Can vicodin kill you

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Avatar n tn u should not only for the reason that everyday forward puts another day between you and your addiction so i say you keep moving forward, you can not expect to not have any w/ds, and you and you can not use every time you start to have them or you are never going to be clean, theres no magic pill thats going to take your w/ds away, and if you pick up a pill everytime w/ds get rough you are never going to get clean.. .taking pills=not clean....
Avatar m tn Can hemorrhoids kill you? I have one and it's causing me to bleed a lot from my rectum. But it stops after a few minutes. But every time I take a dump it makes it bleed again!
20829078 tn?1526360004 yes it can kill,go get medication
Avatar f tn Can u eat deli meats from the store In the deli if you pregnant just curious?
Avatar f tn Congrats on wanting to stop. Going cold turkey won't kill you. You will have flu like symptoms for 4-5 days. Read the Thomas recipe and amino acid proticol under health pages on the right of the forum( also PAWS1). These will help prepare you. Post and get support from the forum while you are going through wd. The support will help. Dealing with the mental part of addiction is the hard part. Staying clean is harder than getting clean. Have you thought about NA?
Avatar n tn Yes, they just want you to heat it up first to kill any Bacteria that might be on it. For instance, I now get my subs toasted at subway.
Avatar m tn You can do it but just realize the vics are not giving you an energy boost,but by abusing them you have disabled you natural bodies abilities and you have to get rid of the extra natual endorphins running through your body. You can take some B6 for this. So remember your natural energy boost was lost and part of the upcoming struggle is to get it back. This is part of the mental part, you think the vics were helping you but in fact damaged the natural you.
Avatar f tn or can kill your liver/kidneys....
766993 tn?1235064012 stopping vicodin c/t will not kill you. you may wish it would before you finish detox, but it wont. if you feel you cant stop c/t, in patient rehab nay be good for you. you can try a taper but most addicts cant stick to a taper. i could not if i had pills they were taken. i stoppede an oxy habit of 240 mgs per day c/ a week i was feeling alil better and it just kept getting better after that. you can do have to think positive, be prepared and keep pressing forward.
Avatar f tn NO IT CAN'T KILL YOU I've been there and still am in the same place but anxiety can not kill u
Avatar m tn Congrats on finding this site! Lots of great people and resources to help you get through this. If you take a vicodin, the W/D symptons will subside, BUT, only because you are giving your body what it wants. Basically you will have put yourself back at the starting line. Are you finished tapering? Have you found it easy to taper? I know I could never taper. I always took what I had thiniking "this one last high will be worth it" ugh was I wrong. tapering takes incredible strenght.
Avatar m tn Can you find a practice that is certified to give out Suboxone? That will help you get off of the Vicodin; just be careful that you don't get addicted to the Suboxone. Going to NA or AA also helps a lot, along with seeing a psychologist that specializes in addiction. Good luck. We are here for you.
Avatar f tn You can definitely try the cold pack to see if it'll help with some of the pain. If its vicodin 5/500, you can take it every 4 hours but only one tablet, not two.
642212 tn?1223306056 this one is not so easy. but if you keep looking you can find something. i am currently working as a teachers assistant in an elementary school. works out great. i'm sure you realize these are not quick fixes, but then we know that the quick fix pill does not work either. after time it stops working and we are just left with the dependancy and pain. not to mention the brain damage we are doing to ourselves. we have to face the facts.
Avatar f tn Every doctor I have talked to has said that you cannot die for opiate (vicodin, etc) withdrawal. There are some things you can do to ease withdrawal. Check out the Thomas Recipe and Amino Acid Protocol listed on the main subs. abuse page on the bottom right. When is the last time you took methadone? Have you been off it for a while?
1298588 tn?1330318981 but to do that you have to realize they are not going to kill you and are no way life threatening. If you can manage that, you take away their teeth and they quit being the life controlling monster that they were. I could have written your post myself some years ago. I let panic and OCD just about take over my life. Do not do that, get help now. A good therapist can help you so much. And you really could benefit by taking some meds for your anxiety. I am scared to death of new meds.
Avatar m tn trigger it or stimulate it on accident without going out of your way to rub it can it kill you? Like what if you have an itch on your neck right on the nerve and you rub it for a few seconds? Is it actually easy to danger yourself from this maneuver? Iv had a cardiology workup with tons of tests and apparently everything's fine.
Avatar m tn You didn't mention the age, but given what you said, and that you used the term 'girl' rather than woman, I'm assuming we are talking college age? I did some searching for you, and found a very helpful link about college drinking and alcohol poisoning: Pay special attention to the symptoms.
Avatar m tn I still used for awhile off and on after that and had no further blood tests done. Are you trying to quit the pills, or just wondering if you can continue taking your dose and not kill yourself via liver damage? You really need to stop taking them because sooner or later somethings gotta give.
Avatar f tn However if your pain level is getting worse and you feel like you need more pain relive you really should be discussing that with your doctor ,If you are already taking 2000 mg of apap and you are going to add vics your are going to be on a whole lot of apap and calamity is right you can damage your liver .PLZ check out the PM forum and talk to your doctor .
1287128 tn?1331134538 Yep, that's Vicodin for you,...turns you into superwoman! If you're even thinking of taking Vicodin to help your anxiety, and other issues....don't give it another thought. You will go down a very ugly road. Essentially what you would be doing is self medicating with a habit forming drug. Before long, you'll find you need more and more to acheive that same level you initially were at. That's called tolerance.