kassidy will just go to bed!" Well Kassidy isn't even on this trip. Then my friend went in to talk to her sister and her sister said Haley is about to go to bed...
Avatar n tn ( Its WILL kill you she had taken the combination a dozen times, but this time it took her! She had very high tolerance but she couldn't hold up to it! She sat there in the recliner and stopped breathing and shattered my world! Its a family illness so if not for yourself spare your family the unbearable hurt!
621290 tn?1226723861 yes in reality you can take both, but you need to be very careful. no, most likely, you wont die, but ttaking such a potent upper and downer at the same time plays some major tricks on your brain..your blood pressure and temp. want to go up, and at the same time you have major respirtatory depression, slowed breathing, so it definitely in no way benefits your body in anyway. I was on 32 mgs daily of suboxone for 8 months but after shattering my wrist I switched to a methadone treatment.
Avatar f tn I have found that Sub's donot mix with alot of things........I noticed when i drink coke or coffe i get a headache. Also if you take an Ambien to go to sleep , the next day you will have bad headache. I'm still trying to figure out what stuff doesnt mix with Sub. I think some foods are a problem to.
Avatar f tn These both contain supplements that will help ease the withdrawal. In addition, take as many hot baths as you can to ease those aching muscles. Stay hydrated and try and keep some food down. It is important to stay as healthy as you can during this time. Exercise is also a good one. Even if it is only a brief walk, it will help. Stay positive and stay focused. You CAN do this. We can talk about aftercare in a few days, for now, get through the physical. Keep posting here.
Avatar n tn but there is no high which is good and it does demisnish your cravings. after a few weeks on this and then you can decide if you want to can then start to ween off of this it is worth it.
Avatar f tn A friend gave us 2 8mg suboxone's and about 10 2mg xanax bars. I know you can't mix the xanax with suboxone, but what about the anti-depressents. A few times when we stopped we've taken suboxone and its helped alot with the whole cravings and energy thing. We are over the physical parts of the w/d's ....sort of. We are just always tired but cant sleep, very anxious, i cry a lot, and NO energy at all. would it hurt us to use 1/4 pieces as needed to help with those feelings?
Avatar f tn 25mg of xanax for a short time and it was fine. The danger with xanax and suboxone is when the xanax is abused and taken at much higher doses, so I would not recommend doing that. I guess the question I would ask is do you really want to be clean? If so, keep working with your doctor, follow his instructions and take the subutex as directed - stay away from the other pills. Get some other support through an NA meeting or from others on this site.
Avatar m tn You can't take Xanax with it because they are both respitory depressants and you COULD die if you mix respitory despressants i am not saying you will die but you could. Just call your doctor. I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU ASK A DOCTOR RATHER THAN A FORUM. THE ONLY REASON I KNOW THEY ARE BOTH RESPITORY DEPRESSANTS IS FROM HEATH LEDGER'S the actor WHO JUST DIED.
Avatar m tn You REALLY want to do this the right way, and the SAFE way. If you mix benzos, alcohol and have a VERY good chance of getting very sick...then you won't be able to properly assess how the sub is working, and the doc may tell you it isn't for you. Just a bad idea all around hon. YOU know yourself best, so you would know how long it would take for you to be in significant w/ds (moderate, doesn't have to be severe), so THAT'S how you judge when you take your last opiate dose.
Avatar m tn When I was your age I was on around the same mg of hydro(me 90mg a day) and Xanax that you are on now. By the way.. Legitimate back pain and anxiety. Ten yrs is a really long story so I'm going to skip to today. I'm coming off of 120mg oxycodone(snorted) and 3mg of Xanax a day habit. You wanna talk about an expensive habit. That's $135 a day for both. Not to mention the soma I threw in the mix. This is not my first detox. I have miserably failed countless times in the past four years.
Avatar f tn I think you are used to how the percs were making you feel and the xanax in best description brings you back to a normal feeling. No real high from it. Be careful its highly addictive.. You won't even know what hit you.
296875 tn?1217463223 narcaan/revia/naloxone whatever you want to call it anytime you mix an opiate with an opiate blocker problems can occour, more clinical info can be found on this if you google long term affects on narcaan, if your friend is interested in getting clean suboxone may not be the right choice, most people who get on sub stay on it for atleast a year, same with methadone, these drugs are designed for long term use, it comes down to a personal descion, maybe her doctor thought she was abusing her meds
538697 tn?1218415082 There is another forum out there on the web that is tailored to Buprenorphine treatment and can give you just loads of information about short and long term suboxone treatment. If you would like, ovt message me on this site and I can give you the link. you may have been there already before. I wish you the best of luck with your detox. Happy to hear you are no longer in pain!!! Please keep up the positive attitude you have goin, and keep us posted on your success!!!
