Can you cut percocet in half

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Avatar m tn the physical part is hard for me I want to stay busy but energy level wont allow it. today I will take 3 and monday going to cut in half and try for 2 and a half for 2 days. thanks again for feedback.
478811 tn?1208478560 Knowing what is causing the pain is half the battle when it comes to finding what works best for you, or at least in trying to find it. I cannot honestly say I have found anything to work for me in the past, when I started taking 200 mcg of fentanyl every 72 hours, but, I am off, and glad to be.
Avatar f tn I would only guess that if are successful in doing it at home you don't end up in my clinic. Just in case you are curious, it takes us three to four days to detox a patient and get him/her back home drug free and feeling well on Naltrexone therapy (no opiates). At home, the basic technique is to space out the amount your friend takes on a consistent manner until you take only at night, than half that amount at night, than every other night and then none.
Avatar n tn they can.. especially if you are thinking of quitting. you are in the right place. Have you tried to stop before?? How many do you take per day?? What did you start taking them for??
Avatar m tn Do you think you can do that? You'll be glad you did because you like these things too much(I can relate)and you don't want to be taking these for the rest of your life. It will ruin it!! I don't think you'll have serious wd's; maybe a little trouble getting to sleep... There are some good, all natural OTC's you can pick up. Just get it done now...
Avatar f tn Withdrawal is no fun no matter what route you go. Drink lots of fluids, take as many hot baths/showers as you can handle, and keep yourself busy especially when you don't want to. Withdrawal is more mental than anything. Expect to feel like absolute **** for a while. No sleep, no appetite, hot/cold sweats, body jerks, anxiety. But like they've said... nobody ever died from it. You just have to stick it out and tell yourself you NEVER have to go through this again.
1466164 tn?1301205416 It is important that you be honest with him so he can help you the right way. Withdrawals can be tough but we get through them. Switching from one pill to another is like switching from Jack Daniels to beer. It still gets me drunk. There's lots of great folk here that can give you good suggestions. Stick around and check the place out. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn Please know that I am NOT a doctor, although I do have a degree in Psychology and I can tell you (which you probably already know too) that addiction runs far deeper than your physical dependency on the pills. I hope you're able to get off the Percs ASAP and in the most healthy way for your life. Ask as may questions as you need to on here.
Avatar m tn i forgot to say, it would be good if you can get an appointment with your DR tomorrow, he/she can help you with a withdrawal plan , bless you sudie
Avatar n tn So my personal doctor had me taper. He cut me down to 10 5/325 daily for 5 days. That was rough being cut in half...but I kept in mind it could have been worse with none at all. On days 6-8 I took 8 daily. Days 9-12 6 a day. days 12+ 4 a day untill I run out, then on to Vicodin ES. I am in Major pain, but I hardly have any withdrawl feelings. To help a little with the pain, they put me on flexeral, ultrum, neurotin (helps with leg pain). It is best to tell the doc.
Avatar f tn You can always cut then in half and take a half a pill twice a day as well. See how that goes. You just don't want to increase what you are taking because like you said, it just keeps going up and up. Good luck and please let us know how you are doing. Nobody judges here and you can be completely honest.
Avatar f tn that in itself gives me hope. Take as MANY walks or jogs as you can. You need to release those endorphines that will help with your anxiety, restlessness and depression. FORCE yourself to drink and eat as much as possible. It is much easier said than done. I am very much physically and emotionally exhausted. Don't give up, the pain WILL end! Stay strong and I will do the same.
1750887 tn?1313102891 block the #'s of those you get pills from. you need to cut the connections. the sooner you stop using the sooner you will get through your detox. weaning drags it out. use the products suggested to you. have a positive mind set. tell yourself these pills are out to seek,rob and destroy your life. this is a battle for your life and you have to win. the pills have been running your life for too long. you will be the victor. ask the LORD to give you strength. a hope, increase your faith.
Avatar f tn you can get through this, im glad your mother is coming to help you, with the right help you can stop , we can help you too, look after yourself, god bless, sudie
Avatar f tn you said you took one percocet. If you really want to succeed in this now, whatever percocet you have laying around THROW DOWN THE TOILET. I took like 20 ultram after I took that one ultram and threw it all down the toilet. Boy did I feel REAL good about that. I felt powerful. And then I went above and beyond and made it so I have no way to turn back. All my connections to opiates are gone. Impossible to get.
Avatar n tn I think the best thing for you to do is to isolate yourself from the people in your life who are offering it to you. Do you have any family that can help you with your child while you are going thru w/d's. I think I started feeling better after a week. Let us know how you are doing!
