Can you lose weight by running everyday

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Avatar f tn You should be shooting around -2 lbs a week. Keep in mind at first (when you have excess weight) you'll lose weight very quickly, and as you get skinnier it gets a little harder. If you ever find yourself at a plateau, where you're not losing anymore weight just drop your calorie intake a little more. Its as simple as that! I strongly strongly STRONGLY advise you do some workouts (arms legs chest etc) while you're doing this.
Avatar f tn You need to find your calorie maintenance number and shoot to be calorie deficient by no more that 500 to get the body to lose weight healthily. Exercise at least 4-5 days a week for a min of 30-45 min but no more than 1-1.5 hours. Use weights and interval/circuit training to boosts your bodies metabolic rate and reduce you carb intake to about 20-30% of your total daily calories. Focus more on proteins from lean meats and vegetables such as broccoli.
Avatar f tn I eat so many twix bars, cookies anything I have, it is so sick, I wrote so much to get to the fact that you will lose weight when you just go down a little and the lower you get the more you will lose. I am so grateful of my clinic and the people that work there. Good luck everyone!!
Avatar m tn I smoke and drink on the weekends(way off my calories ranging from about a bottle to a bottle and a half of hard alcohol) Need some advice, I don't want to cut off my drinking as that is my only social life. What can I do to increase my weight lose, I want to get back down to 200 when I was running 12 miles a day.
Avatar f tn The fact that you say you walk 3-6 miles a day tells me you count all walking (shopping etc). If you want to lose weight make a plan. Let's say you have 1 hour daily to devote to walking. Set a starting point and a finish point that you'd like to cover. Let's say you want to walk 3 miles per day. Start out at 2.0 mph and start walking. It should take you 1 1/2 hours to complete your walk.
Avatar n tn , when training ceases, the training effect (increased muscle mass) will also stop; in lamens terms, if you don't use it you lose it. By taking a short break from (no more than 2 to 3 weeks), or reducing the amount of training you are doing (to maybe 5 days/wk rather than 7), you will gradually begin to loose some muscle (at approximately 1/3 of the rate of acquisition). You will not loose ALL of your muscle, but you will get the small reduction you are looking for.
Avatar n tn im think about just making plain old flax a part of my diet because that is the mirracle in napolina,if taking napolina to lose weight i donot suggest u do that,u cant just lose weight by taking something and exspects to keep it off,learning how to eat right and excersice is the key to losing and keeping the weight off,ive lost 50pounds by eating the right foods and working out 5times a week,this week is my last of taking napolina because i have to learn to control my appetit on my own by eatin
Avatar f tn Yes that is really good and you can make it better by adding a little more time or adding the speed of the treadmill but however you are doing great. Goodluck!
Avatar n tn Hey Storidi, Why don't you share what you eat with us? Perhaps we can help you modify your eating habits a little bit see if you can have results. I mentioned this before but I'll just say it again. I am a strong believer that the high-protein, low-carb diet can really give you results fast. Stay under 20 grams of carbs daily and eat all the protein and green veggies you want. Drink a gallon of water and yes, join the gym...GOOD IDEA sweetheart.
Avatar f tn Your weight is average! Go check one of the BMI calculators. You can weight 140lbs and still not be overweight at 5'2"! You might also consider that you are working out. Muscle weighs MORE than fat!
Avatar f tn you are using a lot of weight training, it doesn't make you lose weight fast, you should go for cardio exercise, weight training make the muscle bigger and intense, i would suggest using treadmill or bicycle for increase the heart rate to 60 - 80% maximum heart rate.if you try this advice, you will see the result after a week.
664732 tn?1296826650 and im really starting to be annoyed by the fact of keeping that weight, i dont wanna keep being 145, id like to lose a couple more, even tho im not really OVERWEIGHT, but i feel "chubby" and i HATE my belly and thighs and i think my boobs are to big, i guess theres at least ONE part of the body every woman hates about herself, anyways...
Avatar n tn You can also indulge in running and skipping and you will lose all the extra weight with these activities in the next 6 weeks. The weight you put on last is the first you will lose. The initial fat will go the last. Take care!
Avatar f tn Get your levels stabilised and keep them at an even 'keel' and you should start to lose some weight slowly. But it wont happen overnight. At present, I am roughly 6kgs overweight for my height but ya know what? I dont really care. I am alive and breathing and have got back my quality of life and I would rather have that than to look like a supermodel. Your body has taken a bashing from the thyroid garbage...give it time to heal.
