Can yeast infections spread

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Avatar f tn I always get yeast infections after oral sex with my boyfriend. It hasnt always been like this but after the first time i got one they have always came back after oral. We got my boyfriend a diflucan to take but it didnt seem to help. what can i do to stop these other than stopping oral sex completely.
Avatar n tn I'm having the same issue. I don't like Monistat. I've heard too many stories where it doesn't work. I heard that Lotrimin works.
Avatar n tn This doesn't happen all the times but most times when I am dry. I am 32 years old and he is 49 I have went to the doctor and I keep getting yeast infections. I use the over the counter meds fr it and sometimes the doctor prescribes me creams but it keeps coming back. Is it coming back because I gave it to him and he brings it back to me each time? He is a diabetic and is uncircumcized but he is very clean and has good hygienes in that department.
Avatar n tn accidophillus that help balance out your good yeast and bad yeast. A man harboring yeast can happen especially if he is uncircumsized, if he does have it, you would keep getting it, treatment is the same for him as it is for you.
Avatar n tn My GF has a yeast infection and also some illness that makes her cough a lot (it may not be bronchitis). The yeast infection has spread to me, and although I have temporary relief using MICONAZOLE NITRATE, the tip of the foreskin still has some flakeyness and it feels like the foreskin is shrinking. I posted this because I noticed that someone else had the same problem and also mentioned that the girl may have bronchitis. Could there be a link?
Avatar f tn i've had many and yes they do go away. I've never had it spread to my rectum, but i would think that it is possible. a yeast infections occurs when the bad bactria in your body over produces and out numbers the good bactria. the reason they say wipe from front to back is so you're not getting fecal matter in your vagina. All these good and bad bactria live in your intesine and they are needed in order for your body to function and digest food properly...
Avatar m tn Im currently taking Econazole cream to clear up the yeat infections. Can hiv be spread through wet tissue??? This discussion is related to <a href=''>HIV from vaginal fluids on toilet Russia!!</a>.
Avatar f tn i read that an infected person can spread it to another part of their body. so after i shave my bikini area should i not reuse that razor? i also read that you can get herpes thru an infected towel. should i worry that my kids might pick up my dirty towel/washcloth /bathsoap and could get the hsv2 virus?
Avatar f tn Usually it's people with impaired immune systems (like with AIDS) who get serious yeast infections, but it can also happen to nonAIDS people. Good luck, and keep working at it till you find the right doc/nurse who will work through it with you. It's not a quick or easy thing to kick, but it can be done -- I'm living proof. Best wishes!
Avatar f tn Your vagina should have a smell though, and you should become familiar with the normal smell so that you can tell in the future if it changes. Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections can arise spontaneously, without sexual activity being involved. Did you check for a tampon? I know it's gross, but if that's your problem it should be an easy fix. You can put gloves on if you're really grossed out by the idea. You should see a doctor before resuming sexual activity, just to be safe.
1277912 tn?1271168418 i just looked up information on yeast infections for a problem im having and it said that yeast infections are not harmful. On very rare occasions they can spread to your body and that can be fatal but that is highly unlikely to happen.
Avatar f tn did they do any other testing like for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally? at this point you and your husband should seek out type specific herpes igg blood testing to see who has what and go from there. no, genital herpes isn't an issue for your children.
Avatar n tn Yeast infections can be spread sexually and orally (yes, you get it in your mouth) to both male and females.
Avatar f tn I agree with Lulu, if you are taking a lot of antibiotics, then that can cause lots of yeast infections. Diabetes can cause alot of yeast infections as well as pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son I was a "walking yeast infection", lol I know that sounds funny but I had a yeast infection almost the entire time I was pregnant with him but I also had gestational diabetes which attributted to it. Hope you find and answer to what is causing yours.
Avatar n tn It most commonly appears as a vaginal yeast infection or as oral thrush. But Candida albicans can also spread inside the body and become a systemic problem.
Avatar n tn We have had unprotected sex from time to time, but mostly use condoms. I began having yeast infections and vaginitis after taking birth control pills, I then stopped taking them thinking that would end the infections. I never itched or suffered with any real discomfort with the infections, but within the last 2 weeks I have begun to itch very bad and I am feeling soreness and discomfort in my vaginal area.
Avatar m tn Also tell your partner as well, so they can get treated too. (married people can spread it back in forth to each other, no sex for a week or two BTW) Shower and dry (really well the infected area, then apply cream and make sure it drys a little then go on your way. You can usually tell if its a yeast infection if you have a weird smell from your groin area, but not always. Jock itch is very common.
Avatar f tn I think it is not an STD because me and my bf had sex months ago with no condom and he did not get anything, I would know he always sleeps naked. Now question, can a yeast infection appear 3 different places at once? It burnes, itches, gets red, swollen and white discharge appears. I am afraid that it might be something else. Please help.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor and they said it seems like I have a yeast infection so they gave me canistan cream and I've been using this for weeks now and the symptoms are not going away. Does anyone know why? Is it true that some yeast infections may need antibiotics if the cream are not working? Would be grateful if someone could help me. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I would make an appointment with another doctor for a second opinion or go back to your doctor if the creams are not working. There are different types of yeast infections as well. I can not use monistat and need to use gyno lotrimin when ever I have a yeast infection. The doctor may also prescribe a stronger cream for you other then over the counter that works very well.
1605050 tn?1297826404 I have not personally had bleeding w/ yeast infections and I think if I were you, I'd get checked out by a doctor. Usually with medicine, the date refers to how long it stays potent - I doubt it'll hurt you, just won't help you any if the active ingredients have expired - at least that is what I have been told. I hope everything turns out OK!
Avatar f tn Actually, for me the above suggestions were enough when I had the problem with recurrent yeast infections years ago.
Avatar n tn trichomonas infections lead to yeast infections, foul smells, lower abdominal pain and burning during urination. simple yeast infections can be treated with an over the counter medicine whereas trichomonas has to be treated with prescription drugs and with a yeast infection medicine.
Avatar n tn the best thing to do is to be seen and get a proper work up done. also get tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally too.
Avatar n tn umm i think its yogurt that is good during a yeast infection, well i think to prevent yeast infections soemhting ot do with the bacteria inn it......yours doesn't sound like it's that bad for now,,,although i would be concerned with the itching...i had a prescription with mine,,,,these little egg like things to put inside and they dissolve inside and after taking the third one,,,its all over and done with....
Avatar m tn My question would be is it possible for ones own tinea pedis to spread to the body(tinea corporis) through let's say dirty towels, clothes, bed sheets, etc. Also, in cases of infections like hiv is tinea more widespread/severe because I have three little circles two dime sized(one on my back and one next to my nipple) one quarter sized(upper groin area almost hitting my waistline)on my body that my doctor quickly identified as tinea.
Avatar f tn I would wait for the sensitivity results and identification of the yeast. Even C. albicans can be resistant to the Azoles. Terbinifine (Lamisil) is a good alternative if it is C.albicans. Here is an article on Candida albicans for recurrant infection and treatment. You have to scroll down to find the treatment section. It does mention Boric acid treatment as a possibility but it can cause irritation. http://care.diabetesjournals.
6498330 tn?1389712979 A simple untreated uti can spread and cause complications.