Can you have a miscarriage without spotting

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Avatar f tn I know this may be normal but I went to use the restroom today and on my underwear I had some more spotting and a clump of tissue almost appearing like a fetus with a tail about 1 centemeter. Did I just miscarry? Or is there an explanation please help. I took pictures and plan on seeing a gynecologist on Monday.
Avatar n tn I am 41 years old and have started spotting between my period. (dark brown discharges) Definitely not pregnant and last thyroid check and cancer markers was fine. very stressed last few months. any ideas? Gynaes not really available where I am as am contracting in a third world country for the moment. should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn Almost 31years old and have had normal long 30+ day cycles for a while. Last period was May 20-25. Started spotting on June 6th. Still spotting but no cramps, took pregnancy test (negative) and I am extremely moody... moreso than normal. I'm worried because this is the first time I've ever had spotting between my periods. Any insight would be helpful.
Avatar f tn I don't know anything about pcos, but in answer to question 1, it's perfectly safe to have a natural miscarriage without following it up with a D&C if you know that all the tissue was passed. The doctor can tell that by doing two blood tests for hCG, 48 hours apart, or doing one test and getting a "0" level on it. She can also often tell by looking with an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn And he told me spotting could lead to miscarriage, but also that the spotting without miscarriage is common too. I got blood drawn today and I'm going again Monday. They're gonna check my hcg levels. And I have another ultrasound scheduled for next Friday the 30th.
Avatar m tn Hey, I have been spotting, heavy bleeds with clots and I still have a little fighter. I am now eight weeks by scan but 9 weeks since I had my lmp.
Avatar n tn I know that there is no way of stopping a miscarriage, but I am still so scared that it is happening again. I am so ready to have a child, as well as my husband and it was hard dealing with the first one and still is and now that it may be happening again I don't even know what to do- there is nothing I can do..
Avatar f tn Although i think if that happen you would have pain with it. No spotting does not always mean miscarriage but if it becomes bright red ans you have cramps go get checked. If you have had sex you could be spotting from that as well. Is it possible the spotting is not coming from inside your vagina? In the end i hope all goes well and please keep us updated.
Avatar n tn I was already told my baby stopped growing but even a little growth is good. You are right that you may have conceived later and the baby might be a slow grower. best of luck!!!!
Avatar n tn Rarely, early in pregnancy, fluid is suddenly released from the vagina without bleeding or pain. If you experience this, call your doctor immediately. You will probably be instructed to stay in bed and watch for further leakage, bleeding, cramping, or fever. If, after a few days, you have none of these things, your doctor may tell you that it is safe to go back to daily activities. Avoid intercourse and any other vaginal penetration.
Avatar f tn I can't call a taxi I have a two year old that was asleep either way I'm having a miscarriage thank you everybody for your help
Avatar f tn only 10 weeks but im noticing a brownish bit of blood only after I have been toliet and wiped im a bit worried is this normal its not noticeable only when I go.
Avatar f tn Your baby can be moving without you feeling it. I am at 35 weeks and my boy has become so lazy and running out of room!
1011738 tn?1251061422 Hi, I just responded to another of your posts. We are in such similar situations..... Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I had a friend who had a d & c and continued spotting for 2 months. Turns out they missed some tissue and she had to get another one done. She ended up getting pregnant 2 weeks or so after the second one, and now has a perfect 1 yr. old daughter.
374593 tn?1257883550 I know it varies from person to person, but in my case, I got a little bit of a warning before my natural miscarriage. I had some very minor spotting for a couple of days, and the day I miscarried, I started to get cramps. I had cramps on and off all day, and didn't pass the tissue until close to midnight that day. I then woke up in the middle of the night and passed another piece of tissue.
Avatar n tn is this normal or is it a sign of a miscarriage. i have been put on medication for ten days. will the fetus survive or is it all a waste of time. the doctor says that we must wait for ten days and then see if all is ok.
Avatar n tn I am really excited about being a dad but man, I am a nervous wreck. It is always a little brown spotting as well. It never is a lot. I guess maybe I am worrying too much about something that I can do nothing about. Since this is our first PG, I have no idea what to expect but I can tell you that it is on my mind constantly. I am not looking for words of comfort here but I would like to know exactly how common it is to spot during the first trimester.
