Can tooth problems cause swollen glands

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Avatar n tn My wife had an infected tooth and now she has a swollen gland under her jaw bone. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn When there is no room, or very little room in the jaw, top or bottom, the wisdom teeth have no room to grow through and can cause a lot of pain and swelling. If you feel this could be a wisdom tooth trying to come through, you will need to see your dentist. The other possibility is swollen glands or a blocked salivary gland which may be a viral or a bacterial infection, and if this is the case you will need to see your doctor. Let me know how you get on.
Avatar n tn You need to go to your dentist asap to get your tooth taken care of or it will get worse and can cause you more problems. We all have to do things we don't necessarily like in order to be healthy, but you just have to get it over with. It's most like swollen lymph nodes because the rotting tooth is causing an infection and your lymphatic system is working overtime to try to keep you healthy. Make an appointment with your dentist to get your tooth taken care of.
Avatar n tn Upper left molar #14 was extracted 8 months ago. Prior extraction was experiencing ache on left side of face especially cheek bone & around eye, slightly swollen. Asked for antibotics, he told me what I was experiencing had nothing to do with the tooth & seek medical doctor. Tooth did not come out in one piece. Ten days later went back to dentist as sharp piece of bone sticking out of extraction site. Dentist removed, said it was not uncommon & that everything looked fine.
Avatar n tn It may also result from trauma to the tooth, such as broken down tooth or flaked tooth. Openings in the tooth enamel allow bacteria to infect the center of the tooth (the pulp). Tooth infection may increase out from the root of the tooth and to the bones supporting the tooth. A tooth infection is usually originated by a dead tooth. Everything inside the dead tooth breaks down and liquefies and there is nothing to fight bacterial growth.
Avatar n tn I am not sure where the glands are swollen. Neck lymph nodes can be the result of tonsillitis, pharyngitis (infection of upper throat), infection in mouth, caries in tooth, internal ear infection, outer ear infection, eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, breast cancer, fungal infection, other cancers like lymphoma etc. If you had flu like symptoms initially then it could be due to infectious mononucleosis too.
163305 tn?1333668571 Swelling of sub-mandibular glands, and parotid glands (on side of face in front of ear) is common when using interfeorn. Its a similar effect as seen in Sjogren's Syndrome and often in is the immune system inflaming and attacking sensitive areas in the body...the glands being a frequent target. I had on and off Parotid swelling when on tx, and after tx ended it has remained to a less extreme degree.
Avatar f tn Salivary glands can also get infected and cause problems A cavity in a different tooth can also cause pain in a different area. Gum problems can cause pain. As the antibiotics seemed to work and the problem came back when you finished, it seems that there is a bacterial infection somewhere. It may be that you need a few more does of antibiotics or a different one.
Avatar m tn I felt okay after some time but when my wisdom tooth started growing, the gum was dark red(the gum above the wisdom tooth) and i noticed somekind of boil in the place of extraction,extra bump(swollen lymph) in between my right cheek and jaw, almost where the tooth was extracted and then i noticed other two growing under my chin(one sub-mandibular and the other one, on the upper right side of my throat). I went to many dentists and they said there must have been a tooth broken in the gum.
Avatar f tn I initially thought it was a knot in my muscle, but now I have swollen neck glands with no sore throat.
Avatar n tn Need assistance: In 2002 I had full upper/lower Orthognathic Surgery (jaw) last year I began having problems with my thyroid gland and swollen glands. I've had a 2 biopsy's performed, blood work, etc; and now taking thyroid medication. Surgery likely to remove thyroid gland. I have had sever TMJ on right side (condyle deterioration), and also on the same side has a root canal performed 3 years earlier. Which all reside on the same side as the thyroid nodule.
Avatar m tn I have 1 swollen gland on the left side of my neck.
Avatar f tn This can cause pain in whole of head and neck region. Glands in neck and temporal bone pain can be due to this. I would suggest you consult a dentist and an ENT specialist soon. Maybe your PVP can arrange it. If there is no problem in the teeth and ear, then there is a chance that you have compression of cervical spinal nerves due to overuse of computers, work involving straining of neck, canal stenosis, bone disease, spondylosis, poor posture etc.
Avatar n tn The glands in my neck are sore and swollen. There does not seem to be much, if any, good news to be found on the resolution of this condition. Any suggestions??
Avatar m tn Could allergies cause dysphasia (trouble swallowing)? Also can post nasal drip/mucous cause stomach pain or slow the digestive system? I am really out of answers. I was hoping the gallbladder removal would be a 100% solution but that is not the case. Has anyone had these symptoms or have a possible explanation?
Avatar n tn Blocked sebaceous glands, swollen hair follicles and excessive testosterone production will cause such cysts. Generally no treatment is required but they become painful then it means they are infected,Then surgical excision by traditional wide excision, minimal excision, and punch biopsy excision may be required. Other possibility is of swollen lymph node. Lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes) is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection along with other numerous causes.
Avatar m tn Yes go and get the tooth sorted it can cause all kinds of problems you need antibiotics asap.
Avatar n tn or pinched, they can cause all kinds of visual problems, head ache, pain in the arms and side, you name it. A chiropractor will take x-rays, read them and then go over them with you and tell you the plan of action. Doctors do not read x-rays the same as chiropractors do, the chiro is trained in this area and can pin point many problems. It is sure worth a try. I see one, and he has helped me so much, I would be lost without him.
Avatar m tn I started getting a swollen lower jaw about last week,after i ate a sandwhich and felt like something was stuck in the back of my teeth. Well,that felt like it was going away until i smoked, and it got a lot bigger. It now feels like there's a huge ball on the inside of my cheeks, in my lower jaw area. I got my wisdom teeth out about a month and a week ago, and I DID have problems with that.
Avatar m tn If you have swelling only in one half of the face, then the cause has to be local. It can be ear infection, dental infection, local cancer or even blockage of salivary glands. It can also be chronic sinusitis. The other possibility is a venous or vascular pooling due to clots or deep vein thrombosis. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar m tn Contact with tooth pastes, mouth washes etc too can cause a swelling. Discuss this with your doctors. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!