Can tooth problems cause ear problems

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Avatar f tn I need to go to the dentist, my back molar I believe has a cavity, but between my tooth, its gone past the cavity point cause when I press on my gum it hurts or is tender down to my jaw and the pain radiates to my ear. I really hate the dentist, last time i had 12 cavities drilled was given so much laughing gas I threw up on myself then laughed about it, they gave me atavan to which helped a little with making the experience a foggy one. So anyone have any experience?
Avatar f tn So if you have eye problems, ear problems, stomach problems, joint problems, sleep problems, mood problems, etc, find the right doc.!!
Avatar n tn The infection debris is backing up and trying to vent, and will work its way out your sinuses if possible where it may be expressed as post-nasal drip, and if not, will cause bulges in surrounding tissue due to pressure of the build up of pus. The pus can escape from around the tooth structure itself, too, causing a bad taste.
Avatar f tn If your chin is swollen then it's possible that a bottom tooth is indeed in need of help. Did the doctor check your glands? Swollen lymph glands can cause all those symptoms.
Avatar f tn A dentist can advise about TMJ. I had a sore ear for years and docs were undecided about what was the cause which was my tooth was necrotic. The dentist couldn't find the problem either for years until the filling broke and exposed it. So there are ways pain is transmitted in that area from one part to another which means you need to see doc or a dentist, rather than self-diagnosis. I doubt you will have something like I had that takes a professional years to diagnose.
Avatar m tn for the past eight years, i've been having movements on the top of my head and face somtimes in the roof of my mouth ,tightness and sometimes it feels like someone is pulling it togather i'm also feeling i'm hearing, load sounds coming from my head , and i'm feeling my ear drums moving also i went to the doctor, and she send me for a brain xray and the result came back negative i went to another doctor and did a MRI, that also came nack negative the doctor thinks i'm schizophe
Avatar n tn In addition, I wonder if you might have sinus problems which actually could cause multiple symptoms so you may need to see an ear, nose and throat specialist as well.
5792451 tn?1390938290 Yes, when I look in the mirror I can see it protruding out of the angle of my jaw, just below my ear. It is fixed to my jaw and feels as if the bone just kept growing...
Avatar m tn I did a quick web check yesteday and found that there is an association between hep c and dental problems. Can anyone here share some expierence or knowledge on this suject?
Avatar n tn Even if you have no pain in the ear or apparent infection, wax in the ear, internal ear infection or labrynthitis can cause balance problems. Postural hypotension or BP falling with change of posture is another cause. Cervical spondylosis (or pinched cervical nerves due to any cause), mini strokes, MS, high blood pressure, tumors or injury to cerebellum of the brain, syncopal attacks, severe anemia, and thyroid disorders are some of the causes for loss of balance.
Avatar f tn I began taking Samento drops and Wobenzym tablets and the eye and ear problems have both stopped- Praise God. I'm still having problems with my teeth though.
Avatar f tn And tell him the problems you are having. They can help you with other problems too like grinding your teeth at night or having a misaligned jaw.
Avatar n tn It is possible that the decayed teeth can cause infections else where in the body. Your anxiety is related to the whole picture of your fear of dental treatmemt and fear of dying.Modern dental treatment is by far much more oriented to the comfort of the patient. There are dentists that can render dental treatment under anesthesia that will make the treatment possible for dental phobics. In this day and age it is a sin not to have a healthy and functional mouth.
Avatar n tn The emegency room ran test of my blood, did cat scan of head/mri, gave me an IV, check for ear infection because of the fluid can cause imblance equalibrium plus motion sickness, but there was no ear infection and my numbers came up perfect. The doctor said to me he could not explain my vertigo!! Because vertigos are unexplainable on how it happens, doctors only know that there are crystals called otoliths that float or begin to move around in the ear tube where there is fluid.
591925 tn?1218986310 Or that if it is a C-Diff infection like the doctor thinks, that it could be getting worse and cause major problems later as the days pass. I have anxiety so this causes my attacks to happen often recently. I am wondering if it could possibly be something that the doctors are missing or over looking such as problems with my kidneys, liver, gallbladder, pancrease, or some type of disease. Should I suggest a different type of test(s) to figure out what else this could be?
Avatar n tn Dizziness is one of the most common problems we see in neurology clinic and can be quite disabling for the patients. Although there's a long list of things that can cause vertigo-like symptoms, the specific cause is not found in up to 50% of cases. Glad that your MRI was normal and did not show any serious neurological diseases. Your symptoms sound like they could be benign positional paroxysmal vertigo (BPPV) as they are provoked with positional changes.