Avatar f tn I called and talked to the nurse and dhe said all I can really do is make appointment for monday. The bleeding isn't terrible but it is blood red like a period. Some people have implantation bleeding but I fear the worst. really have no idea what to expect this is my first pregnancy. does anyone have any wisdom or experience to share with me? The nurse told me if I bleed through one pad an hour or I have pain I should go to the emergency room this weekend. She also told me to abstain from sex.
Avatar f tn I am able to offer a listening ear and say things that make sense to them, and I avoid the things that should not be said, that peopleoften say, who have not suffered a miscarriage! This is the great positive I have taken from this situation, but i hope and pray that it was just a one off, and it never happens again. When and If I have children, I will continue to offer my support to this miscarriage blog and help women suffering from miscarriages as much as possible.
Avatar n tn I'm so sorry for your loss. After a natural miscarriage, you can usually try again after your first period. After a D&C, it is much longer in order to have a healthier pregnancy. A couple of friends of mine who had natural miscarriages, conceived right afterwards and had healthy babies. I wish you the best!
Avatar n tn i have PCO and was on metaphormin for a while , tried chlomid twice without any results.. in septemeber i was send to a fertility clinic.. i had a spotting from sep 15 for a few days and it was even less than spoting, just a bit of red discahrge few tissues on and off,.. the doc asked me to take MMR b4 v cud start the fertility treatment which i did on sep 30..again i had same spotting, red discharge few tissues, called my doc who said its just abnormal bleeding and took blood test.on oct 16.
Avatar f tn My husband and I are not ttc and was wondering if you are more fertile after you have a miscarriage. Everything I look up on the internet tells me different things and my ob is not very helpful. My hcg leve was <1 on friday but this was at the same time as the pinkish discharge. My breast are still sore, have been having cramping, diarhea and the smell of peanut butter m & m's almost made me throw up. Any ideas or answers would be welcomed.
Avatar n tn Let ur body heal, bcos getin pregnant soon after a miscarriage ur body can reject th baby and u obv dnt want tht. So wait a few months then try. I waited 6months bfor tryin and fell pregnant straight away with one tube left. Good luck and very sorry for ur loss.
Avatar n tn Hey there, I'm so sorry this hapened. I havn't been on here since my miscarraige in Dec 05, I was just on looking for advice for toddler constipation when I saw your post. I was told to wait as well but I didn't for two reasons. One, I didn't have a D&C, if you had one your body needs time to rebuild a safe home in the womb for a potencail life.
Avatar f tn i doubt you need a d&c especially since the baby never actually formed. They have done so many ultrasounds and i'm sure if you needed one, they would have done it by now. everyones body is different. After a miscarriage it takes some time for your body to return to normal. as long as you aren't bleeding heavy (like going through a pad in an hour) i would not be worried. if you start getting fevers though make sure you seek medical attention as you may have an infection.
1646169 tn?1301200680 That could have been an early miscarriage. So early (only a few weeks) that you don't have enough HCG in your system to show up positive in a pregnanacy test. Having light bleeding which lead into cramps and passing a clot would make me think miscarriage, but a really early one. You can see your doctor if you are not feeling well or you are worried, they would pretty much do a PAP or possibly an ultrasound to make sure your body got rid of everything.
Avatar f tn 3rd is that the embryo has implanted deep in my uterus. I have been reading and they say if you are having a miscarriage you bleed alot, and i am no. The bleeding was like my reg period. Lasted off and on for 3 days. Today no cramping and no bleeding. I am so confused with everything going on. I am still in shock that i am even preggers after being told 7 yrs ago that i could never get pregnant again. Anyone else have this? Anyone who can help plz.
Avatar f tn When I changed my pad I noticed a pinkish clot in it (along with other clots) and my cramps are still bad. Can I have had a miscarriage??? (I never had clots in my period that much and my period wasn't heavy at all since I got regular periods.) HELP PLEASE!!!
Avatar n tn But I'm scheduled for the ultrasound on the 23rd anyway. Can anyone tell me how a miscarriage can occur without pain or heavy bleeding? I spotted EXACTLY the same way with my other two successful pregnancies. I felt the same way during my last successful pregnancy. Could my being 35, overweight(not obese), and hypothyroid be the it? I'm in a state of shock with fluctuating anger/sadness and really need to know--WHY?
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