Avatar m tn Can someone please help me and tell me how to eat and what I can do to lose the weight. I am getting so depressed because of this and very unhappy. I can't stand to look in the mirror. Please HELP ME!!!
Avatar n tn Since I have done this regimen, my sugar levels are more steady and I have been able to lose weight. You will gain a little in the first week. After that, you will begin to lose pounds. The reason being is that you will not have to take as meaning shots and you will be tricking your body into thinking it does not have a need to store fat for later use. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I was in your boat and I can tell you something, you can do it! It is difficult but you CAN do it. I am 5'4 and weighed 156 exactly after my last child was born. It took me 14 months but I am now down to 128 and preftty happy with my progress. I work full time and have two children. I set interval goals for myself and also tried a number of things. I finally joined weight watchers online and in conjuction with rejoining the gym I kicked it into high gear.
Avatar f tn but although you may have shown him that you were having to drink (and kids are pretty smart, and pick up on things that we sometimes think that they don't, the amount may not have been noted by your son, but seeing mommy with a drink in her hand , often, is a message to him). you can now teach him that it's not a good idea. You can tell him why.
Avatar f tn The only thing is you decrease the intensity and see if you get the pain and you can always go ahead to your peak level slowly. Take care!
Avatar f tn com/health/calorie-calculator/NU00598 Once you've calculated your needs, you will need to subtract calories in order to lose weight. A pound is 3500 calories, so if you want to lose a pound a week, you would need to eliminate that many calories/week. That would average out to 500 calories/day (500 calories/day X 7 days/week = 3500). You can do this a couple of ways.
Avatar n tn do you mind if i ask, What made you decide to quit? I know for me i got tired of LOSING things. What i mean by that is, i lost my dignity, i lost my honesty, i lost money, i lost feeling, i lost relationships, i lost love, i lost hope. I finally decided i didn't want to lose any more. I found my hope, and dignity and feelings. I'm still working on the others.
2047155 tn?1527167564 don't forget the low fat milk, that can actually help you lose weight. If you have a medical condition that affects metabolism, this can be a pretty tough thing to deal with. Along with balancing your food calories, you will need to make sure you get plenty of exercise, which isn't always easy either, if you have a full time job, children to care for, etc.
Avatar f tn Pills that clean your colon allow you to lose weight but it's not the fat that you are losing. Other pills allow you to lose about five pounds in water weight wich you will gain back after going off the pills. In my experience, after trying every diet known to man, losing weight, gaining it all back plus some, I have a new outlook on weight loss which might help you as well. I want myself to be healthy.
228463 tn?1216765121 or we could go by body weight % for the contest so it would be fair because the more you have to lose, the more you can lose, you know? (weight watchers goes in 10% weight loss incraments) I would like to lose 35 pounds, maybe 40... And then I would still not be skinny, but normal and within weight range. Can somone tell the trick-or-treaters to come early to get rid of all this candy in my house?
Avatar f tn Yes-25-35 if you are in a normal weight range for your height when you get pregnant, but I was hoping for more like 20. I will probably be in the 30 range though. BOO.
Avatar f tn It's also clear that regular exercise does help one maintain weight, even if it doesn't make you lose weight. There's a difference between people who have always exercise and those who are just starting -- if you're used to exercising, you'll reach stasis. If you're just starting and your life is sedentary, you will burn off more by doing anything. How much depends on how whole hog you go on it -- for me, heavy cardio was best.
Avatar n tn I've never exercised so much in my life and for the first time in my life, the exercise doesn't seem to be increasing my metabolism or energy level (I feel half-asleep most of the time), or helping me to lose weight or excess fat. Can you give me any advice or suggestions? Thank you, Deborah G.
Avatar f tn You can lose weight after having a baby. I was working on losing weight and getting healthy when I got pregnant with my first. I continued to eat well and exercise and had a healthy baby. I lost most of my pregnancy pretty quickly. Just eat well and exercise and you'll be fine.
944455 tn?1247021366 Walking and eating healthy small meals thoughout the day is best. Once you can start building muscle, via running or swimming or light weight lifting your body will burn away the fat. The time it takes and the methods best used for women to lose their post-partum weight is different for everyone just like not all women with babys at the same gestational "looked the same".