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Avatar f tn Congrats on wanting to stop. Going cold turkey won't kill you. You will have flu like symptoms for 4-5 days. Read the Thomas recipe and amino acid proticol under health pages on the right of the forum( also PAWS1). These will help prepare you. Post and get support from the forum while you are going through wd. The support will help. Dealing with the mental part of addiction is the hard part. Staying clean is harder than getting clean. Have you thought about NA?
Avatar m tn You can do it but just realize the vics are not giving you an energy boost,but by abusing them you have disabled you natural bodies abilities and you have to get rid of the extra natual endorphins running through your body. You can take some B6 for this. So remember your natural energy boost was lost and part of the upcoming struggle is to get it back. This is part of the mental part, you think the vics were helping you but in fact damaged the natural you.
Avatar n tn I started taking vicodin 2 years ago after a back surgery 5/500 consistently 2 per day. I think I'm kidding myself when I say I can stop taking them an do not want to admit I'm addicted to them. I am a successful business man with a great wife who I have been hiding this from. I have tried to stop several times an have stopped for 30 days once, a week here or there, but always go back to the doctor an get more.
Avatar f tn Generally, if you have no underlying health problems (Blood pressure issues, prone to seizures, heart problems) then NO withdrawal will not kill you and you certainly will not die from it. 1-2 per day habit is not too bad. Expect to feel like you have the worst flu ever for a few days.. Certainly if you feel like your heart is palpitating then go to a doctor. You can go to any ER and tell them you are withdrawing off of vics. Your medical information is CONFIDENTIAL so no one will know.
Avatar n tn unless she is taking all4 at once, then its a problem...all i think you can do is express your concern, and if you really think its a valid problem and she is underage, find a way to talk to her parents...if she is having fun with them right now..i can guarantee it wont be fun for her for long....i would be concerned and if it was my friend i would do all i could do to help her stop it...its an awful disease and yes it does kill, and alot of people fighting the addiction beast lose, big time...
Avatar n tn Can you become addicted to Vicodin in one week? My doctor put me on it for pain. Because I am sensitive to medications I only take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night. I take Tylenol inbetween. I had what I might call withdrawl even though I didn't stop taking it. Suffer from depression and would really like to put a stop to the medication if that is what caused it. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest, chest pain, body shaking and scared.
Avatar n tn Lana,You need to ask your doctor to ween you off Vicodin over an extended period of time. Then go a couple of weeks drug (vicodin)free. If you feel you still crave the drug after a couple of weeks you need to get proffesional help. Just remember the doctor who got you into this situation by over proscribing your medication may be the last one to recommend proffesional help so you may need to get this on your own. I hope this helps you out.
Avatar f tn NO IT CAN'T KILL YOU I've been there and still am in the same place but anxiety can not kill u
Avatar n tn For others, like many of my friends (and myself for six years until I stopped - hopefully for good - 3 weeks ago) cannabis can be a 24/7 shroud which slows you down, de-motivates you, prevents you from fully engaging with the world, and possibly protects you from dealing with difficult aspects of real life or your own personality. For my first 2 weeks without a "spliff" I felt like I was constantly agitated, as if on speed, and could not get a proper night's sleep.
Avatar n tn u should not only for the reason that everyday forward puts another day between you and your addiction so i say you keep moving forward, you can not expect to not have any w/ds, and you and you can not use every time you start to have them or you are never going to be clean, theres no magic pill thats going to take your w/ds away, and if you pick up a pill everytime w/ds get rough you are never going to get clean.. .taking pills=not clean....
Avatar n tn You are right in that your addiction is still really small. Quit while you can. Trust me.....a 2 per day addiction can turn into a 10 per day habit in the blink of an eye! You might feel like **** for a couple days, but it's not anything that will kill you. Stop doing them....NOW! You will be doing yourself a HUGE favor.
Avatar m tn Can you find a practice that is certified to give out Suboxone? That will help you get off of the Vicodin; just be careful that you don't get addicted to the Suboxone. Going to NA or AA also helps a lot, along with seeing a psychologist that specializes in addiction. Good luck. We are here for you.
Avatar n tn That can kill you, it is a million times worse then cocaine because of the blood thinners. You need to call and make a appt with a MD. You have probably damaged the septum in your nose. Good luck!
Avatar m tn I still used for awhile off and on after that and had no further blood tests done. Are you trying to quit the pills, or just wondering if you can continue taking your dose and not kill yourself via liver damage? You really need to stop taking them because sooner or later somethings gotta give.
