Can you get yeast infections in your mouth

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Avatar n tn If you notice you always get a yeast infection after receiving oral sex (the human mouth is teeming with yeast organisms), wash with a MILD soap right afterwards, rinse very very well, and air dry. You could also rinse your outer parts with a mild vinegar/water mix. Don't use powders or feminine sprays. Don't use pantiliners--they can trap moisture next to your body-it is better to change panties often than to use pantiliners.
Avatar n tn Also don't wear tight clothing like tights or tight trousers. Thrush can also thrive in skin crevices and also in the mouth. If you are diabetic, make sure you control your sugar levels. If not, reduce the amount of sugary items you consume. Natural yogurt can be applied to the area and is also good to consume as it contains the good bacteria that keep the bacteria that causes the fungus overgrowth under control. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Its crazy how easy that disease can be spread now adays. Im only suggesting that you both actually get tested and rule it out that way for sure. They do not normally test for HSV when std tests are performed. It has to be done by specifically asking for it. If it does turn out to be positive then you would be able to take Valtrex to control the syptoms and get back to a more normal sex life with your partner..
174483 tn?1327629077 I know babies can get yeast infections from antibiotics. My daughter recently had an ear infection and was put on a pretty strong antibiotic (Augmentin). The doc suggested I try to give her some yogurt to counteract the antibiotics in that form. Id call your pediatrician tho. The white stuff in her mouth could very well be thrush and the longer you let that go, the worse it'll get.
Avatar n tn She upped my probiotic foods and had me cut sugar down. There are also some weekly rinses you can try to keep your levels even downstairs. Try googling something's and talking to your OB about it better yet get ahold of a midwife they are Way more likely to help you prevent and avoid meds.
928085 tn?1364786192 i wont know the results for another week but im curious...can you get blisters from a yeast infection?? ive heard you can but i dont know... thanks.
Avatar n tn Eating yogurt is said to help reduce this, but the main thing that women are never told is that men can be carriers and yes you can get a yeast infection in the mouth. Chronic yeast infections warrant your partner to be checked. There is medication that can be given to them as well.
Avatar f tn For canker sores, inside the mouth, you can try lysine. Parsley has lysine in it so I ate lots of fresh parsley. When that didn't work I got a dental paste which my doctor had to prescribe. Obviously, both are side effects from tx.
Avatar n tn However, people with oral HSV-1 rarely if ever get a new genital HSV-1 infections. But unless you and your husband had no other sex partners anytime in your lives, HSV-2 remains a possibility. Genital HSV-2 can remain dormant for years then finally get transmitted or first show up with symptoms. (How easily you conceive has no bearing on the likelihood of genital herpes.) Most likely herpes isn't the problem, especially now that you clarify the lesions are bumps and not open sores.
512442 tn?1216263100 I get yeast infections all the time, i always have, and if you get the stuff over the counter where you put like this jelly stuff up in your vagina its not messy. It takes it away right away. Yogurt takes too long and its more of a preventive thing. Vagisil works but it doesnt cure it. Monostat (sp?) works wonders for me. Sometimes you cant get the pill from your doctor if your pregnant they recommend the creams over the counter. Good luck i know how you feel. They suck.
Avatar m tn A month ago I started having sore tongue and mouth and my Doc prescribed Mycelex Troche tablets. I took them for a week and most of the symptoms seemed to disappear. Unfortunately, last week they came back. I went to a Dermatologist; they took culture from the back of my tongue and confirmed some yeast infection. They prescribed Diflucan (Fluconazole) 100mg daily (2 tablets first day). But they advised me to talk with my Hep Doctor before starting the anti-fungal Tx.
Avatar n tn Please bear in mind that if you get a yeast infection and stop taking your antibiotic because of the yeast infection - you may still have some bad bacteria that are resistant to the drug and this could be bad in the long run....more medications, different antibiotics, you getting sick again, etc... - it's not fun, seriously. Now coming from a future pharmacist, yes, i'm still in pharmacy I ever finish my entire antibiotic regimine - most
Avatar n tn My husband and I discovered as well that if he overindulges in Oral Sex with me say several days in a row I almost always get a yeast infection...saliva can do really bad things to your vaginal flora. I hope some of this helps.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor and explained what is happening and she said that it is common for your vulva to be more sensative once you have genital herpes, therefore yeast infections or other infections can occur more frequently. I was never actually diagnosed as having a yeast infection, but I was just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar or knows that these 2 things can be linked?
