Can you mix oxycodone and vicodin

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Avatar n tn Now is the time to find out,what apart from the Barbiturate,Benzodiazepine withdrawals is the reason for the Headaches and this is where our science has failed us miserably,basically most of our drugs relieve the symptoms of our illness`s and do not cure the underlying cause,this is the harsh reality that keeps us humans striving for a better way to deal with what is basically in your case a congenital genetic trait,I presume your Specialist has not found the cause and or cannot fix it?
Avatar m tn valerian in a cup with very hot or boiling water and let it steep for about 10 minutes and when it cools down drink it all down. You can add some honey in the mix as the valerian root is sort of bitter. I would avoid using sugar as that may stimulate you hence use the honey. I hope you can get some sleep.
Avatar n tn So glad you found this group. It has been a lifesaver for me and I hope it can help you as well. Most find that withdrawals seem to take 3-5 days for the worst to be over. There are some things you can to to help. Here is what I did and I hope it helps. I kept telling myself...YOU HAVE the FLU! It will be over and I will feel so much better. My brain seemed to get that and settled down a little. It is hard, but doable! The Thomas Recipe (bottom of the page) under Health Pages will help.
Avatar f tn Hi nuronitemare. :) Yes, you should go to the top of this page and click on the "green" button that says Post a Question and re-post this so we can give you the she same help that the original poster received in 2012. When posts are so old most people won't even click to see what is posted now. I, and others, look forward to trying to help you, also. Thanks, Sherry.
Avatar n tn After numerous years of popping pills, I began to realize I just felt like ****, and I didn't want to die. Vicodin, Darvocet, Percodan, Roxicet, etc. can damage your liver and if you drink alcohol on these medicines there is a good chance you already have some kind of liver damage. If that's not enough to scare you then just consider that these medicines in large doses can cause blood clots, and you can be locked up for a felony if you are caught with these without a legal prescription.
Avatar n tn i am truely sorry for your loss, sounds like you have children who obviously need you, and they need you now more than ever, my suggestion would be walk away while you can, and before its too late. i only wish my husband was thinking about it. the xanax that he takes has just made him more depressed, xanax is a benzo, downer and are okay to treat anxiety, but they will bring you further down.
Avatar n tn I can plainly see and feel your addiction to opiates, It doesn't take a rocket scientist. You want to see a shrink and be put on meds and are asking what you are doing to yor health? Think about it for a minute. Buying street drugs? Well, you get the picture I'm sure.
Avatar n tn My last outing I was taking 40 10mg daily for months on end. I got clean and so can you. I've been thru hell and back and understand your fears. I'll be glad to be of any support that I can. Shoot straight with your doc and it will get better. Above all else, shoot straight with yourself. The real trick to this and all drugs isnt quiting, its STAYING quit.
Avatar n tn thank you i do feel alot better today but i dont feel all there yet like iam in lala land what do i do about the no energy part will that get better this seems really weird but it feels good to not wake up and worry about how many pills i have left and how would i get more or the worry of knowing i was going to be sick if i didnt have any now i just need to work on what comes after this i dont feel all the way better yet but i hope soon
Avatar n tn The key is to start it at a dose that is high enough. You just can't go from 75 to 50 to 25 and then off. As you can see, even the 25ug/hr patch is equal to a pretty decent dose of oxycodone. I wouldn't suggest anyone stop from taking almost 70mg a day of oxy abruptly.
Avatar m tn Oxycontin is pure oxycodone in a time release form while percoccet is a mix of oxycodone and another OTC pain reliever. Oxycodone is a stronger narcotic then the narcotic in vicodin which is hydrocodone. Both will cause WD. The WD from oxycodone was always much worse for me then hydrocodone but some say it's the same. What form and strength of oxy were you taking?
Avatar n tn You cannot force a physician to treat you. And think about it. Do you really want a person that doesnt want to be in charge of your body? Maybe you arent ready to quit yet - but it may be time. The test indicates a positive response to a non-prescribed medication. I do not know enough about the test nor the pharmocolgy of mixing the different narcotics to help you there........................Leave the atorney out of his if you are smart..............
Avatar m tn You have to believe that you can do it. And YOU CAN!! My husband and I are both addicted to Lortabs and have recently quit c/t. It was a really rough few days. The urges were killing me. I would start feeling depressed and I knew if I just had one I would feel better. But I stuck it out and so can you. Every time I would get the urge, I would log on here and talk to people. It really helped. I too do not talk about my problem to ANYONE so this made a world of difference to me.
Avatar n tn i do use everyday, and it started w/ only tyl#3 now it is much stronger stuff. the only thing i have left 2 experiment w/is snorting and needles and stuff. i had a very close,rude wakeup call today and i want to stop. i want to quit. i just don't know how 2. i cannot sit in rehab 4 days. i have 2 many kids. how do you just stop?