766993 tn?1235067612 stopping vicodin c/t will not kill you. you may wish it would before you finish detox, but it wont. if you feel you cant stop c/t, in patient rehab nay be good for you. you can try a taper but most addicts cant stick to a taper. i could not if i had pills they were taken. i stoppede an oxy habit of 240 mgs per day c/ a week i was feeling alil better and it just kept getting better after that. you can do have to think positive, be prepared and keep pressing forward.
Avatar f tn However if your pain level is getting worse and you feel like you need more pain relive you really should be discussing that with your doctor ,If you are already taking 2000 mg of apap and you are going to add vics your are going to be on a whole lot of apap and calamity is right you can damage your liver .PLZ check out the PM forum and talk to your doctor .
Avatar f tn I became addicted to Vicodin from having chronic kidney stones for four years straight. I didn't become addicted until the last six months when it got so bad that I had to quit my job and have four surgeries within a five month period. My parathyroid was producing numerous amounts of calcium in my body. I finally had it removed and no longer have kidney stones, only a few small ones. The addiction happened quickly in a six month period of time.
Avatar m tn If so I hope you realize high doses of Acetominophen (Tylenol) WILL kill you, due to liver failure. Vicodin is just a name brand, just as Norco is a name brand. Vicodin can be even more dangerous because they typically consist of 5mg Hydrocodone (vicodin) and anywhere from 500-750mg Acetominophen (Tylenol). You mentioned 750mg Vicodin, but all you're referring to is how much Tylenol was in that pill, and I'm assuming they were big pills...
Avatar n tn Perhaps if you talk this over with the doctor you can remove it and see how you feel... and ask to have another one handy in case you find you want to use it again. Just a suggestion... and good luck to you.
Avatar n tn Let him know that he can tell you and that you will work with him on it. Then you can go from there. If you decide an intervention or forced rehab is the answer you can try it but in my experience a person forced will just go right back to their DOC when they get a small amount of freedom. Be patient, be understanding and learn as much as you can about the disease so that if he does, in fact, have a problem you are prepared to help him.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. Sorry, but you can get addicted after only 3 weeks. The longer you are taking them, the harder the w/d's will be when you stop. I would take only as directed and really try to space them out. When you stop using the pain meds here is what you can expect: The w/d's start (for me) about 12 hrs after your last dose. Anxiety, sleeplessness, muscle aches and pains, diarrhea, chills, sweats, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, restless leg syndrome and it is compared to the flu.
Avatar f tn I took liquid multi vitimans, lots of antioxidant green tea, water, bonemeal (forgot why) started walking as soon as I was feeling well enough. Came here as often as possible. You can do it!! I almost forgot the most important part for me.
Avatar f tn I am single mom, hairstylist (not currently) . I started taking vicodin 10mg a few years ago after a car accident... you all lknow the rest. I managed to take just 2-3 a day for a long time. THe past six months my use has increased. The past month up to 6-8 or more plus some perc and benzos thrown in sometimes. I didnt think had problem with vic until a few weeks back when I tried to not take it first thing in the morning. My back would kill, so i'd take one.
Avatar n tn my question is what the long term side effects would be of continuing to take vicodin at that dosage - ( i.e 2 5/500 per day)??? I don't think many of us can answer that. You are the first one that I have seen take so little over a 6 month period of time but if you get sick when you quit taking them (even one a day) then that is a good sign that you are physically addicted to it, if not mentally. Most people have to keep taking more and more to get the same results.
Avatar n tn well if your not trying to involve doctors have you tried to just quit cold turkey and use the Thomas recipe to help you through it ,i mean if you really don't want to tell them ,but that's a choice you will have to make ,it can be done and you can be pill free but you have to be ready and wanting to quit.I wish you the best and hope you figure out which way you will defeat this devil and begin living your life pill free which you deserve and hopefully that's what you want also .god bless..Jeff.
1116472 tn?1260078652 something like benzos that have withdrawal that is literally life threatening and can kill you so you need professionals to get off that in a hospital. Good luck and keep in touch if you need more info or just someone to talk to.
Avatar f tn I know that you can do this! I am on day 5 off vicodin cold turkey and the withdrawls were hell for the first 2-3 days. I felt a little better on the third day physically and feeling like I'm totally over the hump today. Everyone's different but you can and will make it through this. I think that forcing myself to drink TONS of fluids helped me a lot. And all of these wonderful people here. They are so supportive and wonderful! Try to stay as positive as possible and fight!
Avatar n tn ly. I don't know where or how you get your meds, but if you can switch from vicodin (which has acedimediphen in it) to viocophen, (which has Ibuprophen in it), you would be doing your liver a favor. At such a high dose, you can really damage your liver as could we all with all the **** we ingest. As for tapering, it is damn near impossibe at times but doable. I have four kids, my 18 month old is eating wipes right now, not good.