Can you cut oxycodone in half

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Avatar f tn I can't tell you what to do. You have to decide if you can taper or just go cold turkey. I wish you the best. Oh and remember either way will be a challenge. But lots of people have quit.
Avatar n tn to the board and I read all of it everyday and even posted a comment regarding Darvon. (skip was kind enough to answer) Anyway in regards to your liver question: Get a liver panel done..(I also have achey, annoying pain in my upper right quadrant...kinda feels like when you sleep on an empty stomach all nite and wake up with that horrible ache?..yep) been taking vicodin for 3 years and drink on occasion. I have had a ct, mri, and hyda-scan and docs say NOTHING WRONG!
Avatar m tn If you don't and you have not been on them that long there is really no need to draw it out. You could cut it in half every day and should be fine if you are truly not dependent. You would know with how your body is feeling. This is something you really need to be talking to your doctor about. If you are this concerned about it your doctor should be clued in. That is what they are there for. Thery are there to help you.
Avatar m tn I really think you already know what you need to do, and what you can do to be the great mother I know you feel your kids deserve. I wish you well and you CAN DO THIS!!!!! Best of Luck!!!!!
Avatar f tn You may find (as I did) that you are in LESS pain than you are on. Keep in mind it takes about a month for your body and brain to heal after all the drugs are out of your system. You will have a much better idea of where you are at pain wise if you do this. Know that you will suffer rebound pain that is caused by hyperalgesia, you need to push through it and use NSAIDS, heat, massage, acupuncture, etc in order to make it through. I think you should follow Vickie's advice and taper.
Avatar n tn What non narcotic are you switching to for pain? You can also look in the top right and you will see health pages. In there you will find the thomas recipe which many have used to ease w/ds's also. Generally speaking the worst of the w/d's will last 4-6 days, but it's different for everyone. I am sorry your in pain, hang in there.
Avatar m tn Please really think about it, if you are concerned you may have a problem you just might. Don't let it get out of control if you can nip it now. Good Luck & God Bless!
Avatar m tn Too me,, I really do get the impression that deep down in that mind of yours you are trying to figure out how much fire you can play with before you get burned... Please correct me if my perceptions are not correct, but in thinking this thru over and over, it seems like the only logical explaination I can come up with in my mind that has you keeping a concentrated focus on the wd isuue and the lack thereof of the symptoms.. Let them go Jed.. You've been lucky so far.
Avatar f tn well, i tend to agree with your husband. whether you are in chronic pain or not you are abusing them and should stop taking them. it is hard and i DO UNDERSTAND why someone would chew or snort them because it does work faster, but once you get to that point the only option is to stop. how long will it be since you last snorted when you see your ENT? how often did you do it and for how long?
Avatar m tn What's that old saying about beating a dead horse or something... or the other saying, can't get blood out of a turnip, or, my favorite... something about lipstick on a pig (but that one doesn't apply). Anyway, if I were you, I'd get a copy of ALL my medical records, and simply find (heh heh "simply".... well, you know what I mean...), and simply find a fresh brand new Pain Doctor.
Avatar n tn I'm a little different in that I went cold turkey but YES this is withdrawal in my opinion. A year and a half is a long time where this drug is concerned!! You can be dependant on it after just two weeks and withdrawal. It messes up and depresses all your systems and greatly alters the way your brain produces chemicals. Everyone is different but I will list my symptoms for you. They began 12 hours after my last dose and crippled me for two weeks but remember I stopped abruptly.
Avatar f tn Hello and welcome to the forums you have come to the right place sorry to hear about your situation as i was in the exact same spot as you except mine was 2 back surgeries but as for your question the best way to come off of the pain meds is to do a slow ween if you can do that most of us cannot because we cant control ourselves when we have the meds and wind up just taking them to much and not weening off but if you can do a ween it will help in the end by making the withdrawals not as bad or
Avatar f tn I don't think another pain doc will take you on if you go in asking for more oxycodone. What else do you do for the pain? Pills alone are not the way to go. There are gels, patches, ibuprofen, PT, procedures, etc. When you use several things together, you will usually get better pain relief. And of course, it's unlikely to ever get pain free. Snorting or shooting your meds in an IV is putting you on a very dangerous path that will not end well.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your help and I wish you all success in kicking your habits and hope that your loved ones can weather the storm with you.