Avatar n tn The tx drugs really do a number on you, things will get better sometime after you stop. In the meanwhile, treat your symptons agressively. See an ENT and get the help you need. All the best.
Avatar n tn fungus likes moist damp areas which is why the most common fungal infections occur between the toes and in the groin area. by leaving your dentures in and not properly caring for them .you have made a perfect breeding ground. did you tell your dentist of your lack of hygiene? diabetics tend to have more yeast infections so you might want to check that out too. good luck and this time follow your dentists instructions!
Avatar f tn When your bodies bacteria is out of balance you can get an overgrowth of yeast and it could cause you have poor digestion, which intern gives you a bad taste. Try going on a strict diet for a few weeks and add a good refrigerated probiotic. Do not eat any sugary foods or drinks, do not eat pasta, bread or rice until the bad taste goes away. The carbohydrates that you should avoid will feed that bad bacteria (yeast) and cause you to get worse if you don't nip this in the bud.
Avatar n tn Yeast infections can be spread sexually and orally (yes, you get it in your mouth) to both male and females.
Avatar f tn If this is the case, your doctor can prescribe you a drug called diflucan barring no interactions or allergies to anything else you are on. Also, if this is thrush (in your mouth), you may have to take nystatin (same warnings with the meds). It may be a bacterial infetion. Do you have an OB/GYN?? They can culture you for any other bacterial infections?? Other vaginal bacterial infections can mimic a yeast infection, so make sure you are being treated for the right thing. I hope this helps...
Avatar f tn When you are long dehidrated,hungry,liver is shrinking and releasing old deposits of toxins. Herxheimer reaction. After olive oil/ greyfruit liver flushes posible. Switching to more protein/ fatt paleo diet. More choline whitch melt fatt deposits in liver. Liver has memory. When you body is missing nutrition's,or in infections,liver is unable to "disolve" toxins. Unlucky people will get toxin stored in brains(60% fatt).
2217192 tn?1339566305 your oral symptoms do not sound std related. yeast infections don't cause watery discharge - they cause thick, clumpy discharge. you need to be seen and get a proper exam and some basic testing to find out what is causing your vaginal discharge.
469210 tn?1219191728 (((((((((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))) Hang in there...It really ***** that you've lost a strong source of your support system when you're at a low...WOW! 2 Years, huh? That's quite an accomplishment...If you aren't on antidepressants, be aware this txing can really mess with your head...If you already are prone to depression, it can make it worse. Many people have to go on them just to keep their sanity (and to probably keep from becoming homicidal)...Picture Godzilla sized PMS...yup.
Avatar m tn And also can genital herpes lead to the mouth on it's on? Can it go on to the roof of your mouth to the point where you can't even eat? White little bumps in back of your tounge related to gh?
Avatar f tn Talk to your doctor about the yeast infection and you can possibly get a medication for it also, or switch to a different medication for the eczema to prevent future infections. Also i know that using an anti-itch ointment helps me when rubbed externaly on the parts that itch. hope i helped.
Avatar n tn Of course, I would recommend going to a doctor. You want to make sure that what you are experiencing is in fact a yeast infection, and if so, you should get a stronger medicated treatment. I know how uncomfortable and irritating such infections can be, and you should go to the doctor for some physical relief, if not also more knowledgeable medical answers. hope this helps!
1166723 tn?1310237084 you have to eat food that enhances the natural bacteria in your vagina that counteracts the yeast. Yeast is a common problem, some women never have a problem with it, and some like yourself are always battling it. Monostat and other meds don't do anything compared with what your body can do for itself - check out Wikipedia on yeast infection, and eat food that will enhance the natural defence against yeast!
Avatar f tn If you have a yeast infection the doc told me that Monstat is good to use while pregnant but I would have it checked out by the doc 1st b/c that's what I thought I had 2 & it wasn't that. I had Bacterial Vaginouses. Don't ask what that is I have no clue. I get the weirdest things down below. I am always getting UTI's and I was tested positive for the Group B Strep too. Lucky me, right.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you need a detailed plan to treat the disease since yeast infections and the hand rashes make your treatment harder. Go to this site and read this guide. You will be smarter than most of the average doctors on lyme treatment. good luck.