Can varicose veins kill you

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1504778 tn?1321398245 And the veines that appear at the surface, which look horible and are called vericose veins, they are actually superficial veins, and you have more deeper veins which are bigger which you can depend on!! So essentially you could get surgery and have these big ugly superficial veins removed, but in my strong oppinion, they best solution is to prevent them from getting worse, and you can do this, I'll tell you how!
Avatar m tn You can use cabbage to help heal varicose veins as well as insect bites, burns or boils. A dressing of crushed cabbage leaves, promptly applied, relieves pain, speeds healing, and draws out infection. Wash the wound with boiled water and apply a dressing of crushed cabbage. Renew daily until the healing is complete. Basically Varicose veins are weakened veins caused by genetic weakness, constipation, pregnancy and obesity.
Avatar n tn just keep on trying.and i think if you can engage you mind in anything you are intrested in,(other than porn) than we can definetely defeat this's killing me inside and whenever i masturbate i feel pissed off with myself and my confidence inside of stoping it also goes i am also trying to stop this thing not for forever but right now for at least 1 month.i know it wont be an easy one but i just keep on trying.i always try to wait for more time then i waited previously.
Avatar n tn Remember not to over do the Iron supplements because it can deposite like crystals in our veins and cappilaries and cause tearing therefore bleeding internally. My e-mail address is ***@**** Don't forget that God helps!
Avatar f tn If you feel like you need to clear the air, then wait for a later time when it can be done so when you and her are not sore about it anymore. If you are afraid you may die or be too incapacitated that the opportunity may never come and you need to shed light on why you were harsh, write a memoir or put it in a diary or journal. It's more for you, by the way.
Avatar m tn According to the Mayo Clinic, sperm in semen exposed to the open air will usually die within a few hours. You can also kill sperm on your hands, clothes, or bedding by washing them in soap and water. If you have semen on your body and need a quick clean up, you can simply wipe it up with baby wipe or tissue so that the remaining semen dries quickly. The rest will probably dry in the trash long before you take out the garbage.
Avatar f tn I have not met him yet, was told by obgyn that he would remove everything but I obviously don't know if that is true or not. Did you ever get varicose veins in your leg from this?
1408746 tn?1283678948 I found Nutcracker Syndrome and was convinced that I had it. You see, since the renal vein is being compressed, not enough blood flows through it to your heart, so the body compensates by sending the blood downward through the pelvic creating the veriscosities and causing chronic to mild pain. Anyway, although the doctor assured me that I would not have this syndrome, he did listen to my demands to check for it, and I did have it.
551789 tn?1237184529 If however,there is noticeable or significant swelling then causes like infections,arthritis,gout, kidney, heart, liver or blood vessels disorders and varicose veins have to be ruled out after consulting a physician. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted if you have any additional queries.
Avatar f tn If you have not seen an ENT MD I would suggest you see one.
209591 tn?1267418314 I am a 25 year old female that has been tested by many different doctors, 2 of which are Neurologist, 2 of which are Rheumatologists, 1 General Practitioner, and 1 Ear Nose & Throat Specialist. At my last appointment with my Rheumatologists they both agreed that I have Fibromyalgia, Myoclonus, Hypermobility Syndrome & Neuropathy. They also agreed that I have a Rheumatic Condition, but they were more worried with my Neurologic Condition.
Avatar f tn told me it wasn't a DVT, it went on for so long it turned into a Pulmonary Embolus. I can assure you that if the pain goes away, than it is not a DVT. Also, my leg was purple and swollen. Is your leg discolored? My pain also, went from my calf, to my knee, to my thigh, until the pain was everywhere. If if would make you feel better, ask your Dr. to send you for an Ultrasound? Would it relieve your anxiety to rule out a blood clot??
Avatar n tn Gastrointestinal causes of chest pain include reflux (acid from the stomach washing back into the esophagus), gallstones, esophageal spasm, esophageal rupture, varicose veins of the esophagus, strictures of the esophagus, tumors of the esophagus and other less common GI problems. Pulmonary (lung) causes include pneumonia, pulmonary embolus, pneumothorax, pleuritis and bleb rupture.
Avatar f tn I can totally understand where you are coming from on this one. I did have an episiotomy though and I tore with my first baby, but he was too big so I was gonna tear anyway. I ended up tearing through my rectum and it was awful. I did not even try being intimate with my husband for 6 months after the baby, ahd a hard time sitting even at 10 weeks when I went back to work, and could not scoot over, like slide my bottom on the seat aven an inch, it would kill. At 6 months my Dr.
Avatar m tn I need to know if there is another class of antibiotics that can kill enteric bacteria other than the levofloxacin class, cause at day two taking them I felt great and thought this ordeal was over. Also warm baths help. I don't feel anything after them for like an 1 hour. And my doctor said not to think about it too much, maybe it's just in my head. But like I said I've never had any problems down there, so it's not like I'm gonna start think about it now.