Avatar f tn Hey man, I know you posted this in early december i hope alls good with you. Weaning down is easier if you set a schedule. For example start with taking two percs every 6 hours for a week, then try 1 and a half every 6 hours for a week, then 1 every 6 hours for a week, then half, then you get the picture. Thats how I've done it in the past. I always come back to it, but that weaning process works great for me.
Avatar m tn You also need to cut off any supply of percocet that you have,,,canceling the script thru the pharmacy and cutting off the supply you have from your friends. Aftercare is also important,,NA/AA or therapy. I believe there are newer medications on the market to address the cystitis. I wish you the best and you can do this!!!
Avatar m tn Well if you really think you can cut down without just taking everything then all u have to do is cut down ur dose little by little until ur down to none. You will still feel some withdrawals but not as bas as stopping cold turkey. If you can get ur hands on some suboxone it can really help you get off these things quite easily. You're really not taking that much compared to most people. i used suboxone just to get off the pills and it worked great. felt very little withdrawals.
Avatar f tn The basic technique is to space out the pills you take in a consistent manner until you take only one at night, then half at night and then none.You can try asking a physician to prescribe you some Requip for restless legs, Neurontin for overall distress, Clonidine for blood pressure and general anxiety control and maybe get some over the counter Valerian for sleep and sedation. But, seriously, you must be completely committed to the goal of quitting.
415600 tn?1212446371 Says I am on way to many and that my pain mgmt Dr will have to wean me off of these slowly, as they all have w/d side effects. Anyway, now I am trying to get off of them. PM Dr. told me to cut them in half and do that for 3-4 days and then quit!! Do this with the Percs and Somas. Then do the same with my Xanex, starting in a couple of weeks. I tried doing this with the percs and was feeling really ****** by the 3rd day. Have not even tried to get off Soma's yet.
Avatar f tn You are lucky you are at an extremely low dose there is really not much for you to cut back on to do a taper unless you cut the dose to 1/8 of a pill. I am sorry to hear about your parents. that must have been very difficult for you. I cannot imagine how hard that was at 19. No one should have to go through that. Have you been to counseling?
Avatar n tn Depending upon how many you are taking, I would just cut the pills down in half until you feel reading to cut them again. You shouldn't need a drug rehab if you can hold on to the pills yourself without taking more (if not, get someone else to hold them for you).
Avatar f tn I've never taken clonidine but many people who have say that it can cut withdrawal symptoms in half! To make it go a little easier,you can just stay on 2 per day until your body adjusts and then drop to one,etc...It depends on whether you can stay at 2 per day without going back Drink drink drink!! You should be fine! Good luck!
1667772 tn?1303823411 I have been taking 10 mg Lortabs (which ran out) so now 5 mg Vicodin and also in between, 5 or 10 mg percocets (whatever I can get from friends)....I decided to cut down the past few days and today I feel terrible....Have sweats, chills,shivering, stomach pains, sneezing & stuffy nose..iknow the worst will be over in about 4 days but I dont think I can go thru this again...I think I might have tapered too fast....If I was taking 35-40 mg (not pills) a day, how should I taper?
Avatar n tn Are you ready to just stop taking pills... or are you trying just to "make-it" 'til your next refill? Getting off opiate meds whether you do a taper or cold turkey is uncomfortable.. no matter which side of the coin comes up. To me... taper would me misery, I don't have that kind of will power so I chose cold turkey for myself. I was using 7.5 hydros for 5 years. Last six months or so I was not feeling well, and after several attempts to feel better with various other meds...
Avatar f tn Maybe try what the other posters said and cut your pills in half to see how you do on them. You might do just fine or you may need an increase but really think about doubling it right away. I hope everything works out for you and you're able to get all of your doses right while keep your pain at a tolerable level.
Avatar m tn I would much rather suffer mself if that was the case, but if it was un-likely, i would much rather not live in pain. You can e-mail me at ***@****.. Thanks so much for your help!
Avatar f tn I am 42 and just began posting on this site yesterday. I agree w/ the above post that its wonderful that you DO realize you have a problem and are taking steps to deal with it. I have been in rehab twice and after being put back on pain meds for gout (and of course abusing them) am once again withdrawing. I cant get my script filled until Thursday. I took my last vicodin 10 yesterday.
Avatar f tn I don't want to tell my doctor because I know he will not agree with what I want to do but unless u are in the situation I am in u have no idea what it does to your life. Please help. Thank you very much.