Avatar m tn Once you feel comfortable at the dose you are on now, are you going to cut the pills in half to further reduce? You should do this as slowly as possible and stay on the dose until you feel comfortable and have no withdrawal symptoms. Good luck and please keep us updated on how you are feeling.
Avatar m tn My drug of choice was also oxycodone. It is very powerful and grips your soul, making you believe that you can never live without it. Guess what? It's not true! Some folks here like me did it cold turkey, while others used suboxone under medical supervision. We have all been successful. It seems that those who used methadone just traded one big problem for another. I think c/t is faster and more efficient. The most important thing is that you stop using oxy.
Avatar m tn I have put in a call to my Doctor and asked for a supply of 5mg oxycodone so I can maybe drop to 3 per day and then 2 a day then 1 and you can even cut the oxycodone in half. I am an Alcoholic in recovery and I am scared to death of doing something stupid to ruin my 4+ years of real sobriety. Any suggestions or better methods than the one I have come up with??? I am worried I am impatient and doing it to fast if I feel the effects of withdrawal.
Avatar f tn Is there a family member you can confide in for support? Believe me, this is not uncommon to experience... Keep posting!
Avatar m tn the reason you can't cut the oxycodone is it is time released and you will get too much at a time if you cut or break them. work out a plan cut out one pill a week, that gives your body time to get use to the lower dose and the w/d arent as bad. good luck! there will be others on later that might have more advise.
Avatar f tn I want so badly to stop taking these pills esp now that I am pregnant. If I have cut it in half I dont get why I cant just stop now or even do less but I have been steady at 10 mg/day for like 2 weeks now. Please anyone with some positive advice.
Avatar n tn When he was born he started to display w/d symptons after 2days and had to be given morphine which he was weaned off in approx 2wks. If you were on 5mg and your dr put you up to 15mgs when you hurt your back and he thought there was a safer option he would have offered you an alternative medicine that was suitable in pregnancy. It is a horrible thing if your baby does have withdrawals but if the dr's know what they are dealing with it can be easily treated. Good luck with your pregnancy!!
1445257 tn?1289280526 I would taper if I were you. I have had to cut my dose in half (although I think I take a good deal more than you have been taking) for a few days due to a problem with getting my prescription filled and it was very difficult for me. I do believe that a lot of it is mental, too, and if you go into it expecting to feel as good as possible, it will go a lot better for you.
Avatar n tn ) But, girl, let me add's not good for you or the baby for you to be in pain. The stress causes all kinds of problems (early labor, high blood pressure, etc...). Talk with your doctor about the best option for you both. I'm praying for you!
Avatar m tn You have one of two options, either you can quit cold turkey or taper slowly. A lot of find tapering to be very difficult because if we have the pills we want to take them all. It takes a great deal of will power to taper. As ballgame said, we can't give you specific tapering advice but I can tell you that taking less each day at a slow rate is best. As for the symptoms you are experiencing, yes they are very normal. You will feel like you have the flu for about 5 to 7 days.
Avatar f tn As far as herbal crap goes, there is NOTHING on any herbal shop self that helps with this kind of pain, BUT, there is a lot of herbal stuff that does help with your overall health, which will help indirectly with your pain. The healthier you keep your body in general, the better. You can increase your pain threshold somewhat by keeping yourself as healthy as possible.
Avatar f tn They will only prolong withdrawals. Take care, hang in there, stay strong and focused! I know you can do this! Keep posting. All the best!
Avatar f tn I'm concerned because you say your new job will start on the 18th, and that will put you on about day 4 or 5 in withdrawals. I also used to take Oxycodone, and I found that for me, the worst days were 3 through 5. The best advice I can give you is to be honest with your doctor, and your husband. It is going to be extremely difficult to go through this process with your husbands pills in the house. When things get bad, I can pretty much guarantee that you will run not walk to his pills.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed Targin (which is basically Oxycontin with naloxone in it - helps with the constipation) and Endone (immediate release oxycodone). In summary, the pain got worse and worse, I kept having my dose of Targin upped to 40mg twice a day plus I was taking probably 20 - 30mg of Endone on top of that for break-through pain.
Avatar f tn You've been doing a great job of cutting back. Remarkable in fact. It shows how much self control you have. Enough self control to see this thru to the end now. I would think with the way you've been cutting back the withdrawal shouldn't be too bad. More of a mental than physical thing. Try it for a few days without any thing. I really think you're ready ...