695915 tn?1228669552 The Upright Doctor You can reach out to him, also. I don’t know how he answers the volume of correspondence he receives, but he does so with empathy and an incredible level of knowledge. The only thing I ask of you all is that if he helps you, please spread the word. He deserves so much more than accolades for all of his work, but for now, we should be vocal with our appreciation. He has sacrificed much for all of us. I’ll have more updates for you soon, but until then, never give up. Dr.
Avatar m tn It seems to be in line with one of my veins, and she mentioned it may be varicose. She submitted my request for a referral, which I will find out in 2 days if it is authorized (I'm in the Army and you have to jump through hoops to get referrals). She also authorized an ultrasound, but they couldn't fit me in for a month... so it's a waiting game. I'm just tired of this feeling. Could it be herpes, especially if there was a false negative on the test?
Avatar n tn I think the doctor was correct in focusing on the possible cardiac causes of your problem and not addressing the neck pain specifically in light of the way you presented the information.
Avatar m tn Examines me and says I have a cyst on my left testicle, and some bulging around by vas deferens that was varicose veins. He also told me to wear supporting underwear . So Over the past 10 years I have been trying to get rid of this pain. Doctors are telling me , the multiple treatments I had in the past should have cleared me up. And that there test show nothing.
Avatar n tn Only by accident did I discover that a herbal remedy may be of assistance when the second dermatologist made an off the cuff remark about using horse chestnut seed extract. After some research on the net I have found HSE is used on the continent for varicose veins, varicose eczema, PPP or Schambergs disease. I have been taking a formula, made by a company in Australia, which contains HSE. This has reduced the itching to a low level, and also has reduced the pigmentation.
202436 tn?1326477933 OK so for years, as far back as I can remember, occasionally I get this achy feeling or pain in my chest around the heart area. By occasionally I mean may be once every several months. Even more rare I get this really sharp stabbing pain in the same area that makes me stop in my tracks and I can't even bend over til it's gone...but it only lasts a few seconds. Docs have blown it off or told me it was indigestion or heatrburn.
Avatar n tn If you look through some previous posts you will see what is going on in the heart at the time that can cause those feelings. Knowing that helped me. Try not to get scared (easier said than done) and if you feel you would like a longer holter or event monitor to help to reassure you ask your doctor.Good luck!
Avatar n tn I am looking for someone that closes off the veins permanently with something other than the metal coils they use as these can come loose and kill you (I do not see how hollow coils can completely block the flow, only reduce the flow so they will do no good as I want the painful variscocele veins gone and not just have the blood flow reduced). Hydrocele / Other Testicles: I suspect I have this on the right side as there appears to be a bag of fluid around testicle.
Avatar m tn Thins that can cause bleeding inbetween periods include taking the emergency contraceptive pill injury or disease of the vagina – for example, from having rough sex, an infection, ulcer or varicose veins a recent abortion – if you’re bleeding heavily, seek medical advice sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia – if you’ve recently had unprotected sex with a new partner, it’s a good idea to get tested reproductive hormones not working normally – this is common in women ap
Avatar m tn If I need to have a BM it makes my legs hurt terrible then after I us the restroom it is instant pain relief. When I sleep at night my legs hurt so bad it wakes me up. I can get out of bed and walk around for a few minutes the pain goes away then I go back to sleep again. When I was a child in grade school my legs hurt me setting at my class room desk I would bounce my legs up/down all day on my toes to keep my legs from hurting.
Avatar n tn What type of colostrum are you talking about? Where can you get it? How can you use it? What's the dose?
Avatar n tn Varices (internal varicose veins) are caused by portal hypertension. I'll try to explain varices in my own words, and then I'll give you a page to look at-- There's a big vein that carries blood to the liver, called the 'portal vein'. Blood flows through the portal vein, through the spleen....then through the liver (the liver filters the blood), get to the heart. Cirrhosis (scar tissue in the liver) gets in the way of this blood flow.
Avatar n tn It all depends on how much discomfort this is causing you but if your piece isn't getting any smaller, can still get hard, isn't causing you pain and you don't have any bother urinating then, evne though what you describe isn't normal, it might not be anything to worry about. That said, I'm not going to tell anyone how to feel about this or any other medical condition.
406107 tn?1219016200 I don't care what some other guys says , they work for me! They lighten the Varicose veins in my ankles, make my feet and legs stop aching,and kill the pain in my knees. If I go to bed with achey knees and don't wear them, I wake up with pain throbbing knees all day. If I put them on, I want up painless with a spring in my step.I don't care what anybody says, they work for me,and the earlier I put them on at night the more sludge comes out of my feet!
Avatar n tn I guess the best thing to do would be to visit your family doctor who can then refer you to a cardiologist if he thinks you need it. Or go to the ER when you're having symptoms and see if anything shows up on EKG. They don't usually think it could be your heart at a young age, but there are always exceptions. Better safe than sorry. And I agree with the things you can do to improve your longterm outlook.