Avatar f tn hi, I have been on suboxine since June. I had taken xanax for 20 yrs. The suboxine dr told me that xanax & klonopin are the worst to take with sub's. You can take to much xanax & pass out and poss die. Especially xanax in large quanties. Beleive it or not my sub dr gave 2mg valium for anxiety. In my drug yrs I would have taken 40,50 mgs a day of valiums, always got them off the street, xanax i had a script for.. Now I take 2 mgs 3 times a day.
5775599 tn?1452752881 as for the nodding off your dose is the problem so weening off will help that I am also Bi polar so I know what your going threw if you choose to go on sub you have to taper down to 20mg to do the switch tapering can be done the slower the better and if you decide to go on the sub you may just be traiddnig addictions keep posting for support.....
781880 tn?1238114088 One suggestion Id make is to try and get at or below 1mg of suboxone before you quit. You said your taking 1/4morning and 1/4 at night so your at 4mgs right now, the lower the dose that you jump off at is for the better. I actually tapered down to a tiny crumb of a 2mg tablet(around .25mgs) before I quit, it was still pretty tough to kick. You may want to look into the health pages and check out the amino acid protocol or the thomas recipe, it could be beneficial to you when you quit.
7474434 tn?1391194108 Thanks for great post you just provided and for the informative way you laid it out, by the way i would have happily given Hitler my detox, and everyone's else's too, haha! I hope you can get online in there so you can keep checking in and let us know how you're doing! Keep your head up and stay focused. You should start to feel yourself getting better within the next week, not long my friend!
267243 tn?1189759435 hey welcome, since you have been on for 3 months at a fairly high dose (from my extensive research that is a high dose to stay at for that long) you will more than likely have issues getting off of it. But now you are aware, and can start to taper appropriately. From what I have read, anyone who stays on a higher maintence dose of Sub has withdrawls and trouble tapering.. maintence doses of Sub were supposed to be 2-4mgs.. not 12-32mgs..
Avatar n tn It was was made for MS patients but I will tell you this and you can google it and see for yourself. Baclofen was found to stop withdrawl symptoms for opiates.. He may have those as back up in case he runs out of his pills. If he is on suboxone he should not need baclofen which is why is probably has not noticed you have confiscated them. Also, to ease your mind baclofen does not create the same effect as say a soma. It does not make you drowsy.
Avatar n tn I am no expert, but I have thought so much about it and figure if you are gonna feel like **** anyway, you may as well go ahead and use it until you feel you can go down and then start your taper. Who knows, it is working for her so all we do is time. Time will tell us if this is/was a good idea or not, but good! BKLEEN- sounds like you are doing about the same thing or did it already and that's greatand I would love to know how you went about getting off it in 1 days!
Avatar m tn Once thank you for all the great advice and support. There are soo many people who just pop in to read and you guys/gals really know how to help someone on their last end.
Avatar m tn If you can say when you stopped the Suboxone and what dose you stopped with, we might be able to give you a rough timeline. The thing is, it's different for everyone. And now you're on Kratom which complicates how you're going to do because those receptors are still covered...
616659 tn?1221530015 Just think about how great you can feel when you are sober, all the things you can do when your clean..and able to do certain things again. My suggestion: start focusing on you and set a goal for when you would like to get off of Suboxon completely. Get some counseling and keep posting here! YOU CAN DO THIS! Suboxon is just an aid, you have to want to quit. Get a new doctor, soon, or Tell the doctor how you feel about it...see at he says.
Avatar m tn So with counseling, you need to decide once and for all whether you can accept this, and support and love him anyways, or let him go so you can both be happy. This is a life long illness, and its stressful and many relationships dont survive. But if you want him to survive, the yo yo ing needs to stop. Think about it. He was stable, and you pushed him into stopping medication he needs to please you, and he coulve died. Moving on to suboxone. Yes, I think it can improve things in certain areas.
Avatar f tn org/documents/COWS_induction_flow_sheet.pdf You should not mix xanax with suboxone. I would not reccomend taking the xanax while waiting for your withdrawal to kick in. If you feel you can't make it without it, you need to ask the doctor. Hope this helps.