Avatar m tn \ The two have been used in combination to treat TN, but it looks like the the big side effect is that it can cause major drowsiness when combined. You can alway talk to you Neuro about it. Take a look at the Facial Neuralgia Resource Pages or:
Avatar n tn I was doing some research on this Hyoid Bone, and when you have problems with the acid reflux, it can cause a lot of problems in your throat, which I'm sure you are familar with, and the acid reflux can actually cause tumors in the throat, and they can become cancerous. I try not to take a lot of the information to heart until I get the facts, but I can't help but notice many of the symptoms they list for this cancer and tumors I have or have had.
Avatar n tn Depression ABSOLUTELY can cause dizziness! Its one of many symptoms of Depression..i was skeptical at first about taking antidepressants, but it sure helped me alot. My doctor had said the same thing, SO many people suffer from DP, and do not know it... but med's arent for everyone....check for inner ear infection too....
Avatar f tn I also have GERD and take Prevacid but someone told me that the stomach acid can also cause intestinal issues. Unfortunately, quitting my job or taking time off is not an issue right now, but I will be taking a few days off in June as my first grand child ( a girl....Yeah) is due on the 12th. My students are taking off the last 2 weeks of June. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn I'm not a dentist, but know from experience including my latest one that dental work can often cause, and aggravate these problems. I've been through the allergy business, had tests, dieted to avoid dairy foods and all food that aggravates sinus problems for years and years and it makes no difference at all! Have the tooth out! If it has a 'bad root' this will go on forever. Once it's gone you will slowly get better in my experience, but sometimes it triggers problems which become permenant.
Avatar f tn It is usually associated with history of traumatic extraction of ipsilateral tooth. Third possibilty can be sinusitis due to possible oro-antral fistula after extraction leading to sinus infection. This may lead to dull pain over the cheek area but inability to close eye and tongue involvement may not be explainable with this condition. You may consult an oral surgeon/physician/ neurologist to rule out above stated possibilities who may be able to help you in this regard. Take care.
Avatar n tn I had my blood work done on my thyroid and should hear next week on that since it was elevated 11 points before, meaning it was slow. They said if it was still like that I'd have to go to a specialist. Which that can cause heart problems I understand. Since I turned 50 recently I am falling apart.
Avatar n tn Sometimes, people will change the type or quantity of food eaten and this change can cause the complaints that you describe. I suggest that you talk with your doctors about an evaluation for the symptoms. Workup should include a search for structural abnormalities of the GI tract, infection, and abnormalities in absorption. There is no reason to have this fear of eating. Sometimes, a cause is not found but symptomatic treatments are used.
Avatar n tn Fracture and impacted teeth can certainly cause a lot of symptoms which may mimic other problems. You should promptly seek an evaluation with a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and bring all of your radiographs and scans from the ENT doctors and dentists. The surgeon should be able to help determine the cause of your symptoms. If they cannot find a problem with your teeth, sinuses, or jaws, you should have someone check for Eagles Syndrome, Glossodynia, and atypical facial pain.
Avatar n tn 2) A small scratch ( from food ) could have become infected. 3) Certain tooth problems can cause this...again, this would be an infection. 4) An allergic reaction to food/drink. 5) Bee sting ( or another insect that was in your mouth during sleep ) but this is highly unlikely. If the painful lump persists for more than a few days, see a doctor.
657020 tn?1238041118 (I have had bumps on the sides of my tongue from the tongue pushing against my teeth since August). Or are my ear problems strictly associated with my sinus problems? I suppose I should mention I am a 24 year old female. I haven't been to the dentist in 4 years. When I was 16, I was supposed to have the teeth next to my wisdom teeth pulled out to make room for my wisdom teeth, but I only had one of them pulled.
Avatar f tn The pain/ pressure often radiates to the upper molars and/or ear on that side and it can actually cause Bell's palsy -a paralysis affecting the trigeminal nerve (usually temporary) which spreads across your face ...Hope this helps...
Avatar f tn I have a couple ear things that go on. One is the TN which radiates throughout the entire left side of my head/face. It's more of an electrical shock feeling. The other thing happens about 2-4 times per week. It starts pretty slow with a mild burning pain and then it hits its peak about a minute into it. It burns and hurts so bad all I can do is stay still and not move me head even a inch. It only lasts a total of about 2 minutes but it's H.E.L.L. It is only the entire OUTSIDE of my ear only.