Avatar n tn yes, I say take all the vitamins, herbs whatever you can get they really help your body detox faster and help you to feel better too....good luck to you, keep posting!!
Avatar m tn You're new on the Zoloft, and have already had a lot of anxiety about it. I wouldn't recommend adding anything else to the mix.
252556 tn?1189759431 I tried it that way myself and like I said c/t was a no go for me. So you have some options there and can try and see which works better. :) In between dr's right now so unsure exactly where it will go from here. I have heard about the clonodine working wonders, so you may just find you feel normal with just that. Or very minimal w/ds. Keep posting, and this is just a suggestion....
Avatar f tn the results of your urinalysis are in and they came back negative for morphine and positive for vicodin, I can only write you one months prescription and you will have to find another pain management doctor"... I was shocked!! I said "No way.. there is a mistake!!! I take my morphine like clockwork!! Every 12 hours!! I get home from filling my prescriptions and I take out 4 seven day pill containers and label them with each date...
Avatar f tn I want you to get through this like you were my own. And you can if you know what to do. I think one of the reasons it's so hard to get the right help, esp. with opiate addiction, is because many tend to think drugs are drugs and generalize that they all work the same. Mind over matter will make quiting easier but education is key so you know what you are fighting. All drugs are not the same.
Avatar f tn I had taken norco/vicodin (about 8-10 pills a day) for the last 2.5 years and I had to check myself into a rehab to detox! They put me on a drug called suvoxone(sp?) to "deal with the withdrawl symptoms" and that seemed to work great until I found out the withdrawl from that would be just as bad and as long. They wanted me to take it for 14 days on a taper down from 8mg to 4mg, to 2mg, 1mg and a half.
669241 tn?1236267944 i took them along side lyrica and requip and clonazapam and diazapam but they dont mix well with some drugs make you tired.
1198664 tn?1368651412 That's amazing, and again, give yourself credit and know that if you can get through this sober, you can do anything. On one last note, I used to work at a pain mgmt clinic too. Being around all these people getting all these pills made me think about using all the time, and I did. They didnt' have pills at the clinic, but it didn't help at all with me trying to get on the right path. I eventually got fired as well for some dumb reason, but in retrospect, I'm glad.
Avatar n tn the withdrawal usually last 10day to 2 weeks coming off 15mg it will start to get beeter ofter that then its the energy crash and sleeping problems you have to deal with no for some a month and the whole thing is over for most its a 60 to 90 day grind back to feeling human again if you can get up to walmart and pick up some whey protein shak mix its 15 bucks for a 2lb can and it has th amino acids in it as well as extra vitamins along with raw protien all of witch the brain neds to heal this is
Avatar n tn The counselor stated that it starts to get a little harder at around 20 mgs, you can experience discomfort. PATRICE....I remember when you started and felt fantastic, I was the same way but started to crave again so they upped my dose so I could reach a blocking dose. I started to think it wasn't possible because after an increase of 5mgs week by week it seemed to only hold me for 2 weeks . Now I have been at 70mgs. for 1 month and I have finally arrived. No more cravings.
Avatar m tn If you are dealing with anxiety and depression and medication just isn't working, or maybe it is and you need something a little therapy is amazing. Even for people that don't have any issues it would be great. If you reseach patient reviews of various anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications they are typically rated between 5-6.5/10, while talk therapy consistently recieves reviews around 9/10 by patients. (these numbers are from revolutionhealth.
2071339 tn?1331495395 I makes it easier to talk to someone that can relate instead of people that will look down on you like you failed them. I know that I can beat this! The cold feeling is really bothering me when I go outside in a sweat shirt in 70+ degree weather and look like a weirdo. Is this a normal side effect because I haven't seen any complaints of this on like discussions?
1171003 tn?1267075703 He takes an occasional vicodin but it's every few months when the pain is so bad he can't sleep. Foods, what you drink and how you live is key to how you will be able to function. Vicodin is such a tricky one, it helps temporary and for me gave me rebound headaches, stomach issues and mood changes. Gabapentin is something I take when my nerve pain is very bad but has so many side effects and I only take when I need it. I too was prescribed Provigil, it's the new speed for fm people.
544292 tn?1268886268 You can quit tramadol. You can stop. You can recover. I believe in you!
Avatar f tn It's you that has to change and only you can make that change. I don't know your situation, you haven't even said what kind of pills you were on, only that you were taking 40 a day, or what dosage of Sub you're on. However, if I were you I'd look at a short term time limit on Sub, just long enough to get past the worst part of the withdrawals symptoms of the Drug Of Choice you're addicted to now, and not long enough to become addicted to Sub. I'm talking a week tops.
Avatar m tn I would not worry about the work thing right now.Great that you quit smoking.You can call the doctor and tell him you want to cancel the script because they are making you sick.That will be no